rapid & Furious 6 Soundtrack: Every song In The Movie fast & Furious 6 took the family to London and here"s a guide to every tune on the soundtrack, including "We very own It" through 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa.

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Here"s a guide to the official soundtrack of Fast & Furious 6. It"s nearly hard come track just how The Fast and The Furious - a modestly-budgeted street racer kerja flick native 2001 - in which method kickstarted one of the paling successful movie franchises of every time. The very first movie made bintang of Vin Diesel, michelle Rodriguez and also Paul Walker, but only the latter returned because that 2 rapid 2 Furious. The series looked prefer it to be coming to a natural finish with Tokyo Drift, i beg your pardon focused approximately a new main character. However, Diesel was persuaded by the studio to do a kecil cameo in exchange for the izin to Riddick, but this appearance acquired viewers excited for his potential return.

Thus Fast & Furious rejoined the crucial players indigenous the initial movie and proved there to be plenty left in the tank. Fast Five have the right to really be attributed with the franchise"s present-day success, together it relocated away from jalan racing and became much more of a heist movie. It juga introduced Dwayne Johnson"s Hobbs, who came to be an immediate fan favorite. The series" mix of outrageous merencanakan setpieces with a surprising amount of love - and also cheesiness - has actually proven to it is in a robust formula.

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The finish of Fast and Furious 6 finally tied Tokyo Drift in v the remainder of the saga, introduced Jason Statham"s antihero menunjukkan and basically set up the ongoing soap opera with car chases that is the franchise"s present shape. The sixth movie itself telah mengambil place in London, with Dom and the crew learning that Letty is tho alive and working v a team of mercenaries. The sequel"s score was composed by Lucas Vidal, and also here"s every tune that appeared on the soundtrack.

Gal Gadot as Gisele Yashar in Fast and also Furious 6
We own It - 2 Chainz & Wiz KhalifaBall - T.I. Ft Lil WayneCon Locura - Sua ft Jiggy DramaHK Superstar - MC Jin ft Daniel WuFailbait - deadmau5 ft Cypress HillBada Bing - Benny BanksBurst! (Bart B much more Remix) - PeachesMister Chicken - DeluxeRoll the Up - The crystal MethodHere us Go / Quasar (Hybrid Remix) - Hard rock Sofa & Swanky TunesBandoleros - Don Omar ft Tego CalderónRest Of my Life - Ludacris ft usher & David Guetta If the Fast and Furious 6 ending song "Bandoleros" by Don Omar and also Tego Calderón sounds familiar, there"s due to the fact that it to be featured in both Tokyo Drift and also 2009"s Fast & Furious. In addition to featuring tracks from well-established artists like deadmau5, T.I. And, the course, franchise star Ludacris, the soundtrack"s big track is "We very own It," a collaboration by 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa. The solitary sold rather well ~ above its own, and Wiz Khalifa would certainly return for Furious 7 for the track "See friend Again" with Charlie Puth.

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"See friend Again" was written as a tribute to franchise star Paul Walker, who died in a automobile accident throughout a break in manufacturing on the sequel. The song ended up being enormously popular, and also its music video clip is among the most-viewed ever before on YouTube. The lanjut entry in the series will be F9 which will juga feature the return the Sung Kang"s Han - regardless of the events of Fast & Furious 6 - and also after that, the main collection is set to end with the eleventh installment.