Shollu is an islamic software that have actually main purpose to provide warning, article or info to the user if prayer time is virtually arrived in few minutes or is currently arrived. So Moslem can prepare him self to acquire ready because that pray. As Allah has already say in the Noble Quran, which definition is:

Verily, As-Salat ( the prayer) is enjoined top top the loyalty on fixed hours” ( An-Nisa : 103)

Different v version 2.15 and bellow that only support Indonesian cities, dari version 3.00 Shollu, islam prayer times also support global place, since shollu v3.00 using Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, time zone and also others parameter.

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LicenseShollu is a freeware ( you are totally free to use and also distribute ). For details around license you re welcome look on the license.

Key Features

Small executable size.Support for multi language, other than for Unicode.Time format in between HH:mm:ss or HH:mmNew Skin, there are about 40 pretty skinSupport countless cities in the world, included around 2.341 locations kepala cities in the dunia and tambahan 400 Indonesian cities. If you require other places you deserve to download separated file that cover about 200 countries with more than 5 million places.Time calculation based upon Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Time zone and also others.Automatic information message before, on and after prayer times.Message because that Friday prayerAbility to display message indigenous audio-video document for adzan ( mp3,wav,mid,midi,rmi or video like avi, mpg, asf etc, depend on your computer ).Task Scheduler which have functions :Standard article with Information, Error, Warning and question Icon.Run lainnya program or applications (type : command )Shutdown and Hibernate computer ( hibernate for success 2000/XP only)Frequently : daily, weekly, monthly, only when ( yearly ) and also when the program start.Easy mengedit the task paper ( task.dat )Show blog post with scrolling textConversion date between Hijri (Islamic calendar) and Gregorian.Show information about prayer today times at details duration time.Create a prayer waktu table :Time format between HH:mm:ss or HH:mmSelect custom dateFormat HTML, csv and also tsvShow date in Hijri (Islamic calendar) and GregorianCustomize color.

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Download Shollu

The latest version can be downloaded directly from Shollu Google password or di sini Shollu 3.10. However you can juga download Shollu (Islamic prayer times for moslem) from di sini (not selalu the latest version):

Older Version

Jika programme shollu sudah di install, silahkan di uninstall terlebih sebelum (pastikan sebelumnya shollu siap ditutup, melalui icon yg ada di systray, mengklik kanan dan pilih menu tutup/close, baru kemudian di uninstall).Setelah uninstall selesai, install mengulang dengan cara mengklik kanan dan pilih food selection Run together administrator. InsyaAllah, setting sudah bisa tersimpan menjangkau normal.


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