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Dari (Persian: دری‎‎ ) or Dari Persian (Persian: فارسی دری‎‎ ) is the range of the Persian language talked in Afghanistan. Dari is the term officially saya mengakui and promoted sejak 1964 through the Afghan federal government for the Persian language. Hence, it is tambahan as Afghan Persian in countless Western sources.

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As defined in the structure of Afghanistan, it is one of the two resmi languages of Afghanistan; the various other is Pashto. Dari is the most widely spoken language in Afghanistan and also the indigenous language of around 25–50% of the population, serving as the country"s lingua franca. The Iranian and Afghan types of Persian room mutually intelligible, with distinctions found mostly in the vocabulary and also phonology.

By means of Early brand-new Persian, Dari Persian, like Iranian Persian and also Tajik, is a continuation of middle Persian, the resmi religious and also literary language of the Sassanian empire (224–651 CE), karakter itu a extension of Old Persian, the language of the Achaemenids (550–330 BC). In bersejarah usage, Dari suku to the tengah Persian court language the the Sassanids.

Zoroastrian Dari language

Zoroastrian Dari (Persian: دری زرتشتی or گویش بهدینان‎‎ lit. BEHDĪNĀN DIALECT) is a Northwestern Iranianethnolect spoken as a very first language by an estimated 8,000 come 15,000 Zoroastrians in and also around the cities of Yazd and Kerman in central Iran. The ethnolect is regularly overlooked through linguists because the region is predominantly Muslim and because Dari is primarily talked (rarely written). Dari is a Persian dialect.

Dari is also together Behdināni or pejoratively together Gabri (sometimes Gavrŭni or Gabrōni). Dari has numerous dialects. There are certain differences contrasted to new Persian, though it is quiet a Persian dialect related to di antara Persian Pahlavi.

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Genealogically, Dari Persian is a member of the Northwestern Iranian language subfamily, which includes several other closely related languages, for instance, Zazaki and Balochi. These Northwestern Iranian languages are a branch that the bigger Western Iranian language group, which is subsequently a subgroup of the Iranian language family.