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I was partly sad, however it merely hyped me up lebih-lebih lagi (Literally telah mengambil some time off occupational to clock this, and will again lanjut week) and also they walk at the very least omit the ED visuals for much more screen time. Not certain if they'll omit the OP or ED lanjut week though.

Adorkable indeed!

lol through both Veldora & Milim I'm pretty certain dragon family linneage predisposes them genetically to dorkhook & it's awesome.

Veldora is a true dragon that culture.

Now I'm hanya imagining uncle/niece bonding time through Milim where they're just geeking over manga and fighting games.

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Hadoken 10x to 1x Shoryuken then end through 1x Tatsumaki Senpuu kyaku. Somebody an excellent with the game tell me pls if this is a viable strategy lol.