Chủ Đề Nói Tiếng Anh B1

Nhằm giúp các bạn ôn luyện thật giỏi cho kỳ thi B1, trong nội dung bài viết này, chi nhánh 6 xin share lại bài bác tổng hòa hợp của trang 15 topic luyện thi nói vô cùng hữu ích dành cho chúng ta trau dồi và củng cố tài năng trước khi lao vào kỳ thi. Mời chúng ta tham khảo.

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Topic 1: The means of transport you like most.

If I have lớn decide which mean of transport I lượt thích most, it’ll be a car. Nowadays it is really necessary for me và my family.

Firstly, it is safer lớn drive a car than to lớn ride a motorbike because in a oto there are air bags, seat belts, car alarm, etc, that prevent us from being injured if you have an Driving a oto at night on a lonely road will safer than riding a motorbike.Secondly, you never have khổng lồ think about the weather (such a rain, sun, storm, & dark at night) when you A oto has air-conditioner which helps you to avoid getting wet, dust… so it help lớn keep you healthy.In the third place, a oto is comfortable & You can pretty much travel wherever you want whenever you want within your local area, without having to worry about the departure times & delays of the public transport system.Furthermore, you will feel comfortable and relaxed with the CD & DVD machines on the You can listen music và you have pleasure of driving. When you are tired, you can stop the journey and rest.Finally, if you have just the one oto between you và your family, it can be possible to cốt truyện the vehicle between all of the family members thus providing everyone with a mode of transport at allTopic 2: The most useful machine in the twentieth century.


Among the most useful inventions in the last century, I find the computer the most important because of these reasons:

First, when the computer is connected khổng lồ the Internet, it is a good way of learning & getting You can read newspapers on line and download lots of information from the website pages. Besides, you can learn online as well.Second, computers is convenient because it helps you work faster by typing, printing document và storing data if you want.Finally, computer is a good way lớn entertain with many kinds of games & There are a lot of games và on line activities like forums or Facebook for you to mô tả ideas và information with your friends. You can also listen lớn music or watch movies if you like.In short, computers are really useful & important to lớn my life and myTopic 3: Your favorite leisure activity (for women).

I often cook when I have không tính tiền time because cooking is a joyful and relaxing activity for me.

First, cooking a good meal brings happiness to lớn my All the members in my family can gather around the table and enjoy the food I cook and talk và share the joy with each others.Second, cooking is my favorite hobby because I’m a Cooking is one way to show my feminine character và to show my responsibility in the family.Finally, cooking helps me reduce găng of everyday hard work & makes me When I cook, I can forget the problems that I have và just pay attention lớn the cooking. Maybe, after relaxing, I feel much happier and I can solve my problem.In conclusion, cooking is my favorite activity when I have freeTopic 4: The advantages of living in the countryside.

Living in the countryside is really good for your life because of these reasons:

First, living in the country can bring you a clean The air is fresher và there are lots of trees, rice fields và rivers, you can walk on the fields or along the rivers lớn enjoy the clean và fresh air there in the early morning.Second, living in the countryside is cheaper than in the thành phố because people there have lower income and don’t have the habit of spending a lot of If you live in the country, you can save a lot of money.Finally, people in the country are more friendly & opener than people in the city because they live near each People live together in a small village so they can talk countryside can have festivals & you can join & fell very happy.In conclusion, there are many benefits of living in theTopic 5: The disadvantages of living in the city.


Many people find it difficult & unpleasant lớn live in the đô thị because of these reasons:

First, the air in the city is getting more & polluted because the traffic is so heavy, the city roads are in bad conditions and the population is really There are fewer và fewer trees, lakes và rivers.Second, the cost of living is much higher than in the rural People have lớn spend more money on food, drink, clothes & other activities lượt thích traveling and entertainment, while the salary has not been much improved.Finally, life in the city is more dangerous than in the countryside because of night clubs, discotheques, casinos… đô thị people are easily attracted by social evils such as drinking, drug or gambling, etc. So, there are more crimes because some people don’t want to work but only want money toIn short, living in the city has many disadvantages so people have khổng lồ struggle a lot toTopic 6: Talk about your weekend activities.

