Ace South korean writer Noh Hee Kyung’s upcoming drama ‘Our Blues’ has confirmed its star-studded cast and it’s every K-Drama lover’s dream!The equipments of the collection on Thursday roped in real life pair Shin Min Ah and also Kim Woo Bin together actor Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun, Cha Seung dimenangkannya and Uhm Jung Hwa for the crucial roles.

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Touted to be omnibus-styled drama, the cerita of ‘Our Blues’ will emphasis on the bitter-sweet kehidupan of berbeda characters life in Jeju Island, south Korea.While Lee Byung Hun will certainly be seen as Lee Dong Suk, a countryside boy who lives off offering trucks, Shin Min Ah will certainly be combine opposite him as Min sun Ah, a woman v a secret who arrives at Jeju and also meets Lee Dong Suk.
In the various other narrative of the story, Han Ji Min will karangan the role of a rookie woman diver that harvests sea life. Penuh of energy and life, she will certainly be surrounding by berbeda rumours. However things change when a warm-hearted delivery captain Park Jun Joon played by Kim Woo Bin crosses courses with Lee Young Ok and falls in love.
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On the various other hand, Cha Seung Won’s personality Choi Han Soo will return to his hometown Jeju after living in the city. Lee Jung Eun as a fish shop owner called Jung Eun Hee, will be seen gaining a second chance at love after ~ 30 years as soon as reunited through her an initial love Choi Han Soo. Uhm Jung Hwa as Go Mi Ran, will be viewed as Jung Eun Hee’s close friend that moves bagian belakang to the pulau after getting worn down of the city life.
Penned by Noh Hee Kyung that ‘It’s Okay,That’s Love’ and many more hit dramas, ‘Our Blues’ is helmed by director Kim Kyu Tae who has actually ‘Scarlet Hearts’ under his credit. The K-Drama is slated to premiere in 2022.

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