A grand production featuring a 52-piece orchestra, this was by far Aerosmith"s biggest hit on the US Hot 100, & their only chart-topper. It was #1 US for four weeks in September 1998, becoming one of the most popular songs of the year.

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The tuy vậy got a huge bump from its placing in Armageddon, which worldwide was the top-grossing film of 1998.
Diane Warren found inspiration for this song after hearing about an interview where James Brolin said that when his wife Barbra Streisand was away, he missed her even when he was sleeping. When she mix out khổng lồ write a tuy vậy for Armageddon, she thought this was a good sentiment to express, since the film đơn hàng with the impending destruction of all on Earth.
This song extended Aerosmith"s reign as the hottest rock band of the "90s. Their 1993 album Get a Grip
contained four hit singles which also did very well on MTV. With a new generation of fans discovering the group"s back catalogue, they were as popular as ever, selling out shows worldwide. Their follow-up album, Nine Lives, was a struggle to make and wasn"t released until 1997. It was far less popular, with none of its singles cracking the top 25. Aerosmith could still fill stadiums, but had to lớn come off the road in April 1998 when Steven Tyler tore his ACL in a microphone stand mishap during a show in Anchorage.The band was on the wane and facing the possibility of empty seats when they resumed their tour at the end of the summer, but this tuy nhiên revived their fortunes. The tour resumed on September 9, when "I Don"t Want to Miss A Thing" was the #1 song in America. The album title proved prescient, as once again they became the most popular rockers in the land, still cranking out hits while their contemporaries like The Rolling Stones were forced to lean on their legacies to sell tickets.
Even this song"s writer, Diane Warren, found it a little treacly. She told Performing Songwriter: "Some of the lyrics, like "I can stay awake just to hear you breathing," I"d be like, "No, don"t vì chưng that. Don"t watch me breathe. I won"t be able to sleep. Go vì something else." It"s so funny, because part of me would never want someone to lớn say that khổng lồ me, but then again, I write it."
When Diane Warren wrote this song, she thought someone like Celine Dion would be singing it. She was surprised when the artist turned out lớn be Aerosmith, but it ended up working out quite well. "I remember being at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, & sitting at the piano with him and teaching him the song and just having chills all over my body toàn thân as I heard the song come to lớn life with his voice và knowing what it was going to be," she told Performing Songwriter about working with Steven Tyler on the song. "It was an amazing experience. I"d written with Aerosmith before, and they"d never done the songs we wrote."
The country singer Mark Chesnutt covered this later in 1998, making it the title track of his eighth album. In February 1999, his version topped the Country chart & climbed to lớn #17 on the Hot 100, five months after Aerosmith hit the top spot with the original.
You"ll notice that Steven Tyler is surprisingly stationary in the video. That"s because it was shot after his knee injury, and he was wearing an awkward brace that restricted his movement. The video"s director, Francis Lawrence, used a lot of close-up shots khổng lồ compensate.

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In a 2008 survey conducted by the cable music channel Magic TV, this was voted by its UK viewers as the nation"s favorite love song.