Uploading a photo:

come upload a photo to your Photos of friend album, go to your profile, and also click top top the photograph at the peak of the page. Kemudian choose i beg your pardon album you want to add a photo to by clicking on the album cover. "Photos that you" images must be of yourself. Check out our full photo rule here.

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If you click upload (or if you initially clicked the include button from your profile) you"ll be able to choose wherein the picture is: "Facebook", "My Computer", or "Instagram".


when you pick the photo, friend can edit the thumbnail that will be visible. This melakukan not chop the whole photo- if someone clicks ~ above the thumbnail, lock will view the jenuh picture, therefore if you want to penyuntingan out something from the image, you"ll must do it sebelum uploading.

Profile Essays

Reordering and also Removing:

On the website walk to the sidebar on the right side that the picture album page. You will view a "remove" link lanjut to every image, and you have the right to reorder her photos by dragging the 3-horizontal lines up or down. On the application to upload a brand-new photo on the app, tap the profile symbol in the bottom navigation batang to walk to your profile. indigenous there, tap her profile photograph at the peak of the halaman to open your image of girlfriend album. Tapping the plus sign on that halaman will provide you the option of picking a photo from your phone’s library, or taking a new photo right then and there!


To readjust the bespeak of your photos on the app, press and hold the photo, and kemudian drag it to where you"d favor it to be. come delete photos on the app, tekan and organize the photo. top top the iOS app, you will view an ‘X’ on the bottom right of the photo. Insanity the ‘X’ and also confirm come delete. on the Android app, friend will view a trash deserve to icon show up at the top of the page. Insanity the icon to delete.

Photo Rules

pictures must follow our photo rules. You re welcome follow the rules! fine be sad if we have to delete her photos.

generally Asked questions

Why won"t my picture upload?

The minim size for a photo is 400 x 400 px, therefore make sure the photo is ukurannya besar enough to it is in accepted. We don"t have a method to resize photos built into carlocaione.org.

My photograph uploaded sideways, apa do i do?

If she on the application or desktop computer website, the photo need to upload precisely as it’s saved on your device. You might want to inspect the initial to make certain it’s saved the method you’d prefer it to be! There space some operating equipment which will let you revolve the check out of a photo without in reality fully changing the photograph itself, therefore the picture may show as rightside up on your maker but kemudian not on carlocaione.org.

If she uploading photos from the mobile website, you might experience a known melepaskan in which some photos space being instantly rotated once they’re uploaded. Sorry about that! If you run to the application or the full website, this do not do it happen.

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yes no means to revolve a photo when it’s uploaded to carlocaione.org, you"ll have to reupload it.

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