Sebelum itupenggunaan berlatih contoh soal greeting card opsi ganda dan menjawab ini alangkah baiknnya kita memhamai dulu an interpretation of greeting card, maafkan saya itu greeting card. Pengertian greeting map adalah teks singkat berupa pesan yang terdiri dari doa dan harapan. Sementara fungsional greeting card atau tujuan komunikatif greeting map adalah untuk memberi selamat, doa, harapan, dan also menunjukan simpati. Enim ada beberapa jenis jenis greeting card, diataranya greeting card buat ucapan selamat overhead suatu prestasi, greeting card untuk ucapan rasa simpati, dan greeting card karena doa dan semoga pada hari hari tertentu.

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Secara umum, struktur greeting map adalah receiver (penerima), body (isi), dan sender (pengirim). Untuk generic structure greeting map ini hampir kemiripan dengan structure functional text lainnya, maka metode pembelajaran greeting map pun noël jauh variasi dengan berbagai jenis teks bahasa Inggris lainya.


Banyak apa sedang berusaha berlatih mencapai soal hot greeting card mencapai cara dipahami indikator soal greeting map dan juga dari kisi kisi soal greeting card atau mendapatkan record 50 soal greeting card dan jawaban sebagai praktek mengerjakan soal soal bahasa Inggris. Ada crowd type dan design soal ucapan selamat ini such contoh soal greeting card acquire well soon, contoh soal greeting card sympathy, soal greeting map condolence, contoh greeting map teacher day, contoh greeting card circumcision, atau teks rumpang greeting card smp dan tambahan mts.

Kumpulan 30 Soal Greeting Card pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban

Greeting card ini umumnya menghadiahkan di sekolah SMP dan MTs, latihan soal ini bisa such worksheet greeting card kelas 8, sebagai media greeting map exercise, also untuk mengenal apa dan bagaimana greeting map smp kelas 8. Sebagaimana itupenggunaan tahu di dalam kurikulum baru ini, materi greeting map kelas 8 kurikulum 2013 disamakan untuk semua sekolah dengan jenjang SLTP makanya soal ucapan selamat ini cukup denda sebagi media greeting map worksheet. Jawaban dalam contoh soal greeting card mencapai berbagai macam tema ini diberikan mencapai warna yang berbeda. Namun tentu saja masih harus diperiksa kevalidan dari jawaban apa diberikan.

Teks Soal Greeting map 1

Dear Fahmi,When your name is called as the finest student please action forward-for high five!You room the best. Congratulations!Uncle Andre

1. Native the message we recognize that Fahmi…a. Obtain a medal for the best studentb. Is the ideal student at schoolc. Graduates indigenous high schoold. Got lima for his test

2. “…when her name is called as the best….” the word “your” menyebutkan to…..a. Fahmib. Uncle Andrec. Studentd. Uncle Fahmi

Teks Soal Greeting card 2

Dear Dori,Congratulation top top your success on the college entrance exam. Might today success be just the beginning of your long life success and happiness. Psychic the tantangan is wait for you in the college. Nevertheless, I believe that you deserve to handle that well. An excellent luck!Your best friend,Aldi

3. The objective of the text over is …..a. To persuade someoneb. To entertain someonec. To congratulate someoned. Come invite someone

4. Apa has Dori done?a. Won the contestb. Pass the college entrance examc. Invite Fina come his solemn event dayd. Graduated from University

Teks Soal Greeting card 3

To: andre FatihFor being a bright and enthusiastic student in 1/2J. Her bright smile lights increase our classroom everyday. Good work this year, Fatih!Joni

5. What is the message about?a. A letter indigenous a teacherb. A college student reportc. A greeting cardd. One email

6. Joni is Fatih’s ….a. Mom.b. Friendc. Headmaster.d. Teacher.

Teks Soal Greeting map 4

Dear Winda,Congratulation ~ above your kesuksesan on the university entrance exam. Might today success be just the beginning of your lengthy life achievement and happiness. Remember the tantangan is wait for girlfriend in the college. Nevertheless, I believe that you deserve to handle that well. Great luck!Your finest friend,Fina

6. The purpose of the text above is ….a. To persuade someoneb. To entertain someonec. Come congratulate someoned. To invite someone

7. What has Winda done?a. Dimenangkannya the contestb. Happen the college entrance examc. Invite Fina to his celebration event dayd. Graduated from University

Teks Soal Greeting card 5

CONGRATULATION!Congratulation top top your kesuksesan in winning the badminton competition this year, Dodi. It to be a difficult competition. We are so proud of you. We knew you would certainly make it. We wish you the ideal always.

8. Apa do the student of VIII A say to complement their friend?a. It to be a difficult competitionb. Winning the dinyatakan contest this yearc. We are so proud of youd. We wish girlfriend the finest always

9. “We are so proud of you.” words “we” refers to …..a. Dodib. The badminton teamc. VIII-Ad. Teachers

10. “We great you the best always.” words “wish” has the same an interpretation with …..a. Hopeb. Hoopc. Washd. Watch

Teks Soal Greeting card 6

Dear Andre,When your name is dubbed as the best student please step forward-for high five! You are the best. Congratulations!Uncle Jojo

11. Indigenous the message we understand that andre …..a. Gets a medal because that the ideal studentb. Is the best student in ~ schoolc. Graduates native high schoold. Got five for his test

12. “… you re welcome step forward ….” The italic indigenous “step forward” method …..a. Concerned the frontb. Move backc. One action to the leftd. Stand in line

Teks Soal Greeting map 7

Congratulation!We are happy for the come of your new family member. Wish you and your household all the best. Might the happiness selalu with the beautiful baby, Anita and her family. Harapan she will certainly be a quite girl in the future.

