As us know, Dota 2 rules space straightforward - two teams fight each other to identify the ideal one. However it is widely believed that the to win team have the right to only be a success if each and also every team member understands exactly maafkan saya he requirements to do and also how. This has in-depth knowledge in each role, and apa are the pros and cons of his hero, etc. Our previous post The best Dota 2 Heroes to success in 2020 will tolong you to see and understand the meta, permitting you to choose your favourite hero.

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However, a effective hero, it’s just the part to become a winner. Your team demands to be a unified mechanism, and today we will information one an essential aspect of this - Support. This function is both unique and one the the paling challenging in Dota 2, however incredibly advantageous for every the teammates. Us have mengumpulkan in this Dota 2 Support overview 13 piece of advice that will certainly together help you to ini adalah an wonderful Dota 2 support. Let’s inspect them out!

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1. Realize that You Are

Each position in Dota 2 has strategy and bertindak attached for each component of the game. Understanding what you need to do and when will tolong you come be valuable during the whole match and even guess the enemy’s movements. If you review this article, you may understand apa the assistance is law in the game, yet let’s repeat the basic things to realize who you are.

Supports" character allows teammates to feel comfortable, producing the conditions for this best from the beforehand stages to the so late game. He buatlah a stack in the tropical camp, harrases adversaries to conserve core-heroes, and also distributes and also sets up berbeda consumables (health banks, wards, etc.) Your duty is to support (sounds excellent) her team winning but you can.

2. Baby-sit her Carry

As we know, support players need to customize dari mereka game style depending upon the worldwide strategy and also other teammates" playstyles. Kapan the main idea is the same in each video game - basically assistance must create opportunities for various other players to grow in their characters and also farm crucial items. That doesn’t matter exactly how you accomplish this, yet your core-heroes have to be more potent than their enemies.

You can’t bawa pulang away gold and experience from your carry or mid laner. In the first 20-30 minutes, they need it much more than you. Also, numerous carry-characters need baby-sitting and also can’t stand up to adversaries alone. Strong carry is a huge investment to her potential to win - psychic it.

3. Abuse your Jungle

The laning stage is essential and also one that the crucial parts of the game. Yet there is a straightforward method to boost it because that you and your teammates - stack your jungle camps. Camps that creeps are based in the jungle, but it isn’t valuable to farm yard it rather of the laning creeps. However if you stack an ext than one camp, your bring will get more proficient indigenous farming, and juga you’ll acquire an extra exp of every camp.

It’s easy to perform it, however you require to control not just the lane but the jungle too. Each camp has the time to pull and also stack the neutral creeps. In the video clip above, you can discover all the timings and a strategy on exactly how to do it. It will make your carry stronger even without membunuh the enemies.

4. Support Has more than 2 Eyes

Don’t forget around warding the map to avoid stealing your jungle camps and enemy attacks. The observer ward is inserted in great position and can save your team from an unexpected attack or membantu you to gain superiority end the enemy. But sebelum placing wards in a random place, clock this guide.

5. Block enemy Camps

Wards allow you not just to make her vision bigger but tambahan to bite the enemy’s economics. Your opponents can abuse the jungle as conveniently as you, however, girlfriend can tambahan interfere through them. Place your sentry or observer wards close to the enemy’s camps, and it’ll be clogged for the nest respawns. Only the means to unlock the camp is to location a sentry ward there and also destroy the opponent’s ward.

6. Harass her Enemies

“A great enemy - is a dead enemy.” - said a Chinese proverb. It juga can be used to Dota 2. A assistance character can’t death a core foe hero by himself, but he deserve to make his life much more stressful and challenging. It deserve to be meraih by non-stop attacking, pulling the tropical creeps, stealing the runes, etc. These will make a problem for your adversaries and could be damaging for dari mereka economics in the long run.

In 2013 Valve released a new system that allowed players to discover equal teammates and also enemies - it’s all around ranks. In our write-up Dota 2 Ranking mechanism Guide, friend can discover out all the information around MMR and how to boost your level.

7. Don’t it is in the Epicenter of the Battle

As usual, support personalities are ethereal heroes through a kecil health suggest bar. That’s why lock can’t it is in in the epicenter that the battle. The player who’s permainan the support character demands to use as many abilities as kelayakan during the fight. If one capability is used in the appropriate place and also the appropriate time, it can increase the chance of winning.


It can seem hard to select the best place, yet the finest one is a shadowy ar where the opponents won’t check out you and you deserve to use all of your abilities. Don’t walk over the optimal with her aggression, and try to use all of your an abilities sensibly.

8. Don’t preventive Money

It must be admitted that bermain support deserve to be a poor role financially. These personalities spend every of milik mereka money on different jenis of consumables. Whatever, don’t be sad, it’s wonderful way to invest money. Don’t spare a significant sum, buy new consumables: wards, branches the three, kesehatan and mana potions, etc. All of these things deserve to be a small stepping tidak hadir to your victory.

9. Provide the Information


The capability to press your keys isn’t sufficient to be effective in Dota 2. Another vital next of the coin is her soft skills. Good interaksi with her teammates will put you head and also shoulders over your enemies, particularly if you can understand dari mereka movements and predict the attacks. If you want to ini adalah a winner in this game, you require to offer as much information as possible.

10. Follow the Timings

Supports have more complimentary time to control the mini-map and every one of the opponent movements. It suara sad, but it’s true. In ~ the laning stage, core players need to pay more attention to creeps and also enemies. But someone needs to follow the timing of berbeda aspects the the game: runes, shrines, Roshan’s respawn, camps of neutral creeps, etc. All these tasks are menyelesaikan by the support players. A quick but beneficial piece of advice - note all the timings in the allies" chat. It will certainly be beneficial if various other players don’t miss important events. Also, v the appropriate timings, friend can take your enemies by surprise.

11. Don’t leaving the roadway Empty

It isn’t simple to farm money as soon as you’re permainan as support. Girlfriend leave all of the farm to her carry and spend her time prepare other useful things. However where to make money? There’s one thing that won’t interfere v your carry yet will allow farming extra money. Don’t leave her lane empty once your teammates switch to various other places. ~ 3-4 min you can get sufficient cash and exp come buy something and also upgrade few of your skills. Do something, move about the map, and shot to uncover yourself.

12. Don’t Dramatize your Death

You may have actually realized many berbeda things by the moment you’ll have actually finished this article. Some of them will make girlfriend sad, consisting of this one - you need to die numerous times, specifically if your lug is in dangerous situations. Yet your death is something to be expected, don’t worry around it.


For her team will be much better if girlfriend die instead of her carry, who tries to collection money for the an important item, and also can’t wait for it in the tavern. Someone requirements to be a victim, and also in numerous cases, support plays a part in this role.

13. Monitor the pro Players

It suara overused, yet this tip is critical. Each pergerakan you find in agree players gameplay can be melakukan into her own permainan style. It’ll confuse your enemies and make your skills an ext flexible and also unconventional. Experts spend thousands of hours to uncover all in-game details and solutions from various situations. It’s necessary to follow tournaments and also pro football player streams if you desire to menjadi a high-skilled player.

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Follow this tips, and ini adalah the ideal support. The won’t provide you the highest possible rank in Dota 2, yet you’ll establish the potential to akan better. Don’t forget to it is in sensible and also non-toxic since at the end of the job it’s just a game. Us feed the our emotions and hope that the outcome will be positive.

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