It appears that song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo bertemu on the to adjust of "Descendants the the Sun" did no happen hanya by chance. Another industry professional was responsible for the two membagikan screen an are in the struggle drama, at some point falling in love through each various other in actual life. The someone is gibbs Jo In-sung.

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As noted by website Soompi, ~ above July 10, the marital relationship of track Joong-ki and also Song Hye-kyo was debated on Channel A"s "Heard It through the Grapevine." one of the panellists in the show revealed that the SongSong pair had first met in the tahun 2013, through actor Jo In-sung.

To this information, lagi panellist added, "Many actors, kemudian as Jo In-sung, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Min-ho, and Kang Dong-won, menjadi in talks for the function of Yoo Si-jin in "Descendants the the Sun." However, paling of them had to rotate it down because the drama to be being pre-produced and filmed overseas. Jo In-sung kemudian recommended song Joong-ki come the production staff."

Song Hye-kyo had operated with Jo In-sung in "That Winter, the Wind Blows." Jo In-sung an initial met with tune Joong-ki in 2008, ~ above the sets of "A Frozen Flower" and remained an excellent friends ever since. He also appeared in "Running Man," where tune Joong-ki to be a reguler member from episode 1 come 41. Lee Kwang-soo is a common friend.

It seems prefer Song Joong-ki was fated to accomplish Song Hye-kyo all bersama and Jo In-sung acted together an agency, helping them meet. The remainder as they say, is Hallyu history. Track Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo began as colleagues, became an excellent friends, fell in love and also then, in Japan, Joong-ki proposed come his lady love. Dari mereka wedding date has been collection for October 31, this year.

Recently, as provided by Soompi, the filming manager of "Descendants of the Sun," Kim Shi-hyung talked about his two lead actors, in one interview v KBS2"s "Entertainment Weekly," the aired top top July 7. "They ended up being much closer throughout the latter fifty percent compared to the beginning. In the beginning, they were hanya friendly as job-related colleagues who had a senior-junior relationship," the director said.

He added, "We did shot to film together comfortably as possibly, so that they bisa become closer. However, I tidak pernah imagined the they would construct into a couple." paling fans dulu surprised through the wedding announcement on July 5, also though paling had strongly suspected and also hoped the was the case. The surprise had much more to execute with the sebenarnya that the couple announced they dulu getting married, without any kind of prior notice of dating.

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Meanwhile, track joong-ki"s firm Blossom Entertainment tambahan revealed on July 11 that the actor to be not appearing in the new movie "Ro Ki Wan," in the command role. In fakta his next project hadn"t been evidenced yet. Flower Entertainment juga added the the actor has actually been considering berbeda projects that have actually been offline to him, in ~ the moment.