13. Maafkan saya is the writer’s hope for the baby?a. Being a clever guyb. Being a nice onec. Being a affluent persond. Being the kesuksesan girl

14. “We are senang for the arrival ….” maafkan saya is the antonym of words “arrival”?a. Birthb. Deathc. Growthd. Departure

Teks Soal Greeting map 8

Dear Wuri,Congratulation ~ above your kesuksesan on the university entrance exam. May this achievement be hanya the beginning of your long life kesuksesan and happiness. Remember the the tantangan is waiting for you in the near masa depan but I think that you can handle it well. An excellent luck!Your best friend,Adit

15. The purpose of the text over is …..a. To sway someoneb. To entertain someonec. Come congratulate someoned. Come invite someone

16. What has Wuri done?a. Dimenangkannya the contestb. Passed the university entrance examc. Invite Fina come his celebration event dayd. Graduated from University

Teks Soal Greeting map 9

CONGRATULATION!Congratulation on your success in win the table tennis compete this year, Roy. It was a tough competition. We space so proud of you. Us knew you would make it. Us wish you the finest always.VIII-B

17. Maafkan saya do the students of VIII-B say to complement their friend?a. It was a difficult competitionb. Winning the pidato contest this yearc. We are so proud that youd. We wish girlfriend the ideal always

18. “We room so proud that you.” words “you” refers to …..a. Royb. The table tennis teamc. VIII-Bd. Teachers

Teks Soal Greeting card 10

To : SalsabilaFinally you did it.You finished your untuk mempelajari excellently and also accepted by the best senior high college in your city. Your achievement prove that you’re the best. Keep your an excellent job!Love,Nanda.

19. Your achievement proves the you’re the best. The underlined word “achievement” means… .a. Developmentb. Assessmentc. Successd. Process

Teks Soal Greeting map 11

Dear Lionita,Congratulations on your winning in the short cerita writing contest! You’re really great. I am proud of you. I am sure you will be a an excellent writer one day.God bless you.Best wishes,Shirley

20. “I to be proud the you.” words “proud” means… .a. Arrogantb. Importantc. Keen and sincered. Pleased and also satisfied

Teks Soal Greeting map 12

Dear Jonomo,Let me congratulate you kesuksesan as the ideal pop singer in 2019. I harapan you always perform the finest in the lanjut show.Love,Cindy.

21. “I mengharapkan you selalu perform the best in the next show.” words “perform” have the right to be replace instead instead with… .a. Playb. Singc. Readd. Dance

22. Why is the message written?a. Come congratulate the winner.b. To announce singing competition.c. To educate the singing competition.d. To thank the winner

Teks Soal Greeting card 13

Dear Serbina,CONGRATULATIONS On lulus your Music exam!With Love,Mom and also Dad

23. Maafkan saya is the text tertulis for?a. To define a music show.b. To encourage an event.c. Come congratulate someone.d. To inform about an exam.

Teks Soal Greeting map 14 Selamat aku Ibu

Happy mom DayYour laugh brightens every day hanya as the morning rays shines top top the hills and also it’s v doubt the this gives us the courage to face the brand-new day v joy.

24. To who the map is sent?a. Motherb. Fatherc. Grandmotherd. Grandfather

25. . “… through doubt the this offers us ….” the word “doubt” has actually similar an interpretation to …..a. Beliefb. Uncertaintyc. Selfishd. Wealthy

Teks Soal Greeting card 15 Selamat ulang Tahun

Dear Adinda,Wish girlfriend many senang returns of the day.May God bless you with health, wealth, and also prosperity in your life.HAPPY BIRTHDAYLove,Meita

26. Maafkan saya is the purpose of this text?a. To give warm wishes on someone’s birthday.b. Come congratulate someone on she success.c. Come announce someone’s birthday.d. To entertain the readers.

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27. Words “prosperity” has actually same meaning with… .a. Povertyb. Successc. Faild. Defeat

Teks Soal Greeting map 16 Ucapan semoga Lekas Sembuh

Dear Santi,Since us really care around you…All that us… send happy thoughtAnd optimistic wishes…That you will do it feel better soon

28. The map is sent out to… .a. Wish Santi a restore from her sicknessb. Congratulate Santi ~ above her feeling betterc. Greet Santi top top her happy thoughtsd. Send Santi some thoughtful gifts

Teks Soal Greeting map 17 Selamat Menempati Rumah Baru

A Blessing top top your new HOME,A blessing on your new hearth,A blessing upon Your new dwelling,Open your newly kindled fire

29. Apa is the text tertulis for?a. To educate opening new shop.b. To explain of a new house.c. To advertising on a brand-new restaurant.d. To congratulations to someone moving to a new house.

30. “a blessing top top your brand-new dwelling.” words “dwelling” has actually similar meaning with… .a. Familyb. Housec. Streetd. Room

Begitulah contoh soal greeting map multiple choice penuh dengan jawabannya ini. Mencapai berlatih soal soal semacam ini kita become terbiasa dengan berbagai frase sebagai what is the score of the greeting map above, what melakukan meita perform for anindya’s birthday, why does bagus give this card to susi because. Atau potongan pertanyaaan apa biasanya muncul dalam soal opsi ganda kemudian he desires to congratulate ruth, jack and jill room not married, mendongkrak and jill will certainly sail a new life, might your melakukan unlock countless doors come success, atau maafkan saya has annie done?

Ada crowd lagi tentu saja soal expression of invitation kelas 8 ini. Pemfitnahan contoh greeting map ini biasanya also digabung dengan soal sekitar invitation card apa memang menjadi inti materi bahasa Inggris di SMP dan MTs. Happy learning English