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Berikut adalah contoh soal ulangan di atas semester (UAS/PAS) semester 1 (ganjil) untuk kelas 12 tingkat SMA/SMK. Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 ini ditujukan kepada adik-adik yang akan mandat ulangan semester ganjil seperti bahan referensi dan pembelajaran mapel B Inggris. Soal UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Selain menemani itu soal UAS Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 ini dapat kalian download pdf secara gratis. Mudah-mudahan soal sebuah latihan ini dapat help anda apa akan menghadapi Ujian Akhir/Penilaian Semester (UAS/PAS) 1/ganjil. diperoleh materi soal UAS/PAS 1 B Inggris ini berasal dari document soal-soal ulangan harian, uas, ukk dan berdasarkan kurikulum 2013. Soal latihan bahasa Inggris ini dapat kita pergunakan tambahan ketika become menghadapi ujian sekolah kemudian bahan ajar sekaligus pembelajaran tambahan. Dibawah ini adalah Soal UAS/PAS 1 Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 (SMA/SMK) dengan jumlah 50 soal pilihan yang harus kalian beri tanda silang (x) pada alfabet a,b,c,d dan e mencapai jawaban apa menurut kalian tepat dan benar ! 50 Soal UAS B Inggris pilihan Ganda 1. Receptionist : family members restaurant, deserve to I tolong you? Braga : yes Please, ... For lanjut Saturday evening. Receptionist : I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month. A. I really need your membantu B. I desire to book a ticket C. I need to reserve a room D. I’d like to reserve 2 tables E. I’d like to cancel my preventive 2. David : go Ken sign up with the futsal competition terakhir week? Clare : No, he broke his leg, for this reason he didn’t untuk mengambil part that the contest. If the hadn’t damaged his leg, I’m certain he would have actually ... Part of it. A. Ambil B. Aku mengambilnya C. Takes D. Take away E. Acquisition 3. Lala : Dian, you are a cook in one Italian restaurant, aren’t you? apa are her duties exactly? Dian : ns supervise the preparation and also the service of the food indigenous the kitchen to the dining room, mengatur the menu, and........ A. Transferring away the dirty dishes come the pantry B. Bawa pulang care of the cleanliness the the kitchen C. Taste the food because that correct seasoning D. Offered drinks to the table in the bar E. Companion the guest on the table 4. Receptionist: good afternoon penyihir Air, deserve to I membantu you? Tomi :.......... Receptionist : when would you favor to walk sir? Tomi : morning afternoon. A. Can I publication a table for tomorrow afternoon? B. I would favor to check a flight to Medan. C. Ns would prefer to reserve a solitary room. D. I need you to help me. E. Can I membantu you? 5. Guest : would certainly you execute me a favour, please? Manager : Yes, sir............. Guest : ns ordered lunch an hour ago, but I haven’t gained it yet. A. I’ll call room service. B. Would certainly you prefer to have actually lunch? C. Apa seems to be the problem? D. How do you choose your food, sir? E. What would you prefer to order, sir? 6. Clara : would you favor to join us because that dinner? Alika : I’m i m really sorry I have to go now. Ns wish......... A. Ns cannot have dinner di sini B. I bisa stay longer C. You tell me an initial D. Ns couldn’t stay E. I can chef 7. Client : forgive me, I have my handphone repaired terakhir week. Yet it still didn’t work. Shopkeeper :.......... Customer : say thanks to you. A. Why don’t you check it yourself? B. Don’t concerned me please! C. I’m i m really sorry to hear that. D. I’m no sure about it. E. Permit me check It. 8. Ani : Which painting ... Be displayed tomorrow? Bebi : we don’t know yet, lock ... Through a team now. A. Room going to B. Is going to C. Have been D. Has being E. Is being 9. Risa : will Hasya to buy the book? Lutfi : If the book ... An extremely expensive, she won’t purchase It. A. Is B. To be C. Space D. Had actually E. Has actually 10. Alfi : hi Dimas, where space you walk to spend your holiday? Dimas : I have actually not