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Apple"s newest iPad air Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Apple gave the iPad wait a terutama aesthetic upgrade in 2020, and also it"s among the biggest determinants that distinguishes it from that is cheaper sibling. Apple"s mid-tier tablet has substantially slimmer boundaries framing the display and also flat edges much like the iPad Pro and also iPhone 12, ketika the $329 iPad still has Apple"s standard iPad design. It has actually the exact same chunky bezels above and listed below the display, curved edges, and the Touch i would home button as Apple"s larger iPads.

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The iPad Air juga comes in much more color options, with options including silver, space gray, mawar gold, green, and also sky blue. The traditional iPad, comparatively, just comes in silver, an are gray, and mawar gold. And also of course, as its surname implies, the iPad waiting is thinner and also lighter. The iPad wait is 0.24 inch thin and also weighs 1 pound, ketika the iPad is 0.29 inches thick and also weighs 1.08 pounds. Although the doesn"t sound like lot of a difference, the iPad waiting feels much more comfortable to hold for long periods the time kapan reading or gaming.

In kondisi of display screen resolution, both iPads load 264 pixels per inch. However there are some other technical differences to store in mental that mungkin impact the city hall experience. The iPad"s screen is absent some features found on the iPad Air such as sepenuhnya lamination, anti-reflective coating, support for the P3 wide color gamut, and also True Tone. Of all these features, True ton is most likely the paling noticeable one.

True ton adjusts the color and also intensity of her iPad"s display screen to enhance the lighting in your surroundings so that the display screen looks much more natural. It helps remove the blue-ish color often uncovered on the displays of digital devices. Yet the difference is really only noticeable once looking in ~ the two tablet computers alongside one another.


Apple"s $329 iPad Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

The iPad Air"s P3 assistance is also important considering it method this tablet"s display can display a lebih lebar range the colors compared to the conventional iPads. This bisa be a distinction to take into consideration if you"re primarily searching for a tablet computer for photo or video editing and also entertainment, as P3 support is just one of the factors that makes a display compatible through HDR content, together B&H explains.

The iPad Air"s screen juga includes Apple"s ProMotion modern technology unlike the regular iPad. This attribute increases the iPad Air"s refresh kecepatan up come 120Hz for relection scrolling, which could be especially valuable if you"re planning to use your iPad with the apologize Pencil because that drawing and sketching.

Taken together, these improvements made the iPad Air"s screen look richer with better contrast once watching video and playing games. However, the traditional iPad"s screen is impressively bright and sometimes looks an ext luminous than the iPad Air"s, despite the kebenaran that Apple says they both have actually the exact same 500 nit best brightness level. I juga find True tone to make the iPad Air"s display easier top top the eyes because that reading, yet that"s a personal preference that might not apply to everyone.


The 2020 iPad waiting Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Another kepala difference in between the iPad and iPad waiting is in their processors. The iPad operation on Apple"s A12 Bionic processor, which powers the older iphone phone XS lineup the smartphones, ketika the iPad Air runs on the same A14 Bionic chip that powers the present iPhone 12 series.

In day-to-day practices, the iPad waiting feels slightly faster than the standard iPad. Because that example, that is able to export a 25-second HD video clip from Adobe Premiere just a hair faster 보다 the reguler iPad. (The iPad wait exports the clip in 5.6 seconds, ketika the iPad did so in 5.8 seconds). Apps also launches a bit much faster on the iPad Air, although i wouldn"t speak the iPad feels sluggish by any means.

Benchmark tests, however, suggest the iPad Air has actually much more power come unleash compared to the typical iPad when it involves both general computing and graphics performance.

In a benchmark test dubbed Geekbench 5 that"s supposed to evaluate exactly how a processor performs when dealing with everyday apps, the iPad Air"s A14 Bionic chip score 1,588 top top the trial the measures how a solitary core inside the processor performs and also 4,234 on the part that monitors exactly how its lot of cores work together. The iPad"s A12 Bionic chip, comparatively scored 1,114 and also 2,677 respectively.

Cores are the systems inside a computer"s processor that room responsible for transporting out operations.The single core score deserve to be viewed as an indicator of how the processor handles much more casual apps that only use a solitary processing core to function, while the multi-core score evaluates how a processor runs more demanding apps and also games that distribute the work among several cores, as Intel explains.

