Google Drive is a great way to share your documents among berbeda computers and mobile devices. Integrating your membentuk with her Google drive account ambil less 보다 a minute. Once you complete the integration, when someone submits your membentuk we will certainly instantly send uploaded files and also the data ~ above the membentuk to her Google journey folder.


The screenshot over describes apa happens as soon as you incorporate with Google Drive.

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1. The folder name will be very same as your form name so that you have the right to see all of your files dibawah a single folder for each form.

2. Individual submission folder names deserve to be customized. So, because that example, you may select to have actually the “Name” pertanyaan on your membentuk for that.

3. Us will also create a PDF file that has all data submitted through the form.

4. Finally, all of the uploaded papers will be transferred to this folder.

I am sold! How have the right to I mulailah using Google journey integration?

1. First, open up your membentuk on the membentuk Builderand access the integrations page:

Click on Settings->Integrations and choose in the perform “Google Drive”.


2. You will be request to provide permissions from her google journey account. Click on Authenticate to perform that.


3. A small pop-up home window will inquiry permissions. Click on “Allow”.


4. Top top the next step, you deserve to customize her folder names. Click the “pencil” symbol to pick the areas as your custom folder surname or memasukkan your very own custom folder name. Click the “Apply” switch to conserve the selections.

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5. Just click the “Complete Integration” button to conserve the integration:

6. That’s all. Her integration is every set. You deserve to now mulai getting records on your Google Drive. You will also see the connect to the Google journey folder to whereby the submissions and also files will be uploaded.

Questions? you re welcome let us know in the comments box below!

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