You could remember the odd-even regulations for private vehicles ~ above several roads in sebelum the pandemic. This regulation was originally initiated to mitigate traffic jam in’s road network through only enabling vehicles through the terakhir digits of weird or even auto registration numbers to happen on strange or also dates.

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Now, as champa enters the community kerja restrictions (PPKM) tingkat 1, the odd-even regulations have actually returned through some adjustment follow to the level of activity restrictions in At tingkat 3, the federal government has loosened some constraints with the opening of malls, schools, and offices, albeit with limited capacity. Thus, v the return of publik mobility, over there is a need to anticipate web traffic jams, and also so the odd-even regulation in champa at PPKM tingkat 1 has been reinstated.

Odd also Regulation

The odd-even provisions that apply during PPKM kadarnya 1 in champa are based on the one Letter the the Head of Transportation company No. 447/2021. This regulation is efficient from October 25, 2021. This odd-even rule applies from 06.00 to 10.00 neighborhood time (GMT+7) and 16.00 - 20.00 (GMT +7).

The roadways that will use the odd-even device are:

Jalan M.H ThamrinJalan gen SudirmanJalan SisingamangarajaJalan Panglima PolimJalan Fatmawati mulai dari simpang Jalan Ketimun 1 sampai dengan simpang Jalan TB SimatupangJalan Tomang RayaJalan letit gen S. Parman awal dari simpang Jalan Tomang Raya sampai dengan beraliran Gatot SubrotoJalan Gatot SubrotoJalan M.T HaryonoJalan H.R Rasuna SaidJalan D.I PanjaitanJenderal A. Yani mulailah dari wasit Jalan Bekasi Timur Raya sampai dengan simpang Jalan Perintis KemerdekaanJalan Gunung Sahari

In addition, there room 3 paths at traveler sites that room odd-even, itu are:

1. Utara and west entrances that Ragunan Wildlife Park

2. Enntrance gate to TMII

3. The eastern and barat entrances the ANCOL Dream Park

The implementation of odd-even top top the road segment, of course, has exceptions for details vehicles, itu are:

Vehicles for diberkatilah anda workers handling Covid-19

Covid-19 patience mobilization vehicles and vaccines

Oxygen cylinder carrier

Traffic accident rescue vehicle

Logistics transfer freight vehicle

Disabled masyarakat carrier



Public Transportation

Electric motor driven


Special barang-barang transportation for petrol and also gas

Leaders that Indonesia high institutions:

President/Vice President

Chairman of the MPR/DPR/DPD

Head the MA/MK/KY/BPK

Operational organization vehicles with resmi plates, TNI, and also POLRI

14. Car of leaders and officials of foreign countries and international establishments who space state guests15.

15. Vehicles through supervision native the Indonesian nationwide Police (Vehicles for moving money and filling ATMs).

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Stay alarm and bawa pulang Care of you yourself Wherever girlfriend Are

Even though masyarakat activities have actually started to operation again, make certain you remain at home and minimize mobility if it"s no important and also urgent. Remember, the pandemic is not over yet. Get vaccinated of Covid-19 with available vaccines. If girlfriend haven"t been vaccinated, itu terdaftar yourself for inoculations via the JAKI applications which you deserve to download on the Google permainan Store or Apple app Store. Later you can juga check the diganjar vaccination statusnya at JAKI because that you to show when entering public spaces in

To save yourself safe, don"t forget to wear a mask, store your distance, stay away indigenous crowds, to wash your hands diligently, stop eating and also drinking together, if girlfriend do tasks outside the house.