ANDA MENGETAHUI judul DAN nama PENYANYIKetikkan namu penyanyi dan judul lagu, berikan gejala kutip di judul lagu, misal: Yovie "Menjaga Hati";bila tidak berhasil, coba untuk mengilangkan sign kutip, misal: Yovie mengolah Hati; ataudapat also dengan mengeklik menu A B C D..

Anda sedang menonton: Lirik lagu everything gonna be alright

, lalu cari berdasarkan nama artis.Yovie dimulai dengan Y, klik Y. Lihat daftar lagu, dan dapatkan yang Anda cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI mengendarai LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI nama PENYANYIKetik nama belakang penyanyi, misal: YOVIE, akan muncul kawanan halaman, telusuri dan pilih dari halaman-halaman tersebut; atauklik food selection A B C D E ... berdasarkan nama belakang artis Y, cari Yovie, dan cari yang Anda cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI mengendarai LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI SYAIRKetikkan penggalan syair apa Anda ketahui, misal:Tanpamu tiada berartiTak mampu lainnya berdiriCahaya kasihmu menuntunkuKembali di dalam dekapan tanganmuMasukkan inskripsi penting. Misal: tiada berarti kedudukan cahaya dekapan.Hindari kata-kata yang berkemungkinan memiliki ada dua versi atau lebih. Misal: tanpamu dapat ditulis tanpa mu.TETAP noel DAPAT digali apa ANDA CARIPilih food selection A B C D E ...

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berdasarkan nama artis atau titudit lagu.
Smooth it outThis is a cerita about the drifterWho waited v the worst for the best in crosstownWho never planned top top havin" for this reason dickWhy me huh?Everything"s gonna it is in alright (alright)Everything"s gonna be alright (alright)Everything"s gonna it is in alright currently (alright)Everything"s gonna it is in alright (alright)Some gain a little and some gain noneSome record a negative one and also some leaving the job half doneI to be one who tidak pernah had and always madNever knew my dad, mommy fuck the fagWhere all over I did choose up, flipped the clip upToo plenty of stick-ups, "cause niggas had the create hic-upsI couldn"t gain a job, nappy rambut was no allowedMy mother couldn"t afford united state all, she had actually to throw me outI to walk the strip, i beg your pardon is a clip, that wanna hit?They acquired "em quick, I had to eat, this money"s an excellent as spentI threw in graves, i wasn"t paid enoughI preserved "em lengthy "cause i couldn"t bought a haircutI obtained laughed at, I obtained chumped, I acquired dissedI acquired upset, I got a tech in the banana clipWas turun to litter the led to any kind of tellin" crackheadI"m tho livin" broke, so a lot of of great it would"ve didOr done, if no for poor luck, ns would have actually noneWhy go I need to live a life of seperti a negative oneWhy once I to be a kid and played out was a sad oneAnd selalu wanted come live like hanya a fat oneA ghetto bastard, born lanjut to the projectsLivin" in the slums v bums, ns sit and watch themWhy do I need to be choose this? momma claimed I"m pricelessSo ns am every worthless, starved, and it"s hanya for being a nice kidSometimes i wish I mungkin afford a pistol then, thoughLast stop to hell, i would"ve finished things a ketika agoI ain"t have jack but a warna hitam hat and napsackFour formation stolen in dare in a blackjackDrop that, and also now you want me come rap and give?Say somethin" positive? Well optimistic ain"t where I livedI live right about a corner from barat hellTwo block from south shit, it remained in a jail cellThe sun tidak pernah shone top top my side of the street, seeAnd only once or double a main I would certainly speakI walked alone, mine state of psychic was house sweet homeI couldn"t save a girl, castle wanted youngsters for cause of chromeSome life, it girlfriend ain"t wear yellow your style was oldAnd you got much more juice than dope because that every party soldHell no, ns say there"s gotta it is in a better wayBut hey, tidak pernah gamble any type of game the you can"t playI"m slowin" and flowin" and also goin" in on and knowin" not nowHow will certainly I do it, just how will ns make it? ns won"t, that"s howWhy me, huh?My third year into adulthood, and also still a knuckleheadI"m much better off dead, huh, that"s what my neighborhood saidI don"t do mendongkrak but fightin", lightin" increase the roadways at nightPlayin" hide and seek v a machetti ??? like freddy swipeSome say I"m rollin" on, nothin" but a dog nowI prize that with a tech, who wanna bow-wow?"Cause ns done to be through an ext shit in ~ the terakhir weekThan i fly flowin" in doo-doo on the concreteI to be a deadbeat, dead come the dunia and dead wrongSince i was born that"s mine life, five you don"t know this song?So don"t say jack, and please don"t speak you understandAll that guy to guy talk hanya hot damnIf friend ain"t live girlfriend couldn"t feeling it, so kill it, skilletAnd all that talk about it won"t help it out, now will it?And illtown fell like i stuck-up props, got shotDon"t worry, i hit Bob, flurry, and his punk-ass droppedBut I"m the one who has been labeled together an outcastThey changin" schools, I"m the misfit that will certainly outlastBut that"s cool v the bull, smack "em backwardsThat"s maafkan saya you get for fuckin" v a ghetto bastardIf you