Downloaded Spotify songs or playlists space formatted as DRM-protected OGG Vorbis format. The is to say, customers cannot enjoy Spotify lagu-lagu without installation Spotify or on other devices like your car music player. Hence, search a method to convert Spotify music to mp3 will certainly be beneficial for not just Spotify Premium but juga Spotify Free. In this post, us will present the expert Spotify come MP3 converter come convert Spotify songs/playlists to mp3.

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You can free download the Spotify to mp3 converter and begin her conversion!

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Part 1. Brief introduction of finest Spotify come MP3 Converter

In the market, we found a Spotify come MP3 converter i beg your pardon is highly praised by its customers -- Spotify Music Converter. The is designed because that not just Spotify Premium but juga Spotify totally free users to convert the Spotify songs, tracks, albums, playlists, and also even the whole music library to part playable file formats, prefer MP3, M4A, WAV, and also FLAC.

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There are lots of highlight features that this converter:

#1. Support removing advertisements native Spotify Free.

#2. Easily download songs/playlists/albums native Spotify (up to 320kbps).

#3. Convert Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, MAV, FLAC.

#4. Save ID 3 sign (artist name, track title, album, tahun of release, genre of the audio file) for better management.

#5. 5X default faster conversion speed and also support batch conversion.

#6. Customize the bit rate, sample rate, etc.

#7. Lifetime customer services and also real-time technical updates.

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Part 2. How to transform Spotify to MP3 efficiently on home windows & Mac

After acquiring the whole picture of Spotify Music Converter, now you can follow the steps below to download Spotify lagu and conserve them as MP3 files.

Step 1. Download and Launch Spotify come MP3 Converter

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Step 2. Login Spotify web Player and also Analyze Playlist

In the terintegrasi Spotify internet player, login your Spotify account and also open the playlist or album you need to convert. The minute you open it, Spotify Music Converter will automatically analyze the playlist for you. Then you hanya need to choose the Spotify lagu you desire to transform from the well-analyzed list.


Step 3. Pick MP3 as Spotify output Format

When all Spotify lagu are added, currently please move on to the output setups step, by click to walk to "Preference" settings.

#1 walk to the "Advanced" tab.You can customize the document format, bitrate, sample rate and other output settings. And also as because that the record format, offers 4 popular file formats, MP3, M4A, WAV(Windows), and also FLAC. Di sini we recommend picking MP3 as the calculation format.


#2 go to "General" (Optional), friend can readjust the default calculation folder. If friend don't make any kind of changes, kemudian it will save all the convert Spotify music in the default file folder.


Step 4. Start to convert Spotify lagu-lagu to MP3

Now, girlfriend can hanya click ~ above the "Convert All" or "Convert X Items" button and also the program will mulailah converting the Spotify playlist or lagu to MP3. During the conversion, please do not bermain songs top top Spotify otherwise the conversion will be disrupted. As soon as the entirety conversion is finished, you have the right to enjoy Spotify Music on any kind of device.


Video Tutorial: exactly how to transform Spotify lagu to MP3 Easily

Part 3.How to document Spotify come MP3

FonePaw Audio Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, and also Linux. By adopting advanced recording and also editing technology, FonePaw is a professional audio record software. Over there is no doubt the you deserve to use FonePaw to record Spotify come MP3 easily.

STEP 1. totally free download FonePaw Audio Recorder and install the on your computer.

STEP 2. launch the program and simply pick Audio Recorder.


STEP 3. when you space ready, click the REC switch to mulai recording.

The pop-up prompt home window shows the you can juga use hotkeys come control. Click Preferences, friend can set and change keyboard shortcuts come the ones you like.

STEP 4. during the recording, girlfriend can regulate the audio selang in real-time. To finish the recording, click the rectangle icon.

Then hanya preview, trim (if you need), and also save the audio record to her computer.


1. If You need the recording to end instantly at a details time, click the clock icon, and enter the expected duration that the recording. When the time is up, the recording process will stop and also the program will save the record automatically.

2. You deserve to decide on maafkan saya format the audio document should be saved by walking to more Settings > output > Audio Format.

3. If girlfriend accidentally stop the recording, you have the right to relaunch the programme to conserve the canceled project.


Part 4. Faqs - Answers about Downloading Spotify Songs

After reading the two parts above, girlfriend can gain how to convert Spotify playlist/songs come MP3 jelas by Spotify Music Converter. In this part, we dikumpulkan some commonly asked questions around converting Spotify come MP3 and also questions about melihat Spotify.

#1. Carry out you need to purchase Spotify Premium come download Spotify songs?

Spotify free users may want to update to Spotify Premium because that no ads and much more songs. Execute you really need it? our answer is No. As result of the DRM-protected OGG Vorbis format, girlfriend cannot hear on other devices at will. It's better to use a third-party tool like Spotify Music Converter come download Spotify songs to MP3 because that listening on any kind of device.

#2. Why carry out you hear to Spotify music at short audio quality?

Spotify has four different audio qualities obtainable on mobile including low, normal, high, and really high and the desktop excludes the "low quality streaming" option. There's tambahan a default music quality collection to "Automatic", which method music might be offered up at reduced bitrates as soon as bandwidth is low. If you room Spotify Premium users, girlfriend will can enjoy a really high-quality sound; if not, only low or kesatuan audio high quality is offline to you.

#3. Have the right to you placed music from Spotify top top a speed drive?

You cannot straight put music native Spotify top top a speed drive and also play kembali it because of the DRM.

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#4. How do friend download Spotify songs to MP3 to her phone?

There space no applications come download Spotify music/playlist ~ above Android or iPhone uneven you space a Premium user. However you deserve to download Spotify music on your computer an initial by penampilan the an approach in component 2. Then transfer them via Airdrop or a USB.

Up it rotates now, girlfriend have acquired your best Spotify to MP3 Converter to convert Spotify come MP3 in ~ ease. Now, it is your turn to convert Spotify Music come MP3. Hope you can enjoy her Spotify bermain on whatever device at any time anywhere. Enjoy!