The iPad Air juga scored greater in tests the measure graphic performance. In Geekbench 5"s compute test, i m sorry evaluates just how a GPU performs as soon as executing tasks like image processing, the iPad Air scored an mean of 12,542 ketika the iPad score 5,324 on average. Similarly, in the 3DMark Wildlife test, i beg your pardon simulates exactly how processors handle gamings that rely on short bursts that activity, the iPad Air scored 8,925 v an typical of 53 frames per second kapan the iPad score 6,000 v 35 frames every second.

Accessories and storage

Apple"s Magic key-board Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

If you"re to plan to use your iPad for work, equipment are critical part that the experience. Both the iPad and iPad Air room compatible with the apple Pencil and Apple"s key-board cases, yet the certain models will vary.

The iPad Air, for example, works v the second-generation apple Pencil, the Smart key-board Folio case, and the newer Magic Keyboard. The conventional iPad is only compatible with the initial Apple Pencil and also Apple"s smart Keyboard.

Apple"s recent Pencil comes with a sleeker design and magnetically attaches to the iPad air or iPad pro for charging and pairing. The enlarge Pencil must be plugged right into the iPad"s Lightning harbor to charge and pair with the device.

And the smart Keyboard, uneven the Smart keyboard Folio, doesn"t offer protection for the back of the machine when no in use. The Magic key-board is Apple"s top-of-the-line iPad keyboard that functions a trackpad and also a floating style that kekuasaan it mungkin to readjust the iPad"s the town hall angle.

But these accessories certainly add up. The first-generation apologize Pencil is priced at $99, kapan the smart Keyboard costs $159. That way if you desire to get much more functionality the end of the iPad with Apple"s accessories, you have to pay around $258 for both add-ons in ~ minimum. The much more advanced the accessory, the much more expensive it is. The Magic Keyboard, for example, prices $299 on its own, untuk membuat it almost as expensive together the $329 iPad.

Storage is lagi important aspect to think about when deciding in between the iPad and iPad Air. The standard iPad is ideal suited for those who keep paling of milik mereka files in the cloud sejak it just comes in 32GB and 128GB options. The iPad Air, at the same time comes in one of two people a 64GB or 256GB capacity,

Cameras and battery life

The iPad Air"s camera Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Most setiap orang probably aren"t acquisition photos on their iPads regularly, for this reason the difference in between the iPad"s 8-megapixel camera and also iPad Air"s 12-megapixel camera could not matter that much. However it is worth considering that the iPad has a much reduced resolution take self camera 보다 the iPad Air, which mungkin be significant if you commonly make FaceTime or Zoom call on her iPad.

The conventional iPad has a 1.2-megapixel former camera, ketika the iPad Air has actually a 7-megapixel selfie camera. Together a result, picture taken v the prior camera on the traditional iPad look much noisier and washed out compared to those shot top top the iPad Air, which walk a much better job at lighting my confront evenly and also generally produced photo that to be cleaner with more color.

If shooting video clip on her iPad is a priority, the pricier iPad wait is your finest bet. The iPad Air have the right to shoot in 4K at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second. The iPad, meanwhile, have the right to only shoot approximately 1080p video at 30 frames every second.

Both tablet computers offer similar battery life, which impression me during my trial and error when composing our jenuh review. I"m able come get about 12 hours of battery life the end of each tablet when using them because that streaming video, check email, occasionally bermain mobile games, and also other similar everyday tasks. The surpasses Apple"s insurance claims of 10-hour battery life for each tablet. But as always, it"s essential to remember the battery life varies depending on how you usage your iPad.

It"s tambahan worth noting that the conventional iPad provides a Lightning connector to charge ketika the iPad Air uses USB-C choose the iPad Pro. Which harbor is more convenient will depend on her preference. If you"re a faithful iPhone user and also have plenty of extra Lightning cables lie around, you"ll probably appreciate the you can use any kind of of this cables to fee your iPad too. Yet if you have actually a many other USB-C-powered devices, you could enjoy the flexibility that comes v the iPad Air"s more universal charging cable.

The bottom line

Apple"s latest straightforward iPad Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Overall, the $329 iPad is the right an option for paling people. It"s powerful enough come handle most casual computer tasks and can terakhir impressively long on a solitary charge. However if you"re willing to invest the extra money and also know the you want attributes like a much better display, sleeker design, and also a sharper FaceTime camera for video chatting, consider the iPad Air.

All told, unless you yes, really need much more powerful performance, the iPad Air"s boosted screen and also lighter construct are its biggest benefits over the traditional iPad.

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To put it simply: the iPad can do just about everything the iPad Air can do, so you won"t be making any utama compromises. The iPad waiting just melakukan all the these things a small bit better, however for nearly twice the cost.