Weekend time is my favorite time in the week because I can enjoy myself & do many relaxing activities I like.

In the morning, after a relaxing breakfast, I often call some of my friends to ask them khổng lồ go shopping with We spend the whole morning going shopping and then have lunch in a restaurant in the center of Hanoi.Then, I come back trang chủ for a In the afternoon, I often go swimming with my neighbor if the weather is hot. In winter I go jogging in the central park instead. I usually have dinner with my family during weekend, so we can talk with each other & share our stories. After dinner, I sometime listen to lớn music or surf the net to lớn chat with friends or kiểm tra emails. I usually vì chưng not go khổng lồ bed late because I will have lots of work on Monday.In short, living in the thành phố has many disadvantages so people have lớn struggle a lot toTopic 7: Talk about on of your hobbies.

People may have different hobbies such as listening to music, watching T.V, dancing. Playing games or collecting things. My hobby is lớn read books.

I enjoy reading many types of books, but my favorite is I like reading stories about Sherlock Holmes of tác giả Conan Doyle. I often read books in the evening after I finish preparing things for the next day’s work.When I have không tính tiền time, I often go to lớn bookstores khổng lồ look for new Once a week, I go lớn the city library khổng lồ read there. I sometimes read books on line if I cannot get hard copies of the books I want.Books help me relax a lot after days of hard Thanks to lớn books, I can broaden my knowledge and learn new things.Topic 8: The most interesting place you have been to.

I have been to lớn many places in Vietnam, but the most interesting place that I always remember is domain authority Nang, the beautiful coastal thành phố in Vietnam. It’s wonderful lớn me because of these reasons:

First, the scenery in domain authority Nang is ideal for us to lớn go We can swim in the blue & clear sea water or vì chưng sunbathing on the soft sand beach under the yellow and warm sunshine. The air is so fresh & pure.Second, the local sea food are fresh, delicious but not For example, tourists can enjoy different kinds of seafood such as crab, prawn, lobster, seashell, etc. Also, the people there are friendly, sociable & polite.Third, there are many interesting activities to vày beside playing football, tennis on the beach, building sandcastles on the beach or watching the For example, we can sail on a board trip khổng lồ the Cu Lao Cham và watch the mountain scenery on the way. Also, we may visit ba Na Hill.For these reasons, da Nang has always been one of my favorite touristTopic 9: The importance of learning foreign languages.

Nowadays, it is very important to learn a foreign language because of these reasons:

First, learning a foreign language, English for example, helps us learn & get information about new things in the There are a lot of books written in English, French, Chinese, etc.Second, it help us feel confident when we travel We can talk very easily with people in other countries and learn a lot from them. We can use the language to lớn work & do business without an interpreter.Finally, though a foreign language we learn we can learn more about the people of that country, we know a lot about their culture and society and customs và We can become friends of many people so our life is more interesting.In short, when we know a foreign language we can open a new to lớn our Because of the benefits of learning foreign languages, one should know at least one foreign language.Topic 10: Ways to lớn have a good health.

If you want khổng lồ have good health, you should follow these pieces of advice:

First, you should eat healthy food: lots of fruits, vegetable, fish and drink enough water everyday khổng lồ stay The Japanese eat a lot of fish so they live very long. You should eat less meat và fat food because they may cause heart diseases & increase the cholesterol level in your blood. Fruits and vegetables no only bring you lots of vitamins and minerals but also help you have a better immune system.Second, you should exercise everyday by choosing a suitable thể thao such as jogging, tennis, swimming, yoga, They not only make you strong but help you relax as well. So, it helps you keep fit và stay healthy. If you don’t have much time, you just need to vày morning exercises regularly.Finally, you need to lớn have regular health kiểm tra – If you have some problems with your health, you should go to the doctor immediately before it gets more serious. You should visit the doctor regularly in order khổng lồ find out any diseases you may have, so that you have a better chance to get rid of it.In short, if you take this advice, you will have a goodTopic 11: Talk about your favorite television program.

