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The pulau of Oahu is totally open for local and destination weddings and vow renewals with up come 25 attendees because that beaches and also other out venues.COVID-19 protocols will use for travel from out of state and also all reserved events.

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Affordable hawaii Wedding packages, Elopement Wedding packages, sepenuhnya destination hawaii wedding services, and hawaii Vow regeneration packages! With hawaii beach wedding and also vow renewals, turn off the beach options in Garden settings, and also Private wedding venues and also elegant wedding Chapels.

Your incredible hawaii wedding or vow rebirth ceremony starts right here! With any kind of of our hawaii wedding packages or vow rebirth packages couples and dari mereka guests will experience a genuine Hawaiian wedding event. Hawaiian layout weddings incorporate a conch shell blowing, a officially lei presentation through two keepsake leis! for a in the name amount fresh flower leis and also a ukulele presentation that “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” have the right to be included as well. Our hawaii wedding packages and also vow rebirth packages space made to setelan every anggaran and taste. Wedding Photography and video options, music, and much, much more are juga available. All designed to provide you with a wonderful and memorable hawaii Wedding or Vow rejuvenation celebration!

Our hawaii wedding and also vow regeneration services are easily accessible at the coast of your choice! from a Waikiki beach wedding to our famous utara Shore beaches or a secret Beach in ~ the world famous Ko’olina Resort. For an off the beach wedding experience choose from a selection of parks and botanical gardens. Personal wedding meet options include a an option of beautiful and also elegant Hawaii wedding chapels, a former summer royal residence of one of Hawaii’s lovely Queens, or also an laut front estate. Visit our areas page for details.


These disclosures supersede every other information relevant to these disclosures that might be presented elsewhere on this website or in any kind of of our company documents.Location Permits- If you space planning a coast wedding in hawaii please be advised the a permit is forced in paling cases. We will obtain a allow for her ceremony for a dues of $25 for up to 20 attendees, $35 if over 20 attendees, approximately a maximum counting of 30 for hawaii state beaches.For over 30 attendees and as much as a best of 40 total, a city and county coast park permit, limited to certain locations, will be required and which we will aid you in obtaining for a fee of $50.00. This allow will juga be forced for ceremonies that encompass chairs and/or arches. Please contact us for events which will certainly have an ext than more than 40 attendees. A different permit may tambahan be compelled at particular locations because that photography.Over 20 attendees will need that a professional Coordinator be existing for the ceremony. If you carry out not have one then we will certainly automatically administer one for the ceremony at a biaya to you of $100.00.Processional, i beg your pardon is marching down the aisle with a bridal party will require that it is totally rehearsed by you sebelum the ceremony. If you like to have us stage and also rehearse the processional we can do so 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time at a biaya to girlfriend of $50.00 or before the day for a fees of $150.00.Peak hour surcharges of $25 per vendor will apply to occasions scheduled ~ 3:00 PM and on weekends and $50 per seller on minor Holidays, $150 om kepala Holidays i.e. Christmas Eve, Christmas, etc.Travel surcharges for each merchant and/or supplier will apply to locations exterior of the city Honolulu area. Travel surcharges per vendor are as follows: hawaii Kai come Waimanalo + $25, Kailua come Kuuloa and also Ewa coast + $50.00. Kapolei, Ko’Olina, Hauula, and Haleiwa come Sunset beach + $75, Kaaawa to Kahuku and also Laie and also the Waianae pesisir + $125.Deposit and payments. We will certainly schedule your ceremony with a minimal initial deposit of $100.00 v the continuing to be balance early out at your ceremony, payable one of two people in cash, certified check or credit card on-line, topic to a 3% convenience fee. Early stage deposits payment to schedule a wedding or vow renewal are non-refundable.Outside sellers -We prefer to usage our very own vendors but will permit you come use external vendors through our former approval, topic to a $50 fee per vendor and the each vendor provides united state a copy of anda current general Liability Insurance policy with a minim aggregate coverage berbisa of $1,000,000.00, and a current State or City and County media permit, whichever may be applicable.

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All services offline are incidental come our officiating services. While our ministers may be willing to make part accommodations v regard come the consist of or exemption of certain religious language in the ceremony, lock cannot, through law, be forced to do ceremonies that space in straight contravention of dari mereka personally telah terorganisir beliefs with regard to the an interpretation and/or meaning of marriage.If at any type of time a scheduled seller is have not for any type of reason us reserve the right to change a an ideal replacement.All prices space plus 4.712% hawaii sales tax.