decided yet! however I ... Come Denpasar. Alfi : That’s great. A. Might have gone B. Might be going C. Might be unable to do D. Are going E. Might go 11. Ms. Diah: good afternoon. May I help you? Chandra: My surname is Chandra and also I have an appointment v dr. Tika in ~ 4 p.m. Ms. Diah: Wait a minute A. She is treating a patient at the moment B. She was off duty this day C. Ns am tho on the way D. The is the end of town E. The is not well 12. Melia : Chandra, what melakukan your mother do? Chandra: She is a nurse. She A. Examines patient B. Makes medicine because that patients C. Performs surgical operasi D. Supervise the doctor’s work E. Help doctors bawa pulang care of patient 13. Hanny: Century travel, Hanny speaking. Deserve to I membantu you? Rian : Hello, Ms. Hanny. This is Rian.........because I have an urgent meeting. Hanny : Okay, Mr. Rian. But I have to remind you that you Will gain the fine for cancellation. Rian : Ok. Tidak pernah mind. Thank you. A. I am sorry, but I have to complain about my vacation B. I am disappointed v the service terakhir night C. Ns felt dreadful sad because that having poor holiday D. I desire to publication my expedition to Makassar E. Ns am confirming my trip to Bunaken 14. Nadita: maafkan saya should I write in the first paragraph of an applications letter? Rina : Talk around why you room writing the project you’re applying, and....... A. Talk around the reasons why you are the right person for the job B. Tell her employer your rencana if you get the job C. Tell the employer about your individualities D. Tell the employer your qualifications E. Exactly how you know about the vacancy 15. Adi : Stacey, who taught girlfriend to do this type of presentation? Stacey :............ Adi : girlfriend made the on her own? It’s awesome! A. I learned the from the internet. B. I replicated it indigenous you. C. I just think around it. D. I never made it. E. Ns don’t favor it. 16. Manager : walk our firm get an ext profit indigenous sales this year? Supervisor.: I’m fear not, sir. But we mungkin have promoted the commodities if. A. People had been more familiar through the product B. We had hired much more sales to represent C. Rakyat hadn’t bought other products D. Us hadn’t produced more products E. We need to fired several of the sales 17. Linda : carry out you have actually any rencana this holiday? Carla :...........There will be a household outing funded by mine dad’s company. A. I have actually gone by plane. B. Ns wIll remain in a cottage. C. My household are in ~ home. D. Ns am going to go to Bandung. E. I have actually a barbeque party in mine house. 18. Vera : The air air conditioning in my room is broken. Apa should ns do? Danny : You have to ... An electncian to settle it. A. Referred to as B. Call C. Panggilan D. Phone call E. Has called karena mendapatkan soal-soal uas bahasa Inggris kelas 12 ini secara utuh silahkan kita download pdf soal uas Indonesia melalui link apa telah disediakan. Jika noel bisa melakukan download silahkan hubungi melalui halaman CONTACT mencapai menyertakan titah soal apa ingin anda dapatkan. Admin zona soal ini adalah mengirimkan soal apa anda inginkan kepada email anda. Download Pdf Soal UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Ikuti terus blog Zona Soal ini agar kami mendapatkan rangkuman materi pelajaran dan kumpulan contoh soal-soal olah seperti soal Ulangan markas besar Semester (UTS), soal Ulangan di atas Semester (UAS/PAS), soal Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK), Ulangan Bersama atau Ujian Nasional UN karena SD, MI, SMP, SMA, SMK maupun MTs yang telah disesuaikan dengan kisi-kisi five ajaran terbaru. karena file terdiri dari banyak page maka admin membagi were 2 potongan agar paper download noël terlalu besar.

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Demikian contoh olah soal UAS/PAS Mapel Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 terbaru karena Sekolah Menengah Atas/Kejuruan (SMA/SMK) Kelas 12. Harapan bermanfaat, selamat belajar dan SUKSES selalu.