Biografi Nabi Muhammad witnessed APK we administer on this page is original, straight fetch indigenous Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.0+) and can juga be able to install on pc & Mac, you might need an android emulator sebagai as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox application Player, ...

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App summary (See bahasa inggris translation)

Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ( نبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ) adalah pesuruh Allah apa terakhir. Baginda adalah mengangkut rahmat untuk seluruh alam dan merupakan Rasulullah bagi seluruh umat di dunia. Pada kenyataannya Nabi Muhammad S.A.W merupakan satu anugerah dan kurniaan Allah SWT kepada umat manusia untuk menunjukkan jalan yang lurus dan benar. Baginda ndak sahaja diangkat sebagai seorang rasul tetapi also sebagai khalifah, yang mengetuai angkatan tentera Islam, membawa perubahan kepada umat manusia, mengajarkan kyung erti persaudaraan, akhlak dan erti kehidupan apa segalanya just kerana Allah SWT.Nabi Muhammad dilahirkan di Mekah dan kembali ke rahmatullah di Madinah. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W merupakan Rasul dan Nabi last bagi umat manusia dan seluruh alam. Nabi Muhammad merupakan pelengkap ajaran Islam. Beliau juga digelar Al Amin (الأمين) apa bermaksud 'yang terpuji'.
Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (نبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم) is the terakhir messenger that God. Sire is a carrier of grace for the entire universe and is the Prophet because that all rakyat in the world. Indeed, the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is a gift and also kurniaan Allah to kemanusiaan to present the straight and true.Sire is not sahaja appointed together an apostle but juga as the caliph, that heads the islam army force, bring changes come mankind, teaches erti brotherhood, morality and also erti life that everything hanya because Allah SWT.Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca and Medina returned to Rahmatullah. The Prophet Muhammad is the apostle and also prophet S.A.W last for humanity and the totality of nature. The Prophet Muhammad is a complement to the teachings of Islam. He also held Al Amin (الأمين) which intends 'commendable'.

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Package name: com.akutresno.biografinabimuhammadUpdated: 2 years agoCompatibility: Android 4.0+Developer Name: akutresnoCategory: books & ReferenceFile MD5: 7BC2D40E200CC84951E3626E7B27CED9File SHA1: 4980A68C4C4CC4F1AE2F18558A8A32A971680984

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Allows applications to open network sockets.Allows applications to access information about networks.Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to store processor from sleeping or display screen from dimming.Allows an app to accessibility approximate location.Allows an app to access specific location.Allows an application to create to outside storage.Allows review only accessibility to phone state, consisting of the phone number of the device, existing cellular network information, the negara of any kind of ongoing calls, and also a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.Allows an applications to document audio.Required to it is in able to accessibility the camera device.Allows an application to check out from outside storage.

Installation Instructions

Download APK file on this page, kemudian follow this steps:

Step 1: enable Unknown Sources

In your an equipment Settings page, tap ~ above "Security" or "Applications" (varies through device)Enable "Unknown Sources" permissionConfirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and Launch

In her device's "Download" folder, find and tap top top the APK fileTap "Install"on the Android Installer screenLaunch the App


What is an APK file?

An APK document is an application created for Android, Google's mobile operating system. Some apps come pre-installed top top Android devices, ketika other apps can be download from Google Play, or site prefer . Apps downloaded from Google bermain are immediately installed on your device, while itu downloaded from other sources should be set up manually.

If i install an APK native this website, will certainly I be able to update the app from the play Store?

Yes, absolutely. As shortly as the bermain Store find a version of the app newer than the one you've installed, it will certainly commence one update.

What actions do you ambil to make certain all APKs space real?

Whenever someone wants to download one APK file from this site, we'll inspect the matching APK paper on Google play and allow user download it directly (of course, we'll cache the on ours server). If the APK file melakukan not exist on Google Play, we'll mencari it in ours cache.

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Why can't I press the install button? It's grayed out on mine Android device!

Disable any type of screen-dimming apps, like Lux or Twilight. For defense reasons, Android will certainly gray the end the Install button when an app like the is active.