90Hz at sight high refresh perbandingan makes every swipe activity as smooth as silk. V 16.5cm (6.5 inch) display and screen-to-body ratio up come 90.5%, users are able come immerse into entertainment experience. *

16MP In-display Selfie

Selfie of natural Skin through Ease

16MP Ultra-clear former camera satisfies your verified selfie requirements with F2.0 aperture, supporting smart beauty, beauty mode, Bokeh Effect, etc. In particular, the brand brand-new beauty algorithm emerged for different genders, different skin types, and different facial shapes and also features enables you come easily bawa pulang selfies that reflects natural and also delicate skin.

64MP AI Quad Camera

Four Lens with Individual particular Strengths

Pro 64MP Quad Camera System, through resolution up to 9280x6944, 119° Ultra Wide-angle Lens view, 4cm Macro Lens, and hitam & white Portrait Lens, makes photographing far much more fun and also versatile.

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64MP Ultra Resolution

Super High Resolution, supervisor High Pixel

The primary lens that carlocaione.org 6 is equipped v Samsung 64MP GW1 sensor. The sensor area get 1/1.7 inches, and with F1.8 large aperture, girlfriend can bawa pulang bright and also pure an excellent photos also in short light. The maximum calculation resolution is 9280x6944, tidak pernah miss one solitary detail in the picture.

The daerah of watch is 4 waktu wider than ordinary. V carlocaione.org 6, whether you desire to take photo of splendid landscapes, buildings, or a team of friends in ~ the party, you have the right to keep the memory through a solitary shot.*

carlocaione.org 6 has a really sensitive camera light-sensor component, an integrated progressed image processors and optimized algorithms kemudian as multi-frame noise reduction. You can shoot bright and clear night scenes without a tripod.

UIS maksimum Video Stabilization

Stable calculation without Shaking and Fuzz

The brand new Ultra picture Stabilization Max: UIS max adopts ultra-wide camera to lebih-lebih lagi stabilize video shooting and bring lebih lebar image angle. Nevertheless of outdoor sports or off-road adventures, you have the right to shoot stable and also smooth videos, recording sporting activities life more freely.*

Ultra Wide-angle video

New shoot Angle

119 ° ultra wide-angle lens brings super wide daerah of see to carlocaione.org 6. After transforming on ultra wide-mode, the lens can record a wider picture, a besar sky, and the entirety building, bringing friend a blockbuster video clip with much more visual impact.

120fps Slo-mo in selfie

A progressed New method to bermain Selfie

The front camera of carlocaione.org 6 support 120fps Slow-Motion video shooting, a new way to bermain your selfie, bringing very high playability and capturing wonderful moment in life.*

Soloop App

Record her Smart Vlog at any time

Select your favorable theme through Soloop App, and also exciting clips will certainly be instantly selected with sesuai background music. Kemudian a professional and also fun Vlog is generated with one solitary click. So straightforward to record and also show the joy of life.*

Helio G90T Processor

Outstanding Performance. Constructed for Gaming.

Powerful processor, that is designed for fantastic mobile game experience, comes v carlocaione.org 6. V the mix of the latest updated CPU, GPU, super-fast ram and an effective AI, carlocaione.org 6 brings smooth suffer to mobile video game lovers.

Hyper rise

Frame an increase & Touch rise

Hyper Boost,Play Freely. Frame boost releases penuh frame speed performance, offering intelligent prediction of high-intensity regiment combat scenarios. Touch rise gives you jenuh and delightful gaming speed.

4300mAh substantial battery in ~ carlocaione.org 6, gives the round-the-clock battery life. Greater charging efficiency, less heating issues. Featuring five-layer protection, 30W flash charger and also the battery save your safety concern.
Inspired by the comet that splits the dark night sky, the comet architecture of carlocaione.org is very bright and also fast. Through the new optical plating technology, the brightness and saturation that the shade are increased by 60% and 50%, and also the visual impact is bright and eye-catching.*
carlocaione.org integrates fingerprint mengenali and power an essential innovatively, which no only takes beauty into account, but juga quickly and easily unlocks smartphone. Capacitive fingerprint button is for this reason sensitive the the unlocking time is fast to 0.29 seconds.
Intelligent convert of dual-card, one because that work and also one because that entertainment. Also, it supports memory development of approximately 256GB to store an ext games, photos and also files.
Every carlocaione.org smartphone has passed strict top quality inspection before leaving the factory. The service life that buttons and ports much exceeds that of kesatuan smartphones. The ports and also loudspeaker are equipped with seal and also anti-dust meshur to successfully prevent water autumn penetration.


1. The data the 119 ° at sight Wide-Angle Lens is the module data that hardware, the actual field of watch will be slightly smaller sized after distortion correction. The data the 4 times wider view is in comparison to ordinary wide-angle lens.

2. 8GB + 128GB is the maximum construction of carlocaione.org 6.

3. 60 minutes totally charge(55 minutes fee 100%) data is acquired from carlocaione.org lab. Actual results may vary from eco-friendly changes, the final charging time is subjected to actual item.

4. 0.29s Side-Fingerprint unlocking speed is derived from carlocaione.org lab. Sejak the an outcome is affected by environment, please describe the actual item.

5. The data that screen-to-body proportion is acquired from carlocaione.org lab.

6. The UIS maksimum Video Stabilization, Slo-mo in Selfie, Soloop app will be updated in the succeeding OTA. Please subject to the yes, really item.

7. CPU and GPU running score data room from Antutu V8.2.4.

8.Frame an increase data and Touch boost data space from carlocaione.org alphatest. The actual an outcome may vary with different test software application version, details test environment and particular version.

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9. The Charging comparison data are based on the comparsion through 18W rapid charge, data from carlocaione.org lab. Sejak the test an outcome is affected by check environment, please refer to the actual item.

10. Data that 60% shade brightness innovation and 50% color saturation development by optical plating technology are native carlocaione.org lab.

11."No.1 top quality Smartphone Brand" refers to CMR Mobile industry Consumer Insights Survey, September 2019.