Learn much more About Jang Na-ra’s Boyfriend!

Everyone wants to it is in in a relationship and have some support, yet that’s daunting if you are an idol in southern Korea. Some agencies in southern Korea don’t allow anda idols come date due to the fact that it have the right to damage milik mereka careers and also disrupt their concentration, but several agencies carry out allow milik mereka idols come date, consisting of Jang Na-ra‘s.

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Jang Na-ra is a South oriental musician, document producer, and also actress who’s been positif in both the south Korean and Chinese entertain industries dari 2001. Because she’s been functioning in the entertainment world for a lengthy time, there are numerous rumors claiming that Jang Na-ra has dated several male idols, consisting of Park Bo-gum. Even though this was instantly denied by both Park Bo-gum and Jang Na-ra, there are juga rumors the she’s privately married.

Well, now, let’s watch who Jang Na-ra’s boyfriend yes, really is and also find the end if she is actually married. Let’s inspect it out!

Are Jang Na-ra and also Park Bo-gum Dating?


Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum have actually been a warm topic of conversation by milik mereka fans since they menjadi reported to be dating and even be privately married. However, these rumors were quickly handle by Jang Na-ra, Park Bo-gum, and their two agencies.

The rumors arised after photos menjadi circulated mendemonstrasikan Jang Na-ra and also Park Bo-gum at Cheongdam Wedding Street. Since of these rumors, Jang Na-ra acquired some an adverse comments native Park Bo-gum’s fans. Jang Na-ra instantly denied the rumors with her an individual Instagram.

“I didn’t speak anything sebelum because i didn’t think the was right to talk about something that doesn’t need an explanation, yet I haven’t viewed him or met up v him. I haven’t even met the on the street while walking past. Ns don’t recognize where Cheongdam Wedding jalan is, and also I spend most of my time at home or in mine neighborhood.

I think the the fakta that i am still no married is totally my very own private matter, nevertheless of mine age. I have operated hard since I desire to it is in a an excellent actor as soon as I’m on collection and because I desire to it is in a great junior and an elderly actor to my colleagues. However, i have ini adalah a an elderly actor that melakukan harm since of something ns don’t also know about. Don’t carry out that. Why perform you perform it?

I to be trying to live a healthy life kapan aging naturally. I’m act well. I’ll delete this shortly.” Then, she deleted her write-up in may 2017.

She tambahan wrote, “I don’t understand why you have to speak harshly on mine age and looks since of something that is impossible,” due to the fact that so many of Park Bo-gum‘s fans cursed Jang Na-ra because that dating milik mereka idol.

Well, carry out you think they dulu really dating?

Story about Jang Na-ra and Her Ex-Boyfriend


In reality, Jang Na-ra has had relationships in the past which finished in breakups. On among SBS’s selection shows, she said, “Instead that saying we are much from each other, mine ex-boyfriend and I locked lips once we broke up. Ns regret it darimana it kekuasaan me think that him much more often.”

Until now, Jang Na-ra has actually only focused on her career together an actress. She still hasn’t discovered the perfect partner to share her life with yet. For now, Jang Na-ra enjoys her own life v her work, and also she is happy.

Jang Na-ra’s dating Rumors


Jang Na-ra with Kim Nam-gil

There to be a isu in 2019 that Kim Nam-gil and also Jang Na-ra menjadi getting married the November after 7 years the dating. This isu was instantly denied by Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra. This to be the second time Kim Nam-gil and also Jang Na-ra menjadi involved in date rumors. They menjadi rumored to be dating in 2013 after Kim Nam-gil sent out a food truck as a membentuk of support to Jang Na-ra’s set.

Jang Na-ra through Peter Ho

In 2011, they exit a song together called “Not Happy.” since of that, they were rumored to it is in dating. Jang Na-ra to be a small confused because that a ketika in kapak of her relationship with Peter Ho, saying conflicting points (one day, she was date Peter Ho, and kemudian she no the lanjut day), but after a while, her story was quite consistent. Follow to Na-ra, nothing is walking on between them.

Jang Na-ra v Choi Daniel

Jang Na-ra and also Daniel Choi were rumored to have actually a romantic partnership after they starred in the very same drama, Baby challenged Beauty. The drama is around an aspiring 34-year-old fashion designer who fakes her period to obtain a job at a fashion company. In this drama, Jang Na-ra play the personality Jung In Jae, a substitute teacher that is struggling come live, kapan Choi Daniel played the function of a affluent substitute teacher, Kang Se Chan.

Jang Na-ra through Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum and also Jang Na-ra starred in the korean drama series I psychic You, also known as Hello Monster, in 2015. There room some rumors the co-actor Park Bo-gum and her were dating and planning a wedding. The agencies of both next denied any kind of dating connection and added they are just good friends.

Is Jang Na-ra already Married? who Is she Husband?


According come Jang Na-ra, she has had relationships in the previous that ended in breakups. She claims that she damaged up through her ex in a unique way with a lip lock rather of a farewell. Na-ra claims that she once called her ex-boyfriend about 100 times since she liked him a lot. The isu of her obtaining dumped is a ratio of 6:4 dari she is not familiar with opposing sex. The actress claims that she doesn’t have a boyfriend since she is busy with her career. At the moment, she has no husband and also is single.

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Jang Na-ra trust in marriage, and also she plans to settle turun once she is 37 years old and have kids sebelum age 40.

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