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jakarta administration officials and volunteers get involved in a movie screening simulation in ~ a Cinema XXI theatre in Cililitan, east Jakarta, on Aug. 29. (JP/Seto Wardhana)

More movie theater in Indonesia have resumed operasi this month.

In Jakarta, cinema chains CGV Cinemas and also Cinepolis Cinemas reopened because that the public on Wednesday.

The reopening of movie theaters to be based on jakarta Culture and also Tourism agency Regulation No. 268/2020, exit on Oct. 20 complying with the arrival of transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

CGV Cinemas has actually resumed operasi in four shopping malls, namely cool Indonesia in main Jakarta, Aeon Mall sampanye Garden City in east Jakarta, Green kepanduan Mall and also Transmart Cempaka putih in central Jakarta.

The South korean cinema chain is currently pameran horror filmTrain come Busan 2: Peninsulaand rencana to display screen other films, including The Swordsman,an kerja film starring Joe Taslim, and Deliver united state from Evil, The mystery Garden, BloodshotandEyes on Me.

As for Cinepolis Cinemas, reported that the theater company had reopened in tahun locations: Plaza Semanggi in southern Jakarta, Gajah Mada Plaza in central Jakarta, Pluit town in phia băc Jakarta, Tamini Square and also Cibubur Junction in east Jakarta.

In an attempt to curb the spread out of COVID-19, both cinema chains are using strict kesehatan protocols, requiringall moviegoers and staff members come wear confront masks, practice masyarakat distancing and also use cashless transactions.

Moreover, the cinema chain are juga required to follow the jakarta administration’s regulation top top limiting theater capacity to 25 percent.

However,Cinepolis Cinemas is right now offering a exclusive screening business for 15 come 25 orang at a starting price that Rp 599,000 (US$40.92).

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Cinepolis Cinemas Indonesia CEO Gerald Dibbayawan said the local administration would gradually relax regulation on movie theaters.

In an attempt to curb the spread out of COVID-19, cinema chain are applying strict health protocols, requiring every moviegoers and staff members come wear confront masks, practice masyarakat distancing and use cashless transactions. (JP/Swi Handono)

In addition to cinemas in Jakarta, movie theaters have also started operation in other cities.

Some movie theaters in Bandung reopened for organization on Oct. 9.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s biggest cinema chain Cinema XXI reopened movie theatre in seven cities – Bandung, Ternate, Jayapura, Pontianak, banjarmasin and Samarinda – top top Oct. 17.

“Cinema XXI has actually been proactively communicating and also coordinating v the local administrations regarding the reopening that movie theaters,” saidthe company’s head of corporate communications and brand management, Dewinta Hutagaol.

Dewinta added that they began to conduct trials after ~ receiving a permit and also recommendation from the regional administration.

Cinema giants Cinema XXI and CGV had actually put operations on pause dari April come comply with the government’s calls because that physical distancing between the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving new releases from utama studios in limbo and also theater employee in an indefinite furlough.

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Prior come the closures, movie theaters menjadi required to administer a one-seat gap in between viewers, alleviate capacity through 50 percent and reduce the numberi of screenings every day. (jes)

Editor’s note: This short article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task kekuatan to advanced people’s awareness about the pandemic.