After lainnya bloody an excellent season of Kingdom, fans will be even an ext ravenous to watch the oriental horror series return because that a third. We’re still wait for Netflix to check that a third season is happening, however we have the right to look forward to the one-hour special episode “Ashin of the North” which come July 2021.

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Kingdom is a Netflix initial South korean horror series tertulis by Kim Eun-hee. The collection is based upon the publication Land the the Gods, i m sorry was juga written by Kim Eun-hee. Very first arriving in 2019, the horror series has darimana become one of the paling popular non-English titles accessible to currently on Netflix.

Has Kingdom been renewed for season three?

We’re over a tahun on sejak the melepaskan of Kingdom season 2 on Netflix, and sadly we’re still however to listen any berita that the collection has to be renewed for season three.

Our confidence the Kingdom will certainly be returning has significantly increased after ~ the confirmation that the series will be returning v a special krim episode, exploring the personality of Gianna Jun, portrayed by Jun Ji-hyun. It has been confirmed that Kingdom: Ashin that the North will certainly be comes to Netflix on July 23rd, 2021.

Despite the absence of renewal, we’re still confident the the series will be returning for a third season. Our confidence has only been bolstered more dari screenwriter Kim Eun-hee and director Park in-je were interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked about the amount of cerita and mageri she had left, Kim Eun-hee had the complying with to say:

Strangely enough, Kingdom is a collection that provides me an ext energy the much more I write it. The cast and crew every have an excellent chemistry, and there’s therefore much more to tell. If viewers allow, I would certainly love to check out it build even as much as season 10.

The terakhir we’ve heard from Kim Eun-hee was her discussing apa role Jun Ji Hyun may have actually to permainan in season three:

I think Jun Ji Hyun will akan a main role alongside the main personalities from season one and also two.

Fans, and also indeed ourselves, room delighted to read how enthusiastic Kim Eun-hee is about the future of Kingdom. Ten seasons is incredibly ambitious, but considering how popular the horror series has become, who’s to say that couldn’t reach dual figures?

What to intend from season 3 of Kingdom

Below we’ll be discussing maafkan saya we can expect to see from the 3rd season the Kingdom.

*Spoilers because that Kingdom season two*

Outbreak in the North

After seven years and also three months dari Prince halaman faked his death, we learned native Young-Shin, in a reunion through Cho Beom-Pal, that his royal highness had been investigating the resurrection plant, searching it all over Korea. Us learned the the resurrection plant had been growing in regions everywhere Korea, and a secret seller from the Chinese/Korean border had actually been marketing it come the usual folk.

Taking Prince Chang, Seobi, and his guard north, they discovered an exit village. ~ above investigating, lock soon discovered that the village had become infected. After ~ dispatching among the undead, the lebih-lebih lagi ringing of bells amongst the tree indicated, also more, infected menjadi on the way.

With just three trained fighters among them, from maafkan saya we saw, it’s very likely the Prince chang may have to retreat indigenous the north. Without the relevant numberi of tentara to take down zombies, there could be another outbreak in the north.

Who is she!?

The new undead prince?

Despite remove the worms from the young Prince together a baby, that at the very least one of the parasites continued to be in his system, laying dormant till his brain had developed enough for it to ambil over.

For now, every we understand is the the worm moving the infection has spread to the Prince’s brain. Acquisition into consideration it has actually been lie dormant for 7 years, that may kerusakan the young royal in different way to other victims.

Personally, it would certainly be too easy for epidemic to case the prince, turning him into a mindless monster and also spreading the plague within the royal residence walls. It’s likely we’ll watch a new membentuk of contamination, one that might corrupt his mind until eventually turning him right into a smarter and also even deadlier zombie.

Will a cure ever be found?

Seobi had spent the much better part of seven years do the efforts to find a cure because that the undead plague. Various other than the exploration that submerging a victim in water destroys the worms, an extremely little perkembangan had been made.

In her research, Seobi had the ability to round up every that us knew about the virus;

The worms are impacted by weather, favoring cooler temperatures over warmth, however are very volatile once exposed to excessive heat.The undead lay dormant during the month of Spring and also SummerIn Autumn and also Winter, the undead room only positif during the night as soon as temperatures dropAfter the Winter solstice until the an initial day of spring the dead remain positif day and also night.Submerging the victim in water before infection bawa pulang hold will ruin the worms within of the body

Sadly, Seobi had actually been mistaken about newborns immunity, as the worms taruh dormant within the prince also after submerging his wounds.

Seobi’s research has been left in the tangan of Cho Beom-Pal, in situation of lagi outbreak, which might arrive sooner than anyone would have expected.

Kim Eun-hee’s update

In the same discussion where screenwriter Kim Eun-hee speak of Jun Ji Hyun’s function in Kingdom, she revealed a tiny of apa we have the right to expect from the 3rd season:

Season one told the cerita of hunger and also season 2 told the cerita of blood. If Netflix agrees, I want season 3 to phone call the cerita of resentment. Season two brought attention to the concept of ‘temperature’ and also I think if the story dulu to travel north, the berbeda ecosystem in the phia băc would act together a hint.

Casting berita for Kingdom Season three

We stated goodbye to plenty of actors members in the second season, numerous sadly falling victim come the undead plague.

One actors member we’ll definitely be seeing much more of for the 3rd season will certainly be Jun Ji Hyun. While that might name it is in unfamiliar for some, the South korean actress was watched in the dying seconds of Kingdom season two, revealing her to it is in the culprit spreading the resurrection flower approximately Korea.

It to be revealed in late 2019 that Jun Ji Hyun had actually been cast, but her function had been retained a fiercely guarded secret. We deserve to now recognize why, due to the fact that her being cast all however confirms a third season the Kingdom.

Cast members, we’re expecting to view returning because that season three are:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard castle before?
Crown Prince ChangJu Ji-HoonAsure: The City of insanity | antique | The Spy unable to do North
Seo-BiBae Doo-NaSense8 | Cloud peta | The Host
Young-ShinKim Sung-KyuThe Outlaws | Tunnel | The inadvertently Detective
Jo Beom-PalJun Suk-HoStrong Woman do Bong-Soon | Intruders | Lucid Dream
Moo Young’s WifeAhn Eun JinHospital Playlist | Stranger indigenous Hell | The Crowned Clown

We’ll ensure to record you up on all the latest news and info for the 3rd season that Kingdom.

When have the right to we expect filming to begin for the 3rd season of Kingdom?

The an international pandemic was the greatest hinderance come the future of the Original, as it to be to many Netflix Originals that witnessed delays like anggun and Frankie, or cancellation choose GLOW.

With no berita confirmed that Kingdom is returning because that a season 3 it’s tough to speculate once we have the right to expect the filming to begin.

When deserve to we suppose to see Kingdom season three on Netflix?

As we’ve speculated above, Covid-19 could greatly dampak the production of the 3rd season, which method we could see the collection delayed by of least a few months.

It’s becoming makin less most likely we’ll check out Kingdom return in any capacity in 2021. The earliest us could mengharapkan to intend the collection to return to Netflix currently is 2022.

How many episodes will season three feature?

We’ve selalu known that Kingdom had been propelled from eight illustration to twelve, but rencana for a third season may not have actually been taken into consideration if the wasn’t for the overwhelming popularity.

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Now that we’re in uncharted territory, we could see even more episodes of Kingdom. We’d certainly like to view more, however the nilai of membuat Kingdom is extremely expensive. Netflix can regularly be strict with the mageri of illustration in one Original, for this reason don’t be surprised to check out the collection return with another six episodes.