Mika is a fresh high institution student that starts text massage a mysterious boy. She is shocked as soon as he reveals that he is - Hiro, a delinquent attending her school. Apa she doesn"t know is the Hiro isn"t as negative as the seems.

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wonderful, emotional tearjerker!

This film is just one of the amazingly poignant Japanese drama films. In truth, I just started watching the film because of the sebenarnya of Haruma Miura bermain the lead masculine character.. Fine I'm definitely glad i did watch it!The basic story line karakter itu is fairly a straightforward one, two young lovers fighting through plenty of hardships to remain together. Of course, there space twists and an ext complications within the cerita :)Everything in ~ the movie is really well directed and tastefully done, the actors/actresses despite dari mereka young eras (Yui - 19, Haruma - 17 at movie release) plot amazingly well and you really feel for Hiro and also Mika through out the film.I would recommend this movie to anyone ns know, although, because of the fakta it is a tearjerker.. Make sure your not already really upset end something or i doubt you'll prevent crying... It aku mengambilnya me a lengthy time!

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Nice cast, quite idea, damaging story

"Koizora" is lainnya one of itu Junai movie that verified a lot of promise, however flopped miserably.The very first 20 minutes of this film was a terrific love story. Aragaki Yui was really cute together Mika, and also although the masculine lead's character to be a little too outgoing because that a Japanese high institution student, I delighted in watching it, and wanted to have actually a sweet relationship favor that one day. Yet then, cheesefest began after the Mika got raped outdoors. The story and character perkembangan after that point was an ext like a soap drama than Junai film, filled with cheesy lines and also inconsistent character behaviors. It was corny, but I loved the totality "Koizora" and also "I'll watch over you" idea of this movie and the way it ended, but the mid-section of the film was just so poorly executed the it was impossible for me come cry watching a movie like this.There was juga too countless plot-holes in this film, kemudian as Aragaki Yui in her usual innocent role, yet she goes around having sex everywhere. Maafkan saya kind that person ambil out a dying man at night then have sex through him outdoors and also gets knocked up twice? and also this character happens to be play by the idol of ultimate innocence, Aragaki Yui, who didn't also kiss in 2 kiss scene in this movie (using camera angle manipulation). And is that even kelayakan for someone di bawah cancer therapy to reproduce? I juga don't see exactly how Miki bisa so easily forgive a woman who ordered her rape and also killed her baby. There were too numerous inconsistencies and questionable character behaviors that I uncover it difficult to believe this cerita is really based on a real story.It's a yes, really poorly do chick flick, yet I must admit it was really visually pleasing. Scenery in this movie was beautiful, and also it to be perfect for an Aragaki Yui fan prefer me dari she to be on screen nearly the whole time, cute as ever. The masculine lead Miura Haruma was abnormally good-looking in this film, in fact, he looked completely like one anime character. I'm not gay, but he to be damn hot. He absolutely didn't look favor that in "14sai no Haha". Return the blond rambut seemed really the end of place, the assembly artist because that this movie did an excellent job. Overall, horrible cerita and direction, however a treat because that fanboys and also girls.

Not a reasonable konfigurasi for love

The movie is based on the novel by the same title that to be uploaded on to a mobile site called Mahou No Airando (魔法のiらんど). It's supposed to be based on a genuine life event, however due to the improbable method pregnancy and cancer is depicted, that is authenticity is di bawah suspicion.Mika (Yui Aragaki) is a high institution student. She loser her mobile one day, but a boy named Nozomu (Aoi Nakamura) finds it and also leaves that on the shelf in the library. Indigenous this incident she gets to accomplish Hiro (Haruma Miura). They fall in love however Mika i do not care pregnant. She has miscarriage as result of being driven by Hiro's ex-girlfriend Saki (Asami Usuda). Hiro then suggests that they break up. They rest up, yet later Mika finds the end that this was because Hiro had terminal cancer.When i watch this movie, the cerita did seem sort of artificial. It has rather stereotype typical cerita about teenager pregnancy, and that being related to thank you very much love. More simplistic merencanakan follows of dinamis away early to illness equated to sincere love. There's kidnapping, and rape, which reflects the underlying violence of culture as well. The all at once depiction is that love is easy, or loving someone is easy. Results are not tertulis realistically. The effect this has on youth who are impressionable might have very negative consequences. Hiro displayed in this movie was hanya a violent and thoughtless idiot. That's depicted as the suitable behavior because that the putih knight. His expression the love to be of violence to display loyalty, and sex to display affection. The end an outcome can't be good.So even for a straightforward juvenile love romance, this cerita is rather a negative one. The movie had actually imbecility the was an overwhelming to watch at times. I particularly hated the character of Hiro, and how he marketed his love and also heroism on screen.