AKA: great Hero indigenous ChinaDirector: Lee ChiuCast: Chin Kar Lok, Lam Ching Ying, Jacqueline Ng, Suen Kwok Ming, Kwan Hoi San, Chan Siu PangRunning Time: 93 min.

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By Paul BramhallThe surname of Chin Kar Lok must be one that demands no development to anyone that considers us a pan of Hong Kong kerja cinema. The current ketua of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association and also respected action director, kembali in the kuning era the HK kerja cinema that was the 1980’s, Kar Lok to be one the paling fearless stuntmen functioning in the industry. Together a member that Sammo Hung’s Stuntman Association, possibilities are if you menjadi watching a Jackie or Sammo movie and saw a thug walk crashing out of a third floor window / gain mowed down by a speeding car / take a ache looking loss on the receiving end of a absent or punch, it would certainly be Kar Lok.

As well as the stunt work, his physical dexterity saw him doubling for moves that also someone prefer Jackie Chan couldn’t traction off. In Dragons Forever, both the head over heels kick performed ~ above the measures of the boat, and the finishing 360 helicopter kick to Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez room performed by Kar Lok, a sebenarnya that once recognized becomes blatantly obvious upon watching. So understandably, through the start of the 90’s, while Kar Lok’s older brother Chin Siu Ho was currently an ditemukan leading guy in the kungfu movie world, the decision to be made to juga thrust the younger Chin sibling into starring status.

Kar Lok’s most well psychic leading role remains as the hero in Operation Scorpio, were he famously took on oriental super kicker dimenangkannya Jin melihat the unorthodox technique of eel kung fu. Outside of Operation Scorpio though, he must tambahan be the only actor to have played three legendary characters in the space of 4 brief years – in 1991 he assumed the mantle the Wisely in Bury Me High, kemudian a year later he stepped right into the pair of shoes of Wong Fei gantung in Martial Arts understand Wong Fei Hung, sebelum donning the mask that Kato in 1994’s The eco-friendly Hornet. Out of the 3 productions, I always found his untuk mengambil on Wong Fei digantung to it is in the paling curious.

Released the same tahun as Once upon a Time in China II, whoever make the decision to go up versus Jet Li’s take on the historical figure paling likely tidak pernah worked again. That’s not to say the Martial Arts grasp Wong Fei Hung doesn’t come v its very own pedigree the talent. Once upon a Time in China II may have had Donnie Yen as the villain (all be it before Donnie Yen ended up being ‘Donnie Yen!’), however Kar Lok had a adversary in the membentuk of kungfu cinema legend Lam Ching Ying. Made hanya a pair of years sebelum his untimely death, Ching Ying was famed for wanting to acquire away indigenous the Mr. Vampire styled Taoist priest duties that he’d discovered himself typecast in, since taking the lead in the 1985 seminal classic.

Here that plays a wandering Japanese samurai, who’s only wish is to take on the paling famous Chinese martial artists in order to prove that he’s the best. Certainly in many ways his character is storage of Frankie Chan’s duty in The Prodigal Son, however his musings feel directly out the a Chor Yuen directed menunjukkan Brothers wuxia, as he dwells on just how it’s lonely at the top, and that whoever ultimately beats him will certainly be destined to the very same loneliness. Deep stuff, however beyond his native he’s really much a 2-dimensional antagonist, one who arrives ~ above the scene via landing on height of a flying coffin and also announcing that he desires to tantangan Fei Hung’s father. If nothing else, it’s definitely an arrival that serves as a reminder the we’re watching an early 90’s new wave movie.

The pairing the Kar Lok and also Ching Ying have to have operated well together, together it would be Ching Ying who’d step right into the director’s chair because that The environment-friendly Hornet, offering the lead duty to Kar Lok. Past having two of the most physically gifted martial artist in the same movie though, much of Martial Arts grasp Wong Fei Hung falls flat. It would certainly be easy to blame that on the patchy storyline, one that fails to really build any far-reaching threat or serious villain come propel the forward. Over there are times when you can practically imagine manager Lee Chiu, the male behind seperti old school efforts as Crippled kungfu Boxer and also Kung Fu from past the Grave, make the efforts to karakter out which method to take the plot.

A perfect example is the fact that Ching Ying actually transforms out to be an honourable opponent, yet when he very first bursts top top the display he end up driving a spear through one of Fei Hung’s classmates chest, sending out him come his death. That a step which screams your usual Japanese villain, yet it turns out the the membunuh is literally just there together a konspirasi device, so the Fei menggantung has one excuse come fight that in the finale. Regardless of these strained moments, Kar Lok’s budding relationship with Ching Ying’s sister, play by ngai Suet Man, is charming enough, and also pre-dates the very same Chinese-Japanese romantic partnership theme that would be used in Fist the Legend by a couple of years.

