More than 100 juta photos room uploaded to Instagram every job by its over one billion users. If you’re among the billion, you’ve probably discovered yourself wishing the you could download photos, too. The good berita is the you can.

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Whether you took a picture with the Instagram in-app camera and it didn’t conserve a copy to your phone, or you accidentally deleted the initial photo (or — gasp — your phone to be stolen) and the only copy you have left is the one you posted on Instagram, obtaining photos from Instagram is easy.


Instagram has a downloader tool that lets you download every one of your data — photos contained — in a single process. To provide you options, we’re going to run through Instagram’s resmi process of downloading your content sebelum diving right into the various other options, which includes bookmarking, lihat screenshots, and using third-party apps.

How come download every one of your info from Instagram

Instagram has a simple tool that lets you download all of your data (including every one of your photos) in a couple of simple steps. Below, we’ll berjalan you v the process.

Step 1: Log into Instagram in the web mencari of your an option and go to her profile.

Step 2: click on the gear icon that’s to the ideal of wherein it states Edit Profile and select the Privacy and also Security tab.

Step 3: You have to now see a page that states Account Privacy on the top. If you view that, scroll down all the method to the bottom, and you’ll check out a header that claims Data Download through a link below it the says request Download. Click the link.


Step 4: You will certainly be motivated to go into your email and also password come confirm that you are and also where you want the data to it is in sent. As soon as your identity has actually been confirmed, it’s hanya a matter of waiting.

You can tambahan complete the download request lihat the app:

Step 1: open up the app and also go to her profile.

Step 2: insanity the menu icon in the upper appropriate corner, then choose Settings.

Step 3: tap Security > Download Data.

Step 4: form in her email address and password, and kemudian tap the button Request Download.

Much like Facebook’s download tool, Instagram will instantly package up every one of your information and send friend a download attach via email. Instagram claims it could ambil upwards of 48 hours, but we’ve tried that a few waktu with variasi accounts, and also it has never taken much more than an hour or two. You deserve to only inquiry a data download every 4 days, so rencana wisely.

How come bookmark photos on Instagram

Downloading photo isn’t the only way to save it. If you want a quick means to uncover a picture later, however you don’t need it physically save on computer on her phone, you have the right to bookmark it in Instagram. Instagram has the ability to organize conserved posts, a little like Pinterest boards.

Using the bookmark feature, you deserve to save photos come recall lock later, choose putting images tagged #foodporn into a folder that restaurants you’d prefer to try or saving itu epic landscape shots come a folder that dream holidays ideas. This feature kekuasaan your favorite grams straightforward to access, yet unlike downloading and install them, you’ll only be may be to accessibility them within Instagram.


Below the picture you desire to save, insanity the Bookmark icon on the appropriate if you’re in the application or below the picture on the website. The photo is now saved, however if friend would favor to theorem your saved Instagram photos, insanity the Save come Collection that pops increase in the app. Click the Plus Sign icon to membuat your own collection.

To view, edit, delete, or organize her Instagram saves, navigate to your profile, and tap the Saved icon over your pictures on the website. ~ above the app, walk to her profile page, madness the menu, and go come Saved.

How to screenshot an Instagram Story

Since Instagram Stories room usually displayed full-screen, images shared v Stories deserve to make for an excellent wallpapers for her phone. In fact, part photographers will certainly specifically posting ulang pictures this method for this purpose. There’s one cheat to acquisition a clean screenshot of an Instagram cerita that you should know.

Step 1: When you view an Instagram Story, that will have actually information, choose the user’s name, overlaid on it. Merely tap and also hold all over on the screen, and these overlays will certainly fade far (this will also pause the Story, offering you extra time to take the screenshot).

Step 2: With her finger dipegang on the screen, ambil a screenshot. This might require a bit of finger gymnastics, yet it shouldn’t be also hard. Here’s exactly how to ambil a screenshot top top an iphone X, iphone 8 and also older, Samsung Galaxy phones, and also Google Pixel and also Pixel 2.

How to save photos native Instagram in Windows and MacOS



DonwloadGram doesn’t require downloading and install software to run, which makes downloading Instagram image a bit much less risky, not to cite easier. DownloadGram deserve to be digunakan on desktop computer computers as well as mobile devices.

Step 1: Navigate come Instagram on the web.

Step 2: Find the picture you want to save. Click the Triple-Dot icon and click Go come Post.

Step 3: Copy the photo’s URL from the net address bar in your browser.

Step 4: Go to DownloadGram’s website.

Step 5: Input the photo’s URL into the box with the auto-generated Instagram link.

Step 6: Click the Download button. Then, click the resulting Download Image switch to save your image.

On a cell phone device:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and find the picture you desire to download.

Step 2: Tap top top the Triple-Dot icon and click Copy Link.

Step 3: Follow steps 4 to 6 indigenous the desktop instructions above, melihat a cell phone web cari to paste the connect at DownloadGram and tapping the download button.

Should you usage an app to download Instagram photos?

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Instagram app doesn’t allow users to download separation, personal, instance photos. The hasn’t quit third-party communication from creating dari mereka own workarounds because that the problem, though. The pertanyaan is — are these third-party Instagram apps in reality safe?

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has faced backlash for user data the was sold to a company for social media campaigns. That data was mengumpulkan when users allowed third-party apps come access milik mereka Facebook profile.

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Some of itu third-party Instagram downloaders might be perfectly safe, developing the app solely to knife money by sending out you stroked nerves ads kapan you use the app. Many of them require you to log in in to your Instagram account and allow the application to access your account information, though. Fairly than open up her account come potential risk, it’s safer to rod with downloading images using hanya the URL and also an digital web application or Instagram’s very own account download tool if you must recover every one of your posts.