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GoogleThe Android TV home display screen is her gateway come a dunia of streaming content. Customizing this display screen can do it easy to find your favorite streaming services and discover brand-new TV shows and also movies come watch. We’ll show you just how to do it.

The home screen is comprised of “Channels” and three sections throughout the top. These networks are horisontal rows the display isi from services. There’s also a lot of isi discovery going on, and a straightforward apps list. Let’s dive in.

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Add (or Remove) Shortcuts to your Favorite Apps

We’ll start on the “Home” tab v the row titled “Favorite Apps.”

To include an app to this row, navigate all the method to the far right of the row and select “Add application To Favorites.”

Scroll v the list of set up apps, and also select the one you’d favor to add to the row.



To eliminate an application from the row, menonjol an app, and hold turun the “Select” or “Enter” button on her remote.

Long-pressing the application will reveal a food selection with part options. Choose the “Remove indigenous Favorites” alternative from the menu.


To rearrange the stimulate of her favorite apps, select “Move” native that same menu.


Use the arrow buttons on her remote to relocate the app left or appropriate in the row. Tekan ke bawah the select or Enter button when you’re done.

Customize (or Remove) the Play lanjut Channel Row

By default, the Android TV home screen has a “Play Next” channel. This row is for continuing shows and also movies friend didn’t finish. That can’t be moved, but it can be turned off.

Scroll turun to the an extremely bottom that the house screen and also select the “Choose Channels” button.


Select the “Play Next” choice from the peak of the menu.


Switch the toggle at the peak of the display screen to the “Off” position.


Alternatively, you can customize what appears in the Play next channel. Leaving the toggle indigenous the previous step “On,” and also scroll dibawah through the menu to toggle ~ above or off the apps you great to appear in permainan Next.


Remove Channel Rows native the home Screen

Not all of the channels can be eliminated from the house screen, but paling of lock can. First, scroll turun the home screen until you’re on the row you’d prefer to remove.

Navigate come the left till you’re highlighting the “-” button. If the channel can’t be removed, this will certainly not be an option. Simply select the button to remove the channle.

Add Channel Rows to the house Screen

Android TV come with numerous channel rows ~ above the home display screen already. Sometimes, channels from apps you install will immediately be added. You can manually include channels yourself as well.


On the house screen, scroll all the way turun to the bottom, and also select “Choose Channels.”

Scroll v the perform of apps, and also toggle the switch on for the app channels you’d favor to add.


Some apps encompass multiple channels, and also you’ll have to pick the application to walk in and also choose which people you desire to add.


Move Channel Rows top top the residence Screen

To move a channel heat up or turun on the house screen, dandan the row, role to the left, and also select the move button.

Now you can use the arrowhead buttons on your remote to relocate the heat up or down.

Click the “Select” or “Enter” button on her remote as soon as you’re done dinamis the channel. It will currently be in its brand-new place!

Add movies & TV reflects to your Watchlist

The “Discover” tab ~ above the Android TV home screen has a “Watchlist” feature. It’s a ar for friend to save movies and also TV reflects that you want to clock or have the ability to easily find. The Watchlist is associated to your Google account, for this reason it deserve to sync across your Android TV and also Google TV devices.


To acquire started through the Watchlist, navigate come the “Discover” tab top top the house screen. The Watchlist is only accessible on this tab.

Next, just browse the movies and TV reflects on the tab. As soon as you discover something you want to include to the Watchlist, hold turun the yes or Select switch on your remote.

An “Add to Watchlist” choice will appear dibawah the title, click ok or choose on your remote again to add it.

Alternatively, you can pick the movie or TV show and include it come “Watchlist” indigenous the details page.

That’s it! your Watchlist can be uncovered on the discover tab as well.

Organize the Apps Page

To see all of your apps in one place, you can go come the “Apps” page. This is the third tab in ~ the peak of the residence screen.


These apps deserve to be re-organized together well. Just use your remote to menonjol an app and long-press the pick or enter button.

Select “Move” native the menu.

Now use the navigasi buttons on her remote to relocate the application in the list. Tap the pick or Enter switch when you’re done.

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The Android TV home display screen offers a the majority of customization and also recommendations. Through a small setup, you can have the perfect lean-back experience.

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