Avatar: what M. Night Shyalaman's terakhir Airbender Sequel Would have actually Been sebelum The terakhir Airbender movie released and also flopped, M. Night Shyamalan was planning a sequel movie that would"ve been darker and much more lore-heavy.

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M Night Shyalaman The last airbender sequel
The terakhir Airbender movie obtained universal backlash, which supposed M. Night Shyamalan"s plans a sequel - i m sorry would"ve dove depths into Avatar: The terakhir Airbender"s lore - at some point didn"t concerned fruition. Though it eventually proved a failure, there was a time once a live-action adaptation that Avatar helmed by acclaimed The Sixth sense director truly excited fans and also appeared to portend a brand-new entry right into the upper echelons that media franchise kesuksesan stories, right next to the likes of Harry Potter and Star Wars. But, together audiences know, a different fate befell the trilogy-that-never-was, and also although it ambil nothing away from the brilliance that the show, it forever rendered Avatar forays right into live kerja fraught v danger.

In 2010, rencana for an Avatar: The terakhir Airbender movie trilogy dulu well underway: Shyamalan, having fallen in love through the show kapan watching it with his children, began mobilizing an initiative to bring each that the three periods to the large screen. Apa happened lanjut was, in short, a disaster. The miserable very first installment eliminated its siblings in the cradle, may be taking its director"s career and credibility with it - because that a time.

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Avatar fans" desires to watch the penuh extent of the vivid four countries realized in live-action, if any kind of remained after ~ the 2010 film, were doused favor water tossed top top a fire. The Netflix acquisition and remake briefly rekindled hope, only to come crashing dibawah when authors Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino left the brand-new live-action Avatar project due to an innovative differences, reanimating fears that the ahead live-action adaptation. Still, before all this, Shyamalan"s rencana for a Last Airbender sequel (and trilogy) were quite intriguing.

The name of the franchise game in the early on 2010s was "darker". The tail end of the Harry Potter series had ventured much from its early childish whimsy and also veered right into gritty, gut-wrenching despondence. Christopher Nolan"s edgy Dark Knight trilogy was recontextualizing franchise properties through the lens the high-art, and the fledgling DCEU lugged Superman bagian belakang to theater in mute colors with Man the Steel. It would stand to reason Shyamalan, who works seldom enjoy camp or brightness also in small doses, would have steered his trilogy straight into this trend, opting because that a dark-and-edgy movie sequel. Indeed, Shyamalan self was quoted describing a potential sequel speak “In the second part, i m sorry is mine favourite, it it s okay darker, points go wrong and also Aang bekerja untuk a lot of of poor choices. I love that together a second act that the story” (via M. Night Fans).

Shyamalan isn"t off-base in his assessment. Avatar: The terakhir Airbender season 2 attributes some that the paling harrowing challenges that challenge Team Avatar: the opened episode"s premise has actually Aang on purpose relive trauma in one unhealthy initiative to unlock the Avatar state. Milik mereka journey through the planet Kingdom attributes unpolished portraits the refugees of war, corrupt politik conspiracies, and also sociopathic brainwashing. 2 of the show"s paling heralded episodes "Tales the Ba song Se" (season 2, episode 15) and "Appa"s lost Days" (season 2, episode 16) earn the season high marks because that inducing viewers" tears. Such painful, at times downright brutal subject matter, linked with one industry kecenderungan to bolster such, could"ve made for a important dark movie sequel.

lagi compounding top top the darkness of The terakhir Airbender 2 would be the central villain, introduced in live-action membentuk at the very end of the 2010 film. Cruel and also calculated, Azula etched herself right into the minds of Avatar fans v her dogged and also inhuman search of Team Avatar start in season 2. Shyamalan explained his script for the second movie, informing MTV News: "I"ve tertulis a draft that I"m really senang with and also is darker and also richer, and it has actually a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who"s sort of like our just real, pure antagonist in the series, therefore I"m excited about that."

But for all her brilliance together a character, she fixed can claim sole ownership of villainy in season 2. Jet serves as an interesting way ambiguous ally, kemudian antagonist, then ally again because that Team Avatar. Zuko and also Iroh enjoy a deep and rich arc of dari mereka own. But most interesting, perhaps, together an additional kekuatan of angry to oppose Aang and also his friends is the Dai Li and milik mereka calmly nefarious mastermind long Feng. Need to The terakhir Airbender 2 have taken a darker tone, prevalent governmental corruption would"ve provided an interesting avenue come execute kemudian a vision, and Long Feng would"ve been the poster child for this plot.

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With every these threads, antagonists, and cerita arcs, it becomes clear the the job of whittling down 20 episodes right into two hours presents an arduous challenge, one too good for any director to sensibly overcome. A point of criticism generally levied at The terakhir Airbender was that it failed to employ any of the depth, richness, and world-building the the resource material, instead stopping to situate audiences in a familiar scene native the series, read expositional dialogue , then move top top the lanjut forgettable scene. Season 2 arguably package more isi into that runtime 보다 its predecessor, definition that probably a choice of fewer merencanakan threads and also characters done well would"ve had a greater chance at success than much more done poorly. If it were made, audeinces would"ve viewed whether Shyamalan learned the lesson native the very first film.

Though cut from The terakhir Airbender, the Kyoshi warriors would have made a triumphant arrival in The terakhir Airbender 2. Shyamalan was quoted together having cut them out of the first film (and the end of The terakhir Airbender DVD extras) explicitly due to the fact that he was saving them because that the sequel, and also he didn"t want to need to reintroduce them. That stands to reason they would"ve factored greatly into his sequel plans, moving anda season 1 advent into the 2nd movie, while keeping much of their season 2 attributes in tact.

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The Kyoshi Warriors play no small part in the arc that Avatar: The terakhir Airbender season 2. Team Avatar bekerja untuk a return visit to their eponymous island, they track and tolong save a lost Appa, and also ultimately they carry out surreptitious entry because that Azula and also her compatriots by virtue of dari mereka capture. Fans hoping to check out the Kyoshi Warriors" distinctive look brought come life in the an initial film would surely have actually had their hopes realized in a sequel. In fact, leader Suki"s connection with Sokka bisa have remedied several of the latter"s flaws in his The terakhir Airbender version, possibly including the comedy and heart so missing from the live-action rendering.