, sampanye - hari Jumat Agung merupakan peringatan wafatnya Yesus Kristus silam bangkit pada aku Paskah. Kematian Yesus di atas hutan salib diimani umat Kristiani seperti bentuk tebus kesalahan dosa umat manusia.

Anda sedang menonton: Jumat agung dalam bahasa inggris

Untuk merayakan aku Jumat Agung, kamu bisa ~ saling berbagi kata-kata ucapan Jumat Agung di dalam bahasa Inggris.

Selain secara langsung, kamu bisa juga menyampaikan melalui pesan kilade atau dijadikan status di media sosial.

Hanya, merangkai prasasti ucapan Jumat Agung di dalam bahasa Inggris ~ no perkara mudah. Tak sedikit orang yang bingung menyusun jumlah orang ucapan Jumat Agung dalam bahasa Inggris yang indah.

Kamu tak perlu risau, ada berbagai bentuk prasasti ucapan Jumat Agung batin bahasa Inggris yang bisa kamu gunakan. Tinggal pilih saja mana di antara ide kata-kata ucapan Jumat Agung dalam bahasa Inggris yang paling menarik.

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Kata-Kata Ucapan Jumat Agung dalam Bahasa Inggris


Ilustrasi kata-kata ucapan, Jumat Agung. (Gambar oleh sspiehs3 dari Pixabay)
1. "Very thankful because that the countless blessings the lord has given me ns adore you, Lord."

2. "Happy good Friday! may God revolve this great Friday into a blissful beginning of your life. Might God fill her life with goodness ~ above this divine day."

3. "Jesus Christ bore all in silence since he accepted us in him. I harapan we deserve to return the exact same to him. Have actually a blessed great Friday."

4. "On this occasion, ns pray the God is always there to give you his blessing and bawa pulang good treatment of you. Best wishes on an excellent Friday come you."

5. "May God provides you mercy, forgiveness, and love in your life to make it a beautiful life…. Wishing you a very senang Good Friday."

6. "May great Friday lug peace and prosperity in your very own life. May the holy Spirit shield girlfriend from any threat. The mr Lights your means up now and always."

7. "Good Friday is beautiful because it reminds united state that we matter to the good Lord. Have a divine an excellent Friday v your family and loved ones."

8. "May you and also your love ones are selalu showered v the choicest blessings of the Almighty. Warmth wishes on good Friday come you."

9. "Wishing girlfriend a an extremely blessed and senang Good Friday. May this divine day lug into ours life happiness and also goodness."

10. "Happy good Friday! might God rotate this an excellent Friday into a blissful start of your life. May God fill her life with goodness top top this divine day."


11. "Very thankful because that the countless blessings the mr has given me i adore you, Lord. Happy Good Friday to all!"

12. "We are blessed due to the fact that Lord loves you. He to be born for us and also sacrificed his life for us. It’s a day come be thankful to our mr for every pains he bored in silence."

13. "Holy Friday is the chance to recall the sacrifices the the mr that had actually been crucified and also expired to the guilty of kemanusiaan to conserve the world. Warmth wishes on Easter great Friday for you."

14. "Sending my best wishes on this divine occasion of good Friday. Might your heart be filled with kindness, joy, and also happiness."

15. "On the chance of great Friday, allow us say thanks to Almighty for all the love and also blessings he has showered us with. Wishing you a very happy Good Friday."

16. "On the auspicious chance of great Friday, i am sending out you warmth wishes because that a day full of goodness, joy, and also smiles with your love ones."

17. "On this day, our lord made a good sacrifice and freed us all indigenous sins. Let us all take a moment and also thank our lord for all the love he has actually blessed united state with."

18. "I’m praying to Lord the he keeps friend safe selalu and surrounds your life through eternal love and happiness. Wishing you a Holy an excellent Friday!"

19. "May the sacrifice of our Savior be the motivation for you to go forward and follow the light of redemption. Have actually a blissful time top top this divine Easter Friday!"

20. "May the love that Jesus fill her heart v heavenly bliss and holy desires for now and forever. Wishing you a Holy an excellent Friday my friend!"


21. "Don’t questioning God to placed an finish to your difficulties but selalu ask that for toughness to face the challenges of life. Senang Good Friday to you."

22. "May that bestow her home and also heart with eternal happiness and goodness to make this journey of life a beautiful one because that you. Senang Good Friday."

23. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and also today and also forever. Might you Reside in ~ his abiding love mine Jesus who had actually been born in a manger be born again on your Heart. Senang Good Friday 2021."

24. "The work is the celebration of fearlessness; once you challenge problems in life, perform not pray come God to let them away, however ask God to provide you the vessel to face the challenge. The victory will be yours. Senang Good Friday my dear friend."

25. "On great Friday, let united state remember Jesus that was crucified because that our sins. Let us pray because that him to show us the sinless way of living our lives. Too ~ friend, warmth wishes on an excellent Friday come you."

26. "Every problem comes with a purpose. Execute not questioning to ambil away this problems yet ask the to display you the ideal path to follow in life. Warm good Friday wishes to you, mine friend."

27. "Warm desire on good Friday to you mine dear. May Jesus shower you with all his love and also care for a blessed life."

28. "Wishing everyone a blessed great Friday. Might He is selalu there come enlighten united state with pengetahuan and bless us with positivity in life.

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30. "Let us say thanks to the kid of God because that bearing our sins and sacrificing his life for us. We harapan we can display kindness and forgiveness to rather which he teach us through his deeds. Have a blessed an excellent Friday!"


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