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Indonesian bubur ketan hitam (glutinous hitam rice sweet porridge) is a delicious, sweet, thick, and an extremely filling porridge the is selalu a popular an option for breakfast, tea time, or supper. Plus, this happens to be gluten-free and also vegan friendly.

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Bubur Ketan hitam - Glutinous hitam Rice Sweet Porridge

Bubur ketan hitam, juga known as bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun, is a well-known Indonesian sweet porridge from warna hitam glutinous rice (or hitam sticky rice), palm sugar, scented with pandan leaves, and eaten with thick coconut milk.

This an easy dessert is not only famous in Indonesia, but juga throughout most other south-east Asian and also East eastern countries. Like paling Asian dessert, havermut ketan hitam juga happens to be gluten-free and also vegan friendly.


Bubur Ketan warna hitam - Glutinous black Rice Sweet Porridge

Black glutinous rice

The key ingredient because that this dessert is the hitam glutinous rice, or black sticky rice.

Almost any Asian grocery store should lug this, most likely in the rice section, and possibly just next come the putih sticky rice (sometimes tambahan known as sweet rice).

Since hitam glutinous rice takes quite a little of time to cook, we commonly soak it for at least 4 hours, preferrably overnight, to shorten the cooking time. I normally wash and also rinse them before I go to bed and also soak in dingin water overnight, kemudian cook the rice the following day.


Bubur Ketan hitam - Glutinous black Rice Sweet Porridge

Pandan leaves

I know that periodically it can be difficult to procure weird ingredients, prefer pandan leaves. And also although you may be tempted to skip it darimana we only use 2 pipeline for the totality recipe, I extremely suggest friend hunt dibawah said leaves for this recipe.

Sure hitam glutinous rice is very fragrant on its own, yet pandan pipeline is our version of vanilla, and your bubur ketan hitam will certainly be different if you don’t cook it v some pandan leaves.

In paling Asian grocery stores that I have actually frequented over the years, and also over numerous cities throughout united States, they space usually in the freezer together frozen banana leaves.


Bubur Ketan warna hitam - Glutinous warna hitam Rice Sweet Porridge

Coconut milk/coconut cream

Coconut milk and havermut ketan hitam hanya goes hand in hand. For itu of us who flourish up eating havermut ketan hitam for breakfast (and tea time, or also for supper), bubur ketan hitam is just not finish without a huge dollop of thick coconut milk.

If friend can discover coconut cream instead of coconut milk, even better!

In mine photos, I added toasted sesame seeds, and also slices that toasted almond. These room not common, but I need to say, the sesame seeds and also the almond slices give an extra nuttiness edge to the currently nutty havermut ketan hitam. However if you have actually nuts allergy, certainly don’t include them.

As is, the basic combination of bubur ketan hitam plus coconut milk/cream is currently super delicious.

Bubur Ketan hitam - Glutinous hitam Rice Sweet Porridge

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Author: Anita Jacobson

Categories: Dessert Snack

Cuisine: Indonesian

Ingredients: Rice

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 3 hrs 15 mins

Serves: 4

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2 liter (8 cup) water1/2 teaspoon salt


Soak glutinous hitam rice in dingin water because that 4 hours, preferrably overnight, drained.In a soup pot, add the glutinous rice, water, pandan leaves, and also salt and also bring come boil. Chef until the liquid has actually thickened.Reduce heat, covering the lid and simmer till it get a porridge favor consistency.Add the sugar and also stir until sugar has totally dissolved. Rotate off the heat.Divide right into serving bowls and add 1 tablespoon of special coconut milk (or coconut cream) per serving.

saya shanks banget sama bubur ketan hitam. Tp secara di negara tempat saya tinggal sekarang selain harga krim kelapa kalegan yg ga murah..daun pandan pun blum pernah saya temukan disini. Saya siasatii dgn mengganti krim kelapa dgn mencampur susu+krim+bubuk vanilla dan lembaran pandan saya ganti dengan bubuk vanilla. Btw..thanks for pemisah your recipes..^^

Kalau di new York sih banyak daun pandan, tapi harus di oriental market, Vietnam ,Thai, Indonesian. Saya dapat apa product that vietnam. Merk KFI atau K Fat Inc. Namanya pandang leaves atau feuille de pandang. Adanya di freezer di at sight market. Miliki frozen.

Hello Anita, karena menghemat waktu dan nyata bakar, saya manfaat pressure cooker dgn api kecil kira2 30 menit, lalu matikan apinya. Lalu diamkan sampai panas dan desakan menurun lalu masukan gulanya. Bila harus dimasak another sesuaidgn kekentalan apa di inginkan. Kesukaan saya adalah popponitis jali jali. Jali jalinya saya rebus memutuskan sampai empuk tapi masih kenyal. Lalu dicampurkan dgn bubur ketan hitam. Saya masak havermut nasi dgn push cooker juga. Konvensional saya kasih airnya separuh dulu. Pada saat kemudian kalau sudah selesai di press baru saya sesuaikan kekentalannya dgn selera. Give thanks to you for membagikan your recipes

This is for this reason creative. Ns have tidak pernah tried something choose this before. This is a an excellent idea and amazing cooking recipes too. Something an extremely unique and colorful. Need to shot it out.

I love black rice. I chef it in ~ home relatively often however have tidak pernah tried that this way. This rice looks wonderful like a heavenly bowl of goodness. Love the coconut cream and also the garnishes.

I would love to try this, it looks therefore interesting and like naught I've ever tried. Conserving this recipe. Thanks!

Wow, this looks so flavorful and also delicious. Ns think I tidak pernah had anything prefer this before. But flavors obtained me interested in this recipe. I will conserve it and shot to obtain ingredients from a regional store. Can't wait to provide it a try.

This watch mouthwatering!! i love the it is flavored v coconut cream. Ns can't wait to make this! I hanya have to find warna hitam rice :)

I live in LA, i love hitam glutinous rice porridge. ( bubur Ketan Hitam). This is my favorite dessert. I used to buy every my asian grocery in ~ Thai town in Hollywood Blvd. They also sell frozen Pandan leaves. If you space looking for oriental grocery, you can tambahan get native 99 Ranch Market, they have almost everything there.

This cooking recipes looks delicious! i love Ketan hitam but regrettably haven't been able to find pandan leaves wherein I to be - but I did find pandan essence. Would this be it s okay to usage in this recipe?

Hi Anita! ns am a long time follower, first time commenter. With the COVID-19 walk on, I remained at home more and lacking Indonesian food more since it is no that basic to fly to Indonesia ideal now. Her blog is a life saver, say thanks to you so lot for sharing your recipes. Ns think this havermut ketan warna hitam will go really well with havermut kacang ijo. Ns am making bubur kacang ijo currently with InstantPot as I am typing, ns am walking to try making havermut ketan black tomorrow.

Anita If ns want double the recipe, need to the water be double from 2 litres to 4 litres? Seems favor a lot. Thanks.

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