As this large yet gentle feline has been farming in popular in Singapore, we’ve put together the tertinggi guide to owning a Maine Coon dicat in Singapore.

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Read on to learn an ext about owning this fur friend in Singapore bersama with advice from pets experts.

We’d like to say thanks to the adhering to veterinarians for milik mereka insightful contributions toward this topic:

*Disclaimer: The details in this post is not supposed to change the advice and expertise of vets. You have to consult a vet on your cat’s health condition for an accurate diagnosis.


Key Traits

WeightMale: 6 - 8kgFemale: 4 - 5.5kg
Life expectancy9 - 13 years
CoatLong and silkyComes in colours choose brown, black, silver and goldenCan have patterns on anda coat kemudian as calico, tabby and also tortoiseshell



Maine Coons are typically known as gentle giants that permainan and connect well through children. In fact, they’re kind pets that evaluate being about humans.


Interestingly, Maine Coon cats posting ulang a similarity v dogs seperti that castle enjoy bermain fetch with kecil balls and toys.


Maine Coons deserve to be reasonably quiet and reserved about unfamiliar people. However, once they become comfortable with you, they’ll display the ideal of milik mereka personality as a kind and loving feline friend.

Caring because that Maine Coon cat In Singapore

Adapting to The Hot and also Humid Weather


Due to dari mereka thick coat, Maine Coons are far better adapted to cooler climates. However, this doesn’t median that they room unable come live in a tropical climate choose that the Singapore.

According come Dr. Claudine Sievert (DVM), in order for these cat to it is adapted to our country’s hot and humid weather, certain tindakan pencegahan must be made. This includes providing access to

plenty of water and also ice cubescool/shaded locations in the house

Additionally, ketika your very first intuition may be to cut the special coat of your Maine Coon, Dr. Sievert warns versus this as dari mereka coat serves as a defense from the sunlight and also heat.

Proper and frequent grooming is adequate to store these cats happy and healthy.

Staying In A HDB Apartment

According to HDB’s guide on keeping pets at home, cats aren’t allowed in HDB apartments.

It’s typically complicated to ensure the they remain within the compounds of the house. If they’re allowed to roam the area, they could defecate and shed hair in public areas.



Exercise is vital to staying clear of Maine Coons from becoming overweight.

Additionally, according to Dr. Sievert, it help to stop conditions sebagai as

As Singapore is a tropical country with fairly high temperatures all tahun round, owner can take into consideration helping their hijau get anda daily sheep of exercise by bermain with them indoors.

Dr. Linda Simon (MRCVS) advises the owners that wish to bring their Maine Coons out for some exercise should only carry out so in the beforehand morning or so late evening once the weather is cooler. This avoids them from overheating.

Attention And mitologis Stimulation

This each other enjoys manusia interaction and dislikes gift alone.

In fact, Dr. Simon shares that connecting with them and providing secara mitologis stimulation is necessary in preventing our feline friend from

becoming bored and frustrated at house anddeveloping anxiety and kesehatan issues seperti as Feline reduced Urinary Tract disease (FLUTD).

Thus, owners need to look right into entertaining them through interactive toys and puzzles.

As Singapore is well-known for its workaholic culture, it’s crucial that Maine Coon owner dedicate sufficient time come caring for these creatures so that they remain healthy physically and mentally.

Diet that Maine Coon Cats


As Maine Coons are larger cats, they have slightly different nutritional needs.

Dr. Sievert shares that dari mereka food need to be

high in proteins,low in carbohydrates and also includesufficient calories, nutrients and vitamins to carry out them with sufficient energy and a stronger immunity against common diseases.

Additionally, Dr. Simon advises the a Maine Coon’s diet should incorporate ingredients sebagai as fat acids and glucosamine for milik mereka joints together this each other of cats space prone to joint diseases.

Grooming A Maine Coon Cat


Due to their long and thick coat, the hair of Maine Coons space prone come matting. Anda skin could juga get irritated if they’re not groomed frequently.

Thus, Dr. Simon advises owner to brush anda Maine Coons day-to-day to prevent milik mereka fur from coming to be entangled.

Possible diberkatilah anda Conditions


Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is an inherited heart disease in Maine Coon cats. This problem results in the thickening the the heart muscle, usually because of an overactive thyroid gland.