As ns mentioned, it would be simple to blame the movie falling short of being a complete kesuksesan on the ropey storytelling, however that’s really only fifty percent the story. The other half is Kar Lok himself. Indigenous the mid-90’s his absence of leading roles becomes glaringly conspicuous, together he fell kembali into supporting bagian and TV work, and also the reason why becomes immediately noticeable whenever watching among his movies. He has actually amazing physical talents, but apa he doesn’t have is any type of real charisma or display screen presence. The kebenaran is that, whenever he is onscreen for more than a couple of minutes v no kerja to perform, things gain boring and dull an extremely fast. The same spark the he has actually whenever his fist or kaki are referred to as into action, just wasn’t there when it concerned acting, i m sorry is crucial if you desire to lug a entirety movie on her shoulders.

Martial Arts grasp Wong Fei Hung suffers native this issue like his various other movies do, and also it’s possibly telling the for some scenes he disappears all together, instead having actually the focus turned to inconsequential supporting characters, ones that at least have some energy and character come them. The being claimed though, the moment Kar Lok does spring right into action, her eyes are immediately glued to the screen. The hit choreography here was excellent by Lau Kar Leung secara teratur Hsaio Hou, and also Deadful Melody director ngi Min Kan. Expectedly, the pairing results in a perfect mix of old college meets brand-new wave action. Yes occasional use of wirework, both for jumps and power hits, sending the recipients flying right into breakable walls and tables with a satisfying kadarnya of impact. But there’s also plenty of grounded action, featuring some great kicking and hand come hand exchanges, many thanks not just to Kar Lok, but juga the likes that co-stars Suen Kwok ming and Kong Miu Deng.

While Kar Lok gets to let loose on several occasions during the runtime, ns was left v the impression the Ching Ying was rather underused. He melakukan get a few fight scenes, however his function as a samurai has every one of his fights gift performed katana in hand, for this reason we tidak pernah get to see any type of of that blistering wing Chun handwork the was experienced in the likes of The Prodigal Son. His fights also rely on wirework much more than others, and also I to be unable to decide if the reason why his character is memakai a vast straw hat is due to the fact that he was being double in part shots. That being said, if you can put aside your memory the knowing maafkan saya Ching Ying is qualified of, his personality is tho an entertaining one, and also fans of brand-new wave action will definitely have small to complain about.

The promise of a Chin Kar Lok matches Lam Ching Ying match-up in a periode kung-fu movie is of course the reason paling fans will be exploring Martial Arts master Wong Fei Hung, and the claimed match-up is without doubt delivered. That pits an umbrella wielding Kar Lok versus Ching Ying equipped with a katana, in the boundaries of a relatively cramped barn (most likely inspired by the Jet Li versus Yen Shi Kwan hit in Once top top a Time in China, only minus the ladders), and also again the choreography goes because that a mix that both grounded exchanges and high flying clashes. Surprisingly, the paling effective component of the hit is the music. We learn previously on the Ching Ying trains come the valuation of his sisters flute playing, and also in the finale, together she’s left to clock on as her potential suitor and brother battle each other, she begins to bermain a melancholy tune. The strongness of the choreography, set to the sombre flute playing, elevated the step to bring a certain kadarnya of feeling and also emotion, despite it being admittedly undeserved.

All points considered, Martial Arts grasp Wong Fei digantung is a challenging movie to rate. It has actually plenty of kung fu action, and also it’s the a high quality, but it may not it is in the kind of kung fu merencanakan audiences are expecting, and also in a means that kind of summarises the whole movie. It delivers on what you’re expecting, paling likely it hanya doesn’t deliver how you menjadi expecting it. For itu willing come look past Chin Kar Lok’s flat performance, and also an occasionally nonsensical plot, then it could well be worth a look, yet one point it certainly isn’t, is Once top top a Time in China II.

Paul Bramhall’s Rating: 5.5/10

Notes: (i) It’s most likely a fair warning to mention that for itu who don’t enjoy animal cruelty, the last fight in the barn ikut a couple of pigeons being captured in the crossfire the Lam Ching Ying’s blade, although the nothing top top the range of the chickens in the finale of Outlaw Brothers.

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(ii) i watched the Dragon DVD version of the movie, a sub-label of the now defunct UK based Soulblade distributors, and also on the DVD sheathe it says ‘A movie BY JANG LEE HWANG’. Together in Hwang Jang Lee – so hanya to check – everyone’s favorite korean boot master had nothing to execute with Martial Arts master Wong Fei Hung.