One Bedroom pool Villa is an to exclude, retreat complete with a lush garden, private pool and terrace./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali resort Hotel, identifier - Villa, Bedroom Close up 0Rooms & Suites

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One Bedroom swimming pool Villa boasts an outdoor life area v a furnished gazebo, exclusive pool and also sun loungers./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, i would - Villa pool 1Rooms & Suites

One Bedroom pool Villa bedroom with seating area and a daybed./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, i would - Villa, Bedroom 2Rooms & Suites

One bedroom pool villa private pool overlooking lush dry gardens./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali resort Hotel, i would - Villa pool Chair 3Rooms & Suites

The Nusa Dua two Bedroom royal Villa provides a living and dining room through a kitchenette./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali resort Hotel, i would - Villa Presidential, living Area 4Rooms & Suites

Enjoy the ukurannya besar private swimming pool in our Nusa Dua 2 Bedroom imperial Villa which is equipped with two gazebos./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, id - Villa Presidential, pool 5Rooms & Suites
Each bedroom in the two Bedroom royal Villa attributes direct access to the terrace and pool./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali resort Hotel, i would - Villa Presidential Bedroom6Rooms & Suites
The Presidential three Bedroom Villa boast a spacious life area overlooking the pool and also garden./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, id - Villa, 2 Bedroom imperial Pool Dining Chairs 7Rooms & Suites
Main bedroom in the Presidential 3 Bedroom Villa uses direct accessibility to the pool and also terrace./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, id - Villa, 2 Bedroom royal Pool Bedroom 8Rooms & Suites
The ketua Pool Villa also has a king bedroom and also twin bedroom upstairs, boasting a stunning see of the Indian ocean from the exclusive balcony./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, i would - Villa, 2 Bedroom royal Pool second Bedroom 9Rooms & Suites
The ketua Pool Villa Dining Room v a kitchenette complemented by a 24-hour butler service./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, id - Villa, 2 Bedroom imperial Pool Dining Room 10Rooms & Suites
Villa guests reap the exclusive access to the Villa Lounge with all job refreshments as one of the benefit./resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali will Hotel, id - Villa, imperial Pool private Lounge 11Rooms & Suites
Executive Lounge adult just pool and private cabanas/resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/ Bali resort Hotel, i would - executive, management Lounge Infinity Pool12Rooms & Suites
Executive Lounge indoor dining area/resources/media/hi/DPSBAHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/HL_execloungedining_14_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center.jpgTables in indoor Executive Lounge Dining Area13Rooms & Suites

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Take a closer look at at all of the attributes you"ll enjoy with a remain in Nusa Dua Villa.

Each one-, two- and three-bedroom villa boasts 24-hour servant service, a private plunge swimming pool plus a floating tub and the end shower. Relax on the terrace with a view of the lush, personal garden and listen come the quiet.

You"ll juga have unlimited access to the Villa Lounge giving breakfast, refreshments, afternoon tea and cocktails in the evening.

Villa Lounge accessSpacious bedrooms
Private plunge swimming poolPrivate veranda and gazebo
24-hour butler serviceQuiet, romantic ambience
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