One Piece: top 10 strongest Members of huge Mom Pirates In One Piece, the huge Mom pirates are some of the most fearsome and unique in the world. This are anda strongest members.

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The dunia of One Piece is filled with some really powerful pirate crews. Among these crews, over there are 4 crews the are taken into consideration to be the strongest. These room the crews of the 4 Emperors or Yonko. The present Yonko are huge Mom, Kaido, Blackbeard and Shanks. All of these crews are filled come the brim with exceptionally dangerous pirates.

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Big mother Pirates room lead by Charlotte Linlin, that is far better known as huge Mom. The large Mom Pirates menjadi the main antagonists that the entirety Cake island arc. The crew is mainly filled v sons and daughters of huge Mom. All of them are extremely an effective fighters, who have the right to fight versus the the strongest of enemies. So, us will ambil a look in ~ the ten the strongest fighters in big Mom Pirates.

Pekoms is a lion mink that is juga a previous member that the Nox Pirates. The left the crew to join the big Mom Pirates. Pekoms was presented at Fish-Man Island. Pekoms is may be to use Electro just like every other member of the Mink Tribe.

Pekoms has actually the Kame Kame no Mi, that permits him to transform right into a turtle. Pekoms is qualified of melihat two types of Haki. He prove his usage of Armament Haki in ~ Fish-Man island when that knocked out Caribou.

Tamago is among the ideal fighters that the huge Mom Pirates. He has a bounty that 429,000,000 beris. That is the user the Tama Tama no Mi, i m sorry is an unclassified devil fruit. The fruit permits him come evolve after being beaten.

He has actually a 2nd stage— Viscount Hiyoko and also a third stage known as counting Niwatori. The gets stronger with every form. Also, Tamago is "immortal" as he can"t be killed unless he dies in the tengah of his evolution. Tamago can use two types of Haki.

Charlotte Daifuku is the third son and also the 4th child of huge Mom. Daifuku is the Minister the Beans. Daifuku is the user the Hoya Hoya no Mi, that permits him to summon a genie indigenous his body.

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The genie can grow to a tremendous size. The strength of the genie enables him to cut plenty of ships with just one slash of his halberd. Daifuku was quickly able come cope through Sanji"s attacks and also proved why he is more than just a reguler fighter.

7 Charlotte Oven

lanjut up, we have Charlotte Oven. Range is the 4th son and fifth child of the Charlotte Family. He is the Minister that Baking and also he looks over Yakigashi Island. Stove ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi, that allows him to heat up things.

He is capable of heater the laut and making it boil. Stove can juga transfer the heat to anyone that strikes him. The is qualified of lihat Armament Haki and Observation Haki. Transparent the whole Cake Island, Oven verified his abilities and also proved that he is a an extremely capable fighter.

Perospero is the eldest child of the Charlotte Family. Perospero looks end Candy pulau and he is the Minister that Candy. Perospero has actually an insane bounty the 700,000,000 beris.

He own the Pero Pero no Mi that allows him to manipulate liquid at will. His evil one fruit is prone to heat and fire. Perospero was easily able to subdue Brook and also Chopper v his abilities. Also, he was able to trap Bege"s big Father through the tolong of his candy. He own two tipe of Haki.

5 Charlotte Snack

Charlotte Snack is a former Sweet Commander and also the Minister that Fries. He is the 25th son and 44th boy of the Charlotte Family. However, after being beat by Urouge, he was removed from his place as the Sweet Commander.

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He has a bounty the 600,000,000 beris. Snack wasn"t associated a lot of in the entirety Cake pulau arc. He to be a component of Charlotte Oven"s army that had actually to intercept the Straw Hats. Over there is no information on Snack"s adversary fruit abilities and it is unknown even if it is he possesses a adversary fruit or not.

Charlotte Cracker is just one of the Sweet leaders of large Mom Pirates. Cracker is the Minister of Biscuits and also he governs Biscuits Island. Cracker possesses the dampul Bisu no Mi that permits him to create and manipulate biscuits.

Cracker is a very powerful character and also he gave Luffy a operation for his money. Cracker has actually a Meito that unknown grade. He can use it incredibly well to fight against his enemies. Cracker can use types of Haki. His armament Haki is strong enough to reduced the expanded arm that Luffy in gear 4.

3 Charlotte Smoothie

She is just one of the paling powerful members of large Mom Pirates. Smoothie is among the three Sweet Commanders. She has a bounty that 932,000,000 beris. Smoothie has actually the power of the Shibo Shibo no Mi that enables her to drainpipe liquid indigenous both living and also non-living things.

Smoothie wields a sword and also if the foe is cut by it they will be dehydrated. She fruit also allows she to menyerap liquid to increase the size of her tubuh and she weapons. Like every peak fighter in the crew, she also possesses two types of Haki.

Charlotte Katakuri is the the strongest Sweet command of big Mom Pirates. He is among the strongest enemies that Luffy has confronted in a fight. Katakuri possesses all three tipe of Haki and also he has actually attained progressed levels in Armament and Observation Haki.

Before fighting Luffy, Katakuri had an unbeaten record. He had tidak pernah been to win in his life and also his kembali had never touched the ground. Katakuri own the Mochi Mochi no Mi, that enables him to membuat Mochi. Katakuri has juga managed come awaken his adversary fruit.

1 Charlotte Linlin

The last character on the perform is none various other than the captain the the huge Mom Pirates, Charlotte Linlin. She is one of the 4 Yonko that preeminence over the new World. Large Mom possesses all three jenis of Haki. She own the Soru Soru no Mi that allows her come manipulate souls.

She is capable of acquisition away the souls of her opponents and putting them into non-living things. Huge Mom is just one of the strongest characters in the series and she is able to organize her own versus the strongest of opponents. She was able to beat Queen in ~ seconds.

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