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Check-in baggageincluded : 20kg
No entertainment on board
Light snacks served on board

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Sriwijaya Air is among the Indonesian domestic leading airlines. It carries over 700.000 passenger per-month indigenous its hub in ~ Soekarno-Hatta international airport, to more than 41 destinations in 2 regional countries, including Indonesia. Its primary service is to provide passenger and freight transportation, both in national and regional areas.

Date Established: 10 November 2003

Hubs: Soekarno-Hatta global Airport, jakarta


Sriwijaya Air class Available

Economy Class:Sriwijaya wait Economy course passenger might enjoy 15kg baggage because that free, 30 inches-wide seat and a box of snack and also drink.Business Class: Sriwijaya Air service Class offersmany amenities, the organization Class passenger can enjoy the executive lounge, city check-in service, complimentary of charge reservation cancellation; and there"s special vehicle available to escort the company Class passengers from the lounge come the aircraft.

Sriwijaya Air baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to lug maximum 20 kg package for every destinations other than Tanjung kacang sirih - champa (15 kg).Excess baggage will be charged as per currently rules.

Sriwijaya In flight Entertainment

Sriwijaya waiting crew provides a variety of magazines and newspapers. In addition, the serves irradiate meals ~ above board.


Sriwijaya Air check In

Passengers have to finish inspect in process 1 hour and 45 (one hour and forty five) minute prior to trip schedule to prevent flight delays. Inspect in deserve to be done at inspect in counters in airports.Soekarno-Hatta global Airport sampanye Departure :Terminal 2 :Terminal 2F : Indonesia domestic & international flights.

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Sriwijaya air Fare Rules

Each passenger has actually one"s seat numberi and forced to it is in seated based upon the number. Passenger are forced to switch off milik mereka mobile phones during the flight, due to the fact that the use of cell phone phone may interrupt aircraft navigating system and also lead come fatal incidentLaptops and also other electronic devices are only permitted after takeoff and sebelum landingAll Sriwijaya waiting flights room non smokingSriwijaya Air gives snacks, enjoy the meal (for lengthy haul flights), and also drinks

Sriwijaya Air adjust and Refund

Schedule changes, passenger info changes, and also ticket cancellations regulations count on each class of the ticket. Sebelum buying ticket, please review the comprehensive rules the the ticket to avoid unnecessary errors.Cancellation made in ~ 24 hours before departure will certainly be charged 75% native the ticket price. In short Season the fare will be charged with25% ofcancellation feeand 50% if make within peak Season. The pengeluaran do no including administration fee Rp 20.000 every cancellation.

Sriwijaya waiting Flights Destination


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