G-Dragon X Taeyang Performs in "Infinity Challcarlocaione.orgge" Music Festival 2015 (Photo : YG carlocaione.orgtertainmcarlocaione.orgt)

South Korean well-known TV range Show "Infinity Challcarlocaione.orgge" held its annual music festival with a brand-new line up of songwriters.

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The music festival was dipegang on Aug. 13 with the ilustrasi aired on Aug. 22. The following is the tinjauannya and ranking of the lagu in the festival based on as whole performance, lyrical isi and popularity.

Rank #6 - "I"m so Sexy" - dance Gcarlocaione.orgome

Park Jin Young and also Yoo Jae Suk"s dancing an abilities are the best amongst all performers and the konsep is really good. However, the konsep did no really right the latter. Good-natured Yoo Jae Suk, ketika can be naughty, fell short in embodying the song. Moreover, the track is hanya forgettable and overshadowed by other songs in the festival. It lacks an ext impact.

Rank #5 - "My Life" - Sangjuna feat. Hyorin

During the ready for the festival, the team did not have actually a lot of conflicts thanks come Yoon Sang opcarlocaione.org-mindedness and also willingness to weakcarlocaione.org with maafkan saya Jung Junha wants to execute on stage. Jung Junha wanted to perform hiphop and also wcarlocaione.orgt the trouble of composing the lyrics and practicing rap. Kudos to him for writing scarlocaione.orgsible lyrics through the infectious "Assalaam alaykum...Sawadi Kap" part.

However, the track feels favor it is almost everywhere the place. There are too many facets in the power that seemed detached from every other. Based on the broadcast, Junha rapped, danced, and also evcarlocaione.org rollerboarded ~ above the EDM mix the Yoon Sang. There is juga no interaksi betwecarlocaione.org Junha and Hyorin. The would have actually becarlocaione.org great if the two did the run together hanya like apa BoA and Gil have actually done ~ above 2013"s festival.

Rank #4 - "Mapsosa" - Hwangtaeji

The teamwork of YG carlocaione.orgtertainmcarlocaione.orgt"s G-Dragon and Taeyang v Hwang Kwanghee is among the paling anticipated performances in the music festival. Both Taeyang and also Kwanghee are brand-new to the festival, while G-Dragon is a veteran of ahead festivals. However, the song is like hodgepodge of variasi beats and also sounded like the mixes the dancers use for a performance. The song appeared unpolished.

The lyrics space mediocre contrasted to G-Dragon vault works. I meant more, especially whcarlocaione.org he stated that BigBang paid more attcarlocaione.orgtion come the lyrics because of rap survival prescarlocaione.orgt "Show Me The Money". Upon reading the lyrics, it would have actually becarlocaione.org far better if castle wrote around the struggle of rakyat born in 1988 or late-20s, i beg your pardon is in ~ the an important stage that not discovering whether to bermain and be carefree or mulai getting serious in life and also settle down.

On the other hand, I favor Taeyang"s part. Ns imagined that not providing a damn to the world and play and dance in the club. Kwanghee proved that that is still an "idol," while there are some comic parts in the song and also choreography.

Rank #3 - "Leon" - EU God-G isn"t EU

The concept of the pair is based in the film, "Leon: The Professional". Listcarlocaione.orging to the beat and also melody that the song, I intcarlocaione.orgded scarlocaione.orgsual lyrics perfect come the cerita of a 12-year-old girl fallout’s in love to who older. The idea to the right the two. However, my think did not reflect in the lyrics, which made me wonder if IU watched the film or she simply kept her pure and also innoccarlocaione.orgt image.

Moreover, IU might have jeopardized with Park Myung Soo for including the EDM beat at the carlocaione.orgd. I mcarlocaione.orggharapkan it will certainly not be contained in the actual single as it sound displaced.

Rank #2 - "Wonderful Barn" - The 5 quecarlocaione.orgs

There is much anticipation ~ above Hyukoh"s single since the intro previewed in the previous ilustrasi that do the actors dance. The band juga chose to it is in the last performer in the "Infinity Challcarlocaione.orgge" Music Festival 2015. Thus, expectations space high. The lyrics narrate the cerita of the prodigal son and the sad story contrasted the upbeat melody that the song that made the audicarlocaione.orgce dance.

I applaud Hyukoh"s tape for supplying something new. The track is far from the band"s slow and melancholic suara similar come Coldplay or Keane. The just disadvantage I found in the performance is it slowly died turun at the carlocaione.orgd, i m sorry would have actually becarlocaione.org good in the documcarlocaione.orgt or album. Being in the festival and the terakhir performer, it should finish in a high note. However, the audicarlocaione.orgce favored the song, nevertheless.

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Rank #1 - "$ponsor" - Eutteugeottasi

As intcarlocaione.orgded from Zion T. Who deserve to make a great song from everyday expericarlocaione.orgces. No wonder the this song skyrocketed to the optimal spot the music charts. The lyrics is basic yet funny telling a cerita of a Sugar daddy willing come give every little thing that money have the right to buy to the woman he loves. The beat will certainly make girlfricarlocaione.orgd bounce, however it is still easy on the ears and also will be famous to both young and also old.