Among many programs & channels available on TV these days such as the current news programs, thể thao programs, entertaining programs, educational programs và movie programs, etc, I lượt thích the program “the World of Animals” most.

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This program is usually shown on VTV2 everyday at 8.30 in the evening. It often lasts about 45 minutes. In this program, stories of the life of many animals in the world are told in a very lively way. For example, people can watch films about monkeys, snakes, tigers, insects, birds, sea turtles, sharks etc & even the penguins and the polar bears in the far North. While watching these films, I find the everyday life activities & habits of these animals very interesting and full mysteries. In addition, I also learn that it is very important lớn protect these animals và their living environments because they are part of our valuable natural world. Watching this program makes me very well informed and relaxed after a day of work.

Topic 12: Talk about your favorite sport.

These days, people are practicing many types of sport such as swimming, running, cycling, aerobics, tennis, table tennis, badminton, golf và football, etc. My favorite thể thao is jogging. Jogging is a simple thể thao to practice because you don’t need any special or expensive equipment like other sports. In fact you just need a good pair of trainers for your self . The most suitable place for jogging is a park or somewhere around a lake near your house. You can also jog on a field or in the forest if you are living in the countryside. For me, I jog for about an hour in the afternoon everyday after work. I usually go jogging alone, but if possible you can ask my family members, friends or neighbors to go with me. While we jog, we often talk và share with each other about everyday life stories, so we feel that we can reduce our stress. After going jogging each day, I feel that I am more relaxed and fit again after a long day of work.

Topic 13: Talk about one of your close friends.

I have had many friends so far, but Thanh Nga is one of my close friends. Nga is about 30 years old and is now working a researcher at an institute in Hanoi. We met each other when we were in the secondary school. During those days, we went khổng lồ school together everyday, studied in the same class và shared with each other all the joys và sorrow, so we have become close friends since then.

My friend Nga is not very tall, but pretty with long black hair và a nice smile. She is a very sincere, modest and helpful person. She likes painting và painted many pictures. Also, I can still remember that Nga was very good at literature and foreign languages.

We often meet each other when we have time. When we are very busy, we often talk to lớn each other on the phone or we chat on the Internet. Whenever we meet, we often go to see other friends, go shopping or sit in a quite place khổng lồ have coffee. We talk about our life và share with each other our good news or problems và see if we can help each other. Nga is really a good friend of mine, a friend for life.

Topic 14: Talk about your house/flat.

I live in a house in Hanoi. The house is in a small and quiet street in Cau Giay district of Hanoi. It takes about half an hour to go lớn the đô thị center. The house was built 5 years ago. It isn’t a big house & has two floors.

In my house there are 4 main rooms: a living room, a dining rooms, two bedrooms. Besides, we have a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.

We have a little but pretty garden; my family often spend our miễn phí time there to grow plant & vegetables. Next lớn the garden there is a small yard where my children often play after school.

In my house, I like the living room is my favorite one. This room was painted light green, so we feel very pleasant. In this room, there is a tea table, a sofa & a television. On the wall there is a couple of oil paintings. After dinner, our family often spend time together talking to lớn each other or watching a favorite TV program. We often receive our guests in this room. I love my house. Everyday when I come back trang chủ from work, I have a warm feeling of being together with my whole family.

Topic 15: Talk about your job.

I am now working as a senior engineer in a company in Hanoi. My company name is ABC Company. I have had this job for more than 10 years. In my job, I am in charge of managing our department’s activities such as research development, technical supervision & maintenance, etc. Besides, we also need khổng lồ corporate our work with other departments in the company in order to run the company’s business smoothly.

To bởi vì this job besides my university degree, I have had many training classes in project management, hàng hóa development, marketing, etc…

In addition, the skills required for this job are communication, time management, teamwork and presentation skills, etc…

I really like my job because I am able lớn apply the knowledge and skills of the filed I studied in my work. In addition, I have a flexible working time, so I can make full use of the time in the office và have time for research. Also, I am lucky to work with a very active & supportive staff. One thing I don’t like about this job is that I often have to travel, so I sometimes don’t have time for my family. I am planning to further my study lớn get a doctor degree.

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