THEY dimenangkannya the hearts of game Of Thrones fans roughly the world when castle played lovers Khal Drogo and also Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series.

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But the pair sent the web into meltdown when they common a series of cozy pictures together.


Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa sent anda Game that Thrones fans right into meltdown through this pictureCredit: Instagram

Are Emilia Clarke and also Jason Momoa dating?

As much as game Of Thrones fans would certainly LOVE the if Emilis and also Jason were a actual couple, the pair are NOT dating.

Jason is in reality a happily married man, yet has frequently talked around the "love and also respect" he has for his former co-star and on-screen wife.

On respectable 15, the pair sent fans wild when they had a mini-reunion come celebrate the date of birth of video game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff.

Both actors common pics indigenous the gathering on Instagram.


Emilia Clarke and also Jason Momoa had actually a mini-reunion in august 2021Credit: Instagram

In Emilia's photo, Jason is literally scan the mommy of dragon off her feet.

But it to be Jason's photograph that got orang talking - as in it she is checked out sitting on his lap, v the actor writing lanjut to the snap: "MOON OF mine LIFE. You room wonderful love u forever."





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Who is Jason married to?

Jason is married to actress Lisa Bonet ~ the pair began dating in 2005.

Though that was commonly rumoured that the pair bound the knot in 2007, the wasn't till 2017 the they publicly announced they had actually wed.

There is a 12 tahun age gap in between them, together Jason is 42 and Lisa is 54.

The pair have two children.

Is Emilia Clarke date anyone?

Emilia is percaya to be currently single.

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Her terakhir relationship was with film director Charlie McDowell, however that ended in 2019 after a tahun together.