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tips and options to fix XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 problems. This is Android Kitkat v 4.7 inch LCD screen touch screen, using their own MIUI variation 6.0 user user interface which is simple to use since it melakukan not have apps menu, all applications symbol will be located at front home screen. We can bermain many HD gamings without trouble since this XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 have 1.2 Ghz Quad main point processor with specialized GPU (graphic processor unit) Adreno 306. There space 2 alternatives in the pasar which come melihat 8 GB interior memory through 1 GB RAM and 16 GB inner memory penampilan 2 GB RAM.

What is advantage of XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 Specifications:

GSM 3G HSDPA, dobel SIM map GSM GSM4G LTELCD 4.7 customs IPSInternal storage 8 GB or 16 GBRAM 1 GB or 2 GBMain Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, pengarahan flashFront camera for video Conference in ~ 2 megapixelProcessor Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 QualcommGPU Adreno 306Operating system Android OS v4.4.4 (KitKat)Battery Li-Ion 2200 mAh

How to fix or problem Solving for Recovery XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 hang or not responding or malfunctions or stuck or freeze or bricked ?

What space common causes that have the right to make our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 menjadi trouble or gua or stuck or bricks or frozen or LCD touch screen not responding? normally this case happen because applications crash or not correct setup. Sometime our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 can akan boot logo loop. There are some applications the we have the right to install from Google bermain Store favor Facebook or course or Instagram or Pinterest or Whatsapp or BBM or WeChat or heat Messenger or Skype and many other more. However some applications indigenous Google permainan Store have the right to contain malware or viridans that have the right to make our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 become trouble. We should force soft reset or kekuasaan shutdown or reboot to restart every applications from this phone and also remove short-term files and also caches. If this trouble still happen, then we have to do difficult reset or grasp format.

How to memaksa Shutdown or force Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 ?

When we use our phone, unexpectedly this phone deserve to not work usually or LCD touch screen not responsive with our finger touch. In this time we should memaksa shutdown or force soft reset or memaksa reboot come clean up cache and temporary papers from XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2. Please open up battery cover instance in the backside, and also remove the battery, wait about 5 seconds then put again the battery at right positions, continue to revolve on by press POWER button. We also can perform soft reset or restart XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 as soon as this phone tho normally, tekan and host POWER switch until pop-up menu appear, kemudian choose Shutdown / Reboot / strength Off menu. Soft reset will certainly not remove any type of important data native this phone, thus we can do that anytime us want.

#Option 1, Hard Reset XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 with software application menu

Turn ~ above the XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2Please make certain battery capacity more kemudian 50% or much better fully chargeBackup essential data at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 because all data and applications will certainly be erase or deleteGo to menu : Setting > General setup > Backup and also Reset > manufacturing facility Data ResetChoose : Reset device > Delete allThe XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 will carry out the tough reset or master layout to factory default process.


#Option 2, Hard Reset XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 with Hardware Button vital to recovery Mode

Turn Off XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2Make sure the battery is fully chargePress and hold POWER switch + selang UP BUTTON keyRelease all button after the LCD display Recovery ModeUser Volume Button to select the option and press POWER Button to ok or confirm or Choose. Please select Wipe all data to finish the tough Reset or Master layout StepsWait till the XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 finish the procedure and the phone will awal again choose new.

How to boot at Recovery mode at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 ?

If we must boot our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 go to restore mode. We can follow the actions at #Option 2 over from steps no.1 till no.4. ~ that we will uncover the menu and choose the food selection as maafkan saya we have to do.

How come Restore and also Reinstall Clean Android Operating mechanism / firmware at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 (Reformat) ?

When the ideal time come reformat or reinstall Android operating device at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2? basically there space no precise time come reformat unless our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 gain trouble or action not tangga like sometime gantung or bricks or frozen or some various other strange situations. This troubles happen due to the fact that applications crash or wrong setting or bad jawaban bi-side applications. Very first we have to know, the clean manufacturing facility default Android operating mechanism or firmware currently saved for sure inside XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 ROM. Therefore we carry out not need to copy or attach our phone to other gadget. We can conveniently do reformat or reinstall through doing hard reset above, then clean manufacturing facility default Android operating mechanism will it is in reinstall automatically. The file default record source of operating mechanism is Android Kitkat, yet if we get some official update, kemudian the document source will follow the latest upgrade as well.

