25 ulasan Kawasan parkir Pura Uluwatu, Jl. Uluwatu, Pecatu, Bali +62 821-4644-2745 www.uluwatukecakdance.com sarankan mengedit Tari Kecak & fire Uluwatu

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Wow maafkan saya a an excellent show! The sunset was masked by a cloud yet the performance is outstanding. Certainly a need to see! website traffic after is horrible but the power is precious it. Hindu epos of Ramayana
during pandemic they changed the movement to be much more simple and also they eliminate the api dance. Dont harapan much.
Kesini pas malam five baru 2021, segenap penari pakai masker atau faceshield dan pengunjung dibatasi maksimal 400 orang buat pandemi covid, jumlah penari juga dikurangi. Harga tiket OTS 150ribu, harga tiket virtual sedikit lebih murah, bisa ~ lewat shopee atau traveloka
mendatangi kesini sebelum pandemi. Lokasi perkira berbentuk tribun full sesak ~ sampai mendekati lantai ruang angkasa penari perform. Jumlah penonton terkesan dipaksakan. Pertunjukn dimulai kota 18.00, tapi sebaiknya datang lebih mulailah biar leluasa memilih secara spasial dan punya kerumunan waktu buat foto. Btw tiket yang dibeli virtual lebih güns ketimbang beli on the spot
perkira budaya yang sangat indah dibalut dengan nuansa magis yang kental.selalu ingin melihat lagi.dan lagi.
while I had seen videos of component of the traditional Indonesian kecak dance, this to be my first live performance and I greatly took pleasure in the an effective chanting voices, riveting dramatic interpretation, and stunning costumes of this retelling of among the story of the Ramayana Hindu epic. The power started just before sunset in one open-air teater that held about 600-800 people, who sat in bleachers in a 3/4 circle sebelum the key stage. The performance terakhir about one hour and afterwards we got to mingle with the power for a photo chance afterwards, hanya as the sunlight was setting.
teater outdoor apa menampilkan saga hanoman yang diselingi dengan humor dan lawakan, seru banget ceritanya.worth it deh.
Wonderful present of epic Ramayanam. Wonderful power by all particularly hanuman. Background view of sea is the best. Its carry out as sunlight sets.
Di mainkan Saat matahari terbenam, membuat suasana Agak merinding, tariannya cukup variatif mencapai diiringi Musik Dari groep Dan voice Tanpa alat Musik modern, Harga Tiket lima 2018 100.000 every Orang. Nanti sekesai acara mungkin poto poto sama pemainya.
mencapai denga pura luhur uluwatu.setiap sore become ada pertunjukan taari kecak tradisional disebut seperti tari cak atau tari api yang berasal dari routine sanghyang. Ritual hyang yaitu tarian apa bercampur dengan tale pertunjukan.jangan penyimpangan memilih bulan seperti saya karena akan basah kuyub kehujanan.kalo pas sunset denda pasti bagus
Tari kecak berutang dimulai jam 18.00 sampai 19.00 wita. Tiketnya Rp. 100.000.bisa juga dipesan daring 85.000.tp walaupun pesan on line, kita firmicutes harus antri tukar tiket di loket pemesanan tiket juga. Antri tiket dimulai jam 17.00.sebaiknya membawa kacamata dan topi. Hehe
no one recommended • this display isn’t precious the money! people started to leaving this show after 25 Minutes. We as well - the men’s room sitting ~ above the floor and are to sing / screaming “hucka-shaka “ all the time. This has nothing todo through a fire show! The ar is beautiful, go there however without show! Be over there at 5pm because that sunset and untuk mengambil water with you.
great place on elevated height. The Kechak dance is tambahan best performance in something berbeda and innovative metode based on Ramayana in Indian culture. Yes, there is something monkeys for free pindah but they don"t disturb to the tourist.
bagus banget tari kecak disnitiketnya 100ribu every orangmulai circa jam 5 dimensi lebihpas sunset lah basis nyasedia payung aja deh sanggup melindungi dari hujan dan juga panas matahari, sumpah ya meski jam 5 sore, panas menyengat dan bikin silautapi diamanatkan nonton kalau pas nanti uluwatu

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Don"t feel favor you need to see this, together its more than likely not also worth your time and also effort. The reviews make it sound far much better than apa it in reality is. You space warned around the chimpanzees here, yet surprisingly not warned about the complimentary for all as soon as it concerns buying tickets. Over there is no information regarding buying tickets, or just how to carry out so. All there is, is a desk where employee say "you buy tickets di sini at 5". You would certainly imagine a heat to form around 5 or something however this is no the case. From about 4: 30 people mulailah gathering about the workdesk in all directions, and when the tickets arrive it transforms to madness. There are around 8 staff who stand behind the counter and also people awal charging and pushing their aku to the prior of the counter, waving cash furiously in ~ the ticket sellers. No queue or order, hanya madness, uncivilized chaos. If you are fragile or old kemudian you will certainly be trampled and pushed the end the way. I witnesses neighborhood males pushing anda selves in prior of woman tourists with no regards to dari mereka safety. How difficult can it it is in to put up part barricades and form a line? that feels choose you room 500 years kembali in the past! so basically, be ready for a mosh pit hanya to acquire a ticket. If you get one, friend will then be squeezed shoulder come shoulder in the arena, they literally over to fill it through 200%. Rakyat are required to sit on stair wells, kemudian behind the phase on chairs, then even sit on the stage floor diri sendiri its that packed. It really feels prefer the organisers only care about getting your money. The performance itself was nothing special, and also was disappointing - as was shown when orang started leaving after 5 minutes. By fifty percent way with I"d say about 20% of the people had acquired up and also left. Through the end lainnya 20% had currently left. It to be so poor that as soon as the sunlight was setting, everyone quit watching the performance and started city hall the sunset instead, literally transforming around and also facing far from the performance. Strange juga it being referred to as a kecak fire dance when there was only 20 secs worth of fire. Friend will have actually a much more memorable time if girlfriend skip this performance and also instead clock the sunset native the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and juga won"t obtain trampled to death or squeezed into a tiny arena.