Meet the Beautiful Daughter the In Gyo-jin & therefore Yi-hyun!

Following in her parents footsteps, it seems that Ha-eun, In Gyo-jin and also So Yi-hyun’s eldest daughter, has the potential to it is in the next TV star! The family joined KBS 2TV’s The Return of Superman in April, 2016, and also has a the majority of love native the audience, especially that cutie, Ha-eun.

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Would you prefer to learn much more about dari mereka appearance? Dig right into the article below!

In Gyo-jin and also So Yi-hyun’s Married Life


In 2012, TVReport revealed the actress so Yi-hyun, famed for appearing in dramas seperti as Cheongdamdong Alice, Who are you, and Three Days, had recently started date her longtime friend, gibbs In Gyo-jin, formerly seen in dramas seperti as I need Romance 2012 and Queen Seondeok.

According come the report, the pair had known each for about 10 years, having first met as soon as they worked dibawah the exact same agency. The report juga claims that they became friends an extremely quickly since they had so numerous things in common.

In an interesting twist, the pair actually showed up in 2 dramas together. They showed up on the SBS everyday drama Aeja’s older Sister Minja in 2008, and kemudian again in 2012 on the JTBC drama Happy Ending. They were playing a pair on both occasions.

The report also stated that the couple only witnessed each other occasionally, early out to dari mereka busy schedules, however that lock made certain to store in call with each other every day. According to close associates that the couple, In Kyo Jin is supposedly an extremely caring and also the couple is the envy the everyone roughly them.

Not long after their dating berita broke, they juga announced the they menjadi getting married. Therefore Yi-hyun denied that the sudden announcement of the marriage was a an outcome of the need for a shot-gun wedding. She described that she was no pregnant and that back she hadn’t been dating In Gyo-jin in an extremely long, they’ve known each other sejak she was aus dan sobek a institution uniform. She called the MBC entertainment news show, Section TV, “He tangan kedua to come choose me up in a vehicle in front of the school. We saw the exact same cram school.”

On the exact same show, In Gyo-jin added, “I confessed, ‘When us reach a legit age, and you and also I come to believe in each other, get married me.”

In Gyo-jin revealed that he officially proposed come So Yi Hyun in ~ a meat restaurant, “She didn’t panggilan me for 3 days, however after that, she sent out a message saying, ‘Let’s meet.’ i think her confidence in me had actually grown.”

So Yi-hyun explained her ideal proposal as one the was quiet; every she want was flowers and a letter. “But In Kyo Jin proposed come me at a meat restaurant through soju.”. Still, she offered his saran 100 points out of a 100.


The wedding telah mengambil place in ~ Raum, a wedding hall situated in Yeoksam-dong, southerly Seoul, top top October 4, 2014.

At the tekan ke bawah conference for milik mereka wedding, for this reason Yi-hyun revealed her thoughts:

“I’ve well-known him because that 14 years, so he’s an ext like my brothers now. I see him much more as my family members than my lover,” she said.

After the ceremony, they flew come Bali, Indonesia, for anda honeymoon.

The couple tambahan released anda pre-wedding photos sebelum the marriage.


Their Beautiful Children


So Yi Hyun and also In Gyo Jin were married in October, 2014, and had anda first child, daughter In Ha-eun, in December, 2015. They join KBS 2TV’s The Return of Superman in April of the following year and reported the berita of so Yi Hyun’s 2nd pregnancy by the finish of the very same year.

As shown by company Key eastern Entertainment, for this reason Yi Hyun provided birth to a infant girl ~ above October 2nd, 2017. Earlier on, therefore Yi Hyun common some stunning photos of her happy family during the last month of her pregnancy. The actress wrote: “Gyo Jin. Ha Eun. Haeng Un. Yi Hyun. V a thankful heart. It is our jenuh (family). Check out you soon, Haeng Un-ie.”


Haeun’s Appearances in ‘Return of Superman’


In April, 2016, In Ha-eun and the family made their debut in KBS 2TV’s The Return the Superman. Ha-eun got so much love from the audience, specifically for she angelic smile and her adorable partnership with she father. In Gyo-jin became a fixed cast member along v actors oh Ji-ho and Yang Dong-geun and dari mereka daughters.

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In one of the episodes the aired in June, 2017, the father-daughter duo was acquisition a walk around the neighborhood. Later on in the episode, In Gyo-jin was offered the endure of pregnancy symptoms, in which the cried the end in the agency of his wife and daughter. Ha-eun, who acted nonchalant top top seeing she father’s cries, offered to calm him v her cute words.

On July 11th, 2017, that was confirmed that In Gyo-jin and his beloved daughter would be return to the show. A source native The Return the Superman stated, “In Gyo Jin and also Ha Eun will be recording their appearance tomorrow. Anda broadcast date hasn’t been chose yet. Over there is juga no decision yet on whether they will certainly be resolved members again.”


We can not wait to see dari mereka cuteness in the show! what do you think? space you among her fans, since we surely are!