There are juga other different to reinstall or restore the XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 operating system by download the secara resmi MIUI ROM because that XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 at Xiaomi website, copy the downloaded paper to exterior card SDCard lihat computer through card reader, or affix directly our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 to computer and also it will review as removable drive. Copy the downloaded files at external memory and please continue by using XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 applications which have actually name Updater. Follow the menu to end up the upgrade.

How come Unlock or solve or Bypass or services for XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 forgot password code or defense lock display screen pattern or menyematkan (lost password)?

We have to give much more protection to keep our necessary data or images or movie secure native unauthorized orang when our phone away from us. Through default, XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 already have several alternatives to defend without must install anything from Google bermain Store. Commonly we use display lock pattern, due to the fact that this is more easy come use and also fast to open as well, some other users juga like to usage password menyematkan protections. Sometime we can forget the answer of that security protection, what should us do? execute not worry, due to the fact that we can quickly bypass or unlock forgot security screen lock pattern or password pin protection at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 using Google account. Please offer several time not correct answer repeatedly until our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 freeze or locked around 30 seconds. Us can uncover Forgot Password / Pattern button, please tekan ke bawah this button to unlock forgotten security protections lihat Gmail username and also password that us have already signed-in before. If we have the right to not access our Google account in ~ this phone, kemudian we have to do difficult reset penampilan hardware button combination key or using firmware upgrade that we have actually download indigenous Xiaomi website, please follow some procedures above.

How to boost Performance XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 to make run much more faster?

With Quad main point processor in ~ 1.2 Ghz clock speed, XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 will certainly run any type of applications there is no problems, specifically with 1 GB or 2 GB RAM, kemudian we can run more multitasking applications. We have to know that countless applications will run in the background like chatting or masyarakat media or some gamings to wait because that data upgrade or command. Moreover, some applications that we install native Google bermain Store juga will operation in the lift without any type of notifications. Every applications will need some lot of RAM and also processor resource, therefore when there are too countless applications run together, kemudian our RAM and also processor sources will it is in insufficient. Please remove or uninstall some not usage applications to give more free RAM. If we want to make our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 run quicker again choose new, kemudian we have to think about do tough reset or master format to manufacturing facility default.

Is that any other secret code of hard reset XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2?

At this moment, there is no other secret code or secret crucial to execute the manufacturing facility reset of XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2. Just shot to carry out the hard reset above.

After Doing update ROM or Operating system XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2, The Google permainan Store is Disappear. Just how to download Google play Store in ~ XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 ?

Xiaomi produce anda phone for number of country, largely all negara have exact same applications, but especially because that China Market, they will certainly not include the Google play Store in ~ XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 application list, since they have milik mereka own apps store recognized as Mi Market. If we want to force install Google play Store for our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2, kemudian we need to use Mi market application to find Google bermain Store apps.

Please Sign-in first sebelum we have the right to use Mi Market. ~ we finish sign-in into Mi Market, please shot to mencari with keyword Google, girlfriend will find applications which have name Google Installer (by Eric Xiang). Please install this applications and after the we deserve to run this applications and we will see all Google applications consisting of Google permainan Store the we deserve to install to our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2.

There are juga other alternate steps to download Google bermain Store at XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2, download Google Apps zip file which fit come our aktif ROM, rename it come update.zip and also move this record to our outside microSD card. Boots our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2 to recovery mode and also Install it with Recovery mode.

Please note, some steps may not selalu running us at our XIAOMI REDMI 2 / HONGMI 2, this is because there are numerous firmware or hardware obtainable in the pasar that need special steps to perform all steps.

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User data wipe out failed . Apa should i do? Hi, if her Xiaomi Redmi 2 still can boot properly, kemudian you can try to do understand format lihat menu setup like measures at #Option 1 above. Please tambahan check wipe data or erase every data alternative from this menu. If her phone have the right to not boot, kemudian please do difficult reset melihat hardware button combination key like actions at #Option 2 above. mine phone gained stuck on mi logo.. Even recovery mode is not appearing after pressing power button+volume up button.. What to execute ? Hi, as long as you use resmi firmware, kemudian your Xiaomi Redmi 2 will go to recovery setting which can continue performing difficult reset v mater format. Otherwise, perhaps your call use tradition rom tweak or part trouble take place at hardware. Please talk about with Xiaomi authorize company center.

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