Ahlan Wa Sahlan meaning – These room sentences and also expressions in Arabic. Today, arab expressions are increasingly being heard everywhere, not only in learning, but tambahan in everyday life. Many arab sayings sebagai as jazakallahu khairan, syafakallah etc., space heard in day-to-day life.

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There are tambahan some who hanya say that without understanding the meaning. So, we created this write-up to increase knowledge about arabic and have the ability to pronounce it in the ideal place and also condition.

One that the phrases and sayings in arab that are regularly heard is ahlan wa sahlan, what does this kalimat actually mean? Let’s watch the explanation below.

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What is Ahlan Wa Sahlan?

What is Ahlan Wa Sahlan?

Ahlan wa sahlan is juga the same as the sentence “marhaban” in Arabic. These two utterances have the exact same meaning, namely “welcome.”

In the dictionary, the is stated that the sentence “Marhaban” is an interjection that can be digunakan when welcoming guests. So, marhaban have the right to be interpreted as “welcome”.

While ahlan wa sahlan is a kalimat that has actually not been took in in the dictionary, it juga means “welcome”. So, at very first glance, the two room the same.

However, if us look further, these 2 sentences (Ahlan wa sahlan and also marhaban) in the asal of the word have actually very berbeda meanings.

Ahlan is ahli (family), wa (and) and also Sahlan which method (easy). That is, family and convenience. So the kalimat ahlan wa sahlan i do not care the expression “welcome is the implicitly meaning”. Perhaps the an interpretation of ahlan wa sahlan is the you are in the middle of the family and also it is easy for you to step right into the house.

It is berbeda from the kalimat “marhaban” which method welcome. So, many setiap orang tend to usage the sentence “marhaban”, but penampilan ahlan wa sahlan is also not wrong, also the arab sentences and also sayings are currently popular in the community even despite the Arabs.

The an interpretation of Ahlan Wa Sahlan’s Sayings

Below we take into consideration the definition of ahlan wa sahlan and also how to answer to ahlan wa sahlan.

Ahlan wa Sahlan is arabic which has an implied definition and no everyone deserve to understand the meaning.

Most Indonesian setiap orang interpret AHLAN WA SAHLAN together the expression “WELCOME”, also though this kalimat in arabic is really great.

Ahlan’s kalimat comes indigenous AHLUN (FAMILY) and the Sahlan sentence from SAHL (EASY). Therefore if we hanya say this kalimat to the person who concerns our house, kemudian the meaning is we ACCEPT and also THINK THE GUEST IS A part OF our FAMILY and also WE WILL easy HIS BUSINESS.

The definition of the sentence ahlan wa sahlan is not only welcome, yet has a wider meaning as we explained above.

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So, about the asal of the kalimat “ahlan wa sahlan” there are distinctions of opinion, there are juga those that say the the asal is no from “ahlun” and “sahl”. However these indigenous come indigenous the kalimat “Halalta Ahlan wa Nazalta Sahlan”, some say native “Ji’ta Ahlan Wa Wati’ta Sahlan”, or “Atayta Ahlan Wa Halalta Sahlan”, some say from “Qadimta Ahlan Wa Wata ‘ta Sahlan’ ‘.

So, we can interpret it together “Please come in, don’t hesitate.” the could tambahan be the meaning of “Let that go, think of it choose your own home.”

So, the an interpretation of ahlan wa sahlan is really great, polite and luar biasa than maafkan saya is often taken as merely “welcome”.

Answers come Ahlan wa Sahlan

If you say this kalimat to a guest, the guest will certainly reply through the words “Ahlan bika”, “ahlan Biki”, or “ahlan bikum”. This is only dhamir or pronoun, so the is changed whether that is female (ahlan biki), male (ahlan bika) or many (ahlan bikum).

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The meaning of this answer kalimat is “you room welcome” or it have the right to be construed as “you too”. See the instance in the conversation below.

A: AHLAN WA SAHLAN (Please enter, don’t hesitate)B: AHLAN BIKA (You’re welcome)