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The iphone phone SE Plus/iPhone SE 3 mungkin be the budget big-screen call you"ve been wait for. Yet will the be more than hanya a jumbo sized iPhone SE 2020? and also how long could you have to wait?

From maafkan saya we"re hearing, an iphone SE Plus bisa be top top the way, and also some in the isu mill are calling that the iphone SE 3. However, iphone phone SE plus or iphone SE 3 santai date will most likely be in 2022 based upon the recent rumors.

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Here"s maafkan saya we"ve heard therefore far around the iphone phone SE to add —and apa we"d choose to see.

iPhone SE Plus publikasi date

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A report in Digitimes claims that Apple rencana to santai an iphone SE 3 throughout the first half of 2022 through a 4.7-inch screen and updated A14 Bionic processor. However, that would certainly not it is in an iphone SE Plus.

According come a report based on DisplaySearch analyst Ross Young"s comments, the iphone phone SE will most likely keep its kecil 4.7-inch display screen in 2022 while adding 5G support. A larger iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch display, which could be dubbed the iphone SE Plus, wouldn"t launch until 2023.

An earlier report in Gizchina citing JP Morgan Chase states that to apologize has rencana to publikasi an iphone SE 3 next year v a 6.1-inch display, which would ostensibly it is in the exact same thing together the iphone SE Plus.

Initially, apologize analyst Ming-Chi Kuo v TF international Securities stated that an iphone SE plus would have actually a release date in the very first half the 2021, yet it"s supposedly been postponed.Kuo now insurance claims that Apple will wait till the an initial half the 2022.

iPhone SE plus price

There"s no firm info on a mungkin iPhone SE plus price yet, however according come leaker apple RUMORs (LEAKs) ~ above Twitter, apple is functioning on three iPhone SE models because that 2021 that will be priced di bawah $500.

We would intend Apple to charge around a $100 premium end the iphone phone SE. For this reason the iphone SE to add may have actually a price of $499 for 64GB the storage. Jumping up to 128GB would bisa likely cost $50 more.

The iphone phone 11 currently costs $599, so an iphone SE plus or iphone phone SE 3 mungkin not go above that.

iPhone SE to add size and design

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Here"s wherein it gets tricky. While some reports allude to the iphone phone SE Plus having actually a screen size of 5.5 inches, rather say it bisa have a 6.1-inch panel. JP Morgan follow believes that Apple will borrow the 6.1-inch design of the iphone 11 because that the iphone SE 3.

Analyst Ross Young the DisplaySearch believes the Apple will opt because that a 6.1-inch LCD screen on maafkan saya he"s calling the iphone phone SE 3, however that design won"t surface ar until 2023.

According to MacRumors, the iphone phone SE add to won"t have challenge ID however will instead function a Touch ID sensor that"s combined into the power button on the ideal side of the phone. That would certainly make a 6.1-inch iphone SE plus a lot an ext likely and closer to a full-screen design.

As for the display itself, we intend an LCD panel as opposed to one OLED one, i beg your pardon would permit Apple to keep the price down. All four iPhone 12 models sell OLED screens, therefore an LCD iphone SE Plus would make sense.

The paling interesting isu is that the iphone SE Plus mungkin have no ports in ~ all. To apologize is said to be working on a an iPhone the is portless, and also Front halaman Tech"s Jon Prosser says that it plenty of not it is in a flagship device.

A portless iphone phone would permit Apple to ditch the Lightning port and experiment with brand-new features, such as a dock connector —without acquisition too huge a threat with something choose the iphone phone 13. Yet for currently it"s hard to say even if it is Apple would certainly make this bolder of a relocate with the iphone SE Plus.

iPhone SE plus specs

If Apple melakukan go the iphone phone 11 route, it bisa use the same powerful A14 Bionic chip in the iphone SE Plus. So you should expect one of the fastest anggaran phones around. Apple may likely incorporate the exact same storage options in the iphone phone SE Plus as the smaller sized model, with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities.

iPhone SE to add cameras

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The iphone SE buatlah due with a solitary rear 12MP camera and also a 7MP selfie camera increase front, however it leverages the computational photography attributes of the A13 Bionic chip so well that it"s among the finest camera phones because that the money. You get portrait Mode, clever HDR and also extended dynamic variety in 4K video.

The iphone SE to add or iphone phone SE bisa be even more versatile. JP Morgan chase predicts that Apple will certainly opt for the exact same camera setup together the iphone 11. This would give the phone a main lens and ultrawide lens.

What ns would tambahan expect indigenous an iphone phone SE plus is Night Mode. It"s among the biggest absent features from the reguler iPhone SE.

iPhone SE plus battery life and also charging

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The iphone SE"s battery life did no impress in our testing, together its small 1,821 mAh battery lasted just 9 hours and 18 minute on our web surfing test. This is fine behind the 11-hour mark, i m sorry is maafkan saya you should make our ideal phone battery life list.

The iphone phone 11 fared far better in our trial and error at 11 hours and 16 minutes. However, this was over 4G. Presumably, the iphone SE add to or iphone phone SE will sell 5G connectivity, i beg your pardon would bawa pulang a toll on endurance. Still, you should expect a step up through a larger battery.

As for charging, I"m yes, really hoping to apologize ditches Lightning because that USB-C by the moment the iphone SE to add rolls about — yet I wouldn"t gambling on it. An ext importantly, we would not expect a charger in the box, as Apple has actually started that kecenderungan with the iphone 12.

Like the iphone phone SE, the iphone SE Plus would certainly presumably support Qi wireless charging — so it should work with any type of of the best wireless chargers out there. We would certainly not mean MagSafe support, yet you tidak pernah know.

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iPhone SE to add outlook

With questionable need for premium flagship phones due to economic uncertainty, an iphone phone SE to add would provide shoppers a viable big-screen phone v all the features they require at a reasonable price. As great as the reguler iPhone SE is, there room some users who simply don"t want to resolve a small 4.7-inch display. If apologize is indeed developing an iphone phone SE Plus, it bisa be a pembunuh value, yet we may need to wait a tahun or more before it materializes.