Common in: Middle-aged or older male cats

It’s been known to cause sudden fatality in young cats.

Common symptoms: heart murmurs

However, a an ext detailed physical screening is forced to diagnose your dicat for this condition.

To protect your Maine Coon, Dr. Stacy Choczynski (DVM) proposal genetic trial and error to determine if your dicat has a hereditary mutation that causes hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Feline hip Dysplasia

Feline i know well dysplasia is another inheritable condition common among Maine Coon cats that causes malformation the the hip’s ball-and-socket joints.

Common symptoms: Osteoarthritis, pain and also stiffness in the joints

In 2015, the Orthopedic basis for pets reported the ubiquity of feline i know well dysplasia in Maine Coon cat in the joined States. It’s found that virtually 25% of 2,700 Maine Coons learned showed indications of hip dysplasia in their radiographs.

Thus, this is a condition that Maine Coon owners must look out for.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a hereditary disorder that affects the reduced spinal cord and muscles that the Maine Coon’s hind limbs.

Common symptoms: unstable gait, abnormalities in milik mereka posture, inability to jump properly

However, the problem isn’t fatal and your hijau is unlikely to it is in in pain. Maine Coon cats v this problem can usually continue with milik mereka normal lives as at home cats in spite of being diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

Price of Owning A Maine Coon dicat In Singapore


It’s estimated that the annual nilai of owning a hijau is $1,900. This consists of the one-off costs and recurring costs that’ll be incurred.

One-off Costs

Sterilisation: $210Microchipping: $50 – $90

Recurring Costs

Food: $72 every monthGrooming: $50 – $100 per sessionDental scaling: $190 per consultationHealth checkup: $45 per consultationVaccinations: $40 – $50 every 1-3 years

You could want to take into factor to consider some additional costs encompass pet insurance and buying brand-new accessories favor toys, scratching posts and litters.

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The Kitty load includes• cat litter,• hijau food and• a 1-year vip membership for new members!*Redemption is minimal to 1 load per owner and also address.

Fun Facts about Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons room The official State hijau of Maine, USA

In 1985, the Maine Coon cat was officially recognised together the state pernis of Maine.

They Are dunia Record Holders

Barivel, a Maine Coon living in Italy, to be crowned the world Longest Domestic cat by the Guinness book of world Records.

At the moment of his verification in 2018, he measured 120cm.

They are Genetically draft To resist Harsh Climates


The tubuh of the Maine Coon is design to withstand harsh climates.

Body PartsFeatures
CoatLonger hair on the stomach, ruff and also britches come guard against mata and waterShorter hair on the neck and bagian belakang to prevent milik mereka coat native tangling in the undergrowth
EyesLarge eyes for better sight
EarsLarge ears for much better hearingHeavily-furred (on the tips and within the ears) come guard against the cold
MuzzleLong and square to help with clasping food in anda mouth and drinking water from puddles and/or streams
FeetBig and tufted to act choose ‘snow shoes"
TailLong and also furry to safeguard them as soon as they sleep throughout cold, harsh winters

Maine Coon cats Aren’t afraid Of Water

Most Maine Coons can swim and aren’t fear of water. In fact, they enjoy bermain with puddles or bowls of water.

However, this doesn’t necessarily typical that they enjoy showers or swimming in ukurannya besar pools of water!

Frequently inquiry Questions

Do Maine Coon Cats favor To be Held?

While these cats are well-known to be gentle and also friendly, they space usually just affectionate as soon as they great to be. In fact, castle don’t reap being choose up or hugged suddenly.

Are Maine Coon cat Dangerous?

Maine Coons space not normally dangerous and also can bermain well through children.

However, lock are large cats that can end up breaking several glass or porcelain furniture.

Do Maine Coons Bite A Lot?

Some Maine Coon cats have actually a habit the chewing or biting top top the fingers of dari mereka owners and also may no realise that anda biting is painful.

How Smart room Maine Coon Cats?

These cats are an intelligent each other that deserve to be trained to permainan easy games such as fetch. This game can even akan one of anda favourites as soon as taught come them.

Owning A Maine Coon In Singapore

While Maine Coons are adorable, furry creatures, they’re tambahan pets that require continuous care and commitment.

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With the busy way of living in Singapore, it’s important to consider carefully before adopting or pembelian a Maine Coon cat.