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Cruising when the sun goes downAcross the seaSearching for, something inside of meI would discover all the lost piecesHardly feel, deep and also realI to be blinded now I seeHey hey hey you"re the oneHey hey hey you"re the oneHey hey hey i can"t live without youTake me to her placeWhere our hearts belong togetherI will follow youYou"re the factor that i breatheI"ll come berlari to youFill me through your love foreverI"ll promise you one thingThat ns would tidak pernah let friend go"Cause you space my everythingYou"re the one, you"re mine inspirationYou"re the one, kiss, you"re the oneYou"re the light that would save me safe and also warmYou"re the one, kiss, you"re the oneLike the sun goes down, coming from over allTo the deepest laut and highest mountainDeep and also real deep I can see currently
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