Do you very own an Android or iphone phone smartphone? If so, you can download BBM and also connect through friends and family around the dunia for free! To help you acquire started, here are a couple of things you’ll desire to know.

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Step 1 – Make certain BBM supports her device

In enhancement to smartphones, BBM™ is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone, BBM supports iOS v6 and iOS v7 or later.

For Android, BBM supports smartphones berlari Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later and also with a screen size of 7” or less.

Step 2 – exactly how to download BBM top top Android or iPhone

Visit from her iPhone or Android smartphone browser. This will untuk mengambil you to the resmi BBM app in the app Store or Google Play.

This is the best means to certain you acquire the real BBM because that Android or iPhone

Step 3 – tanda tangan into BBM melihat a ID

In bespeak to usage BBM, you’ll require a BBID ( ID). Merely put, a BBID is an account the serves as your login to BBM on Android and also iPhone.. What’s really convenient is the your BBM call list and other BBM details are linked to your BBID. With your contact list connected to her BBID, you no longer have to manually backup and restore her BBM call list once you move devices.

If girlfriend don’t have a BBID, you’ll be able to create one after installation BBM on your device, or friend can create one online by browsing to After producing your BBID, all that’s left to carry out is gejala in to BBM and also you’ll it is in able to mulai chatting through friends and family.

In the occasion you already have a BBID yet forget the password, visit the i would website for membantu with resetting her password.

Finally, for itu that tangan kedua BBM top top a smartphone in the past, you may have the ability to restore your contacts detailed your BBID was connected with a smartphone berlari BBM 7.0 or later. If this applies to you, as soon as you log in in to BBM melihat that BBID, you will certainly be prompted to restore your contacts.

Step 4 – BBM tips!

At this point, BBM need to be set up on her Android or iPhone, and you’ve efficiently signed in lihat a ID. To help you gain the paling out of BBM, di sini are a couple of things you’ll desire to know!

What is a BBM pinning and how have the right to I discover mine?

A pinning is a unique identifier digunakan in BBM that is immediately generated when you log in come BBM because that the very first time. If you desire to invite someone to it is in a BBM contact, provide them your PIN, or ask for theirs. That a neat means to attach with people without having actually to provide them personal information favor your email resolve or phone call number. Friend can juga add a new contact on BBM by showing them your menyematkan Barcode (this looks favor a QR code), fairly than having to type out the pin number. After her friend scans your pinning Barcode, you will do it be added to every other’s call lists. Again, no personal information is exchanged, hanya your unique PINs.

To uncover your BBM PIN, tap her BBM picture or name followed by Show Barcode along the bottom toolbar.

How execute I adjust my BBM name, statusnya or picture?

After signing in to BBM, tap your photo or name along the top banner and do any kind of of the following:

To readjust your BBM screen name, insanity your existing display name. In the ‘What’s on her mind?’ field, type a status. To display an symbol beside your name, or to present a custom statusnya that friend saved, madness Status and also select a desired status

How deserve to I invite my friends to sign up with BBM?

You can include contacts come BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing a BBM PIN, or by choosing a call on your an equipment and sending them an invite via email or text.

monitor the direction on the screen

For a visual overview, inspect out exactly how this short video on exactly how to include a contact by PIN. For more BBM videos, inspect out the BBM top top Android and iPhone playlist.

< YouTube connect for mobile viewing >

What perform the various icons mean?

During a chat, the

 next to a message ditampilkan that her message has been sent. After the post is yielded to your contact’s phone call the examine mark alters to
. Because that example, if you blog post someone and their device isn’t turned on, her messages will display a examine mark until your contact turns on anda device again. When your contact reads the message,
 appears lanjut to the message.

Some additional negara icons include:

How execute I bagian belakang up my BBM contacts?

When you gejala in to BBM on Android or iPhone melihat a ID, her contacts will be backed up automatically. If girlfriend log right into a berbeda device using the same ID, you will do it be prompted to gain back your call list.

Can I usage BBM on multiple gadgets at the very same time?

BBM support one machine at a time, so prevent installing BBM onto other devices and also signing in using the exact same BBID. If friend would prefer to usage BBM on many devices, think about creating secondary ID with a separate email address.

Step 5 – spread the word and also get assistance

After acquiring BBM collection up on your device, make certain you inspect out the invite tools we’ve provided at, or simply bagikan the link and encourage your friends to download BBM.

In the event you have actually a question about BBM for Android or iPhone, pop by the Support community Forums or send a tweet to

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You can also visit ours online assistance pages. Hanya select the appropriate link below based on which machine you are using.

Got a question, comment or desire to posting ulang a great BBM story? short article a comment and also let united state know!