West Coast Hop Lock

There are over 80,000 Hop-Lok gate latches presently in use on farms, ranches, auction barns, breeding facilities and veterinary hospitals.

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Hop-Lok latches use on farms


How it works

Spring-loaded latches are positive locking & are secure, free from loosening from vibrations. Upon closing the gate with a spring-loaded latch, the plunger snaps into place, forced by the pressure of the spring to lớn latch securely.

Drawn Over Mandrel Steel Tubing


Stainless Steel Actuating Spring


Hop-Lok spring-loaded latches were designed for use on livestock handling facilities but can be used for many other applications such as suburban yard gates...

Our small spring-loaded latches are made of stainless steel with an aluminum pull so that they can be used in areas where corrosion is a problem. The mounting...

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Hanging Plant Swivel allows plants to lớn turn in the slightest breeze. Made of stainless steel with a sealed ball bearing for smooth...


Our spring-loaded gate latch is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for life. The latch should last a lifetime with only an occasional lubrication of the plunger và housing.


Remove the roll pin (1) from the aluminum pull (2) by using a 5/32in. Sạc pin punch và remove the aluminum pull và the buffer washer (3).


Disassemble the latch by pulling the plunger (4) & the stainless steel spring (5) from the housing (6)
"I have always been happy with the application and use of the Hop-Lok latches. They are easily installed and provide unending years of smooth continuous service" - Warren Dunn, DVM
"We often work cattle with limited personnel and these latches make sorting & working the cattle so much quicker - plus you can trust they'll stay shut" - Brett Hedman
This latch is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for life. The latch should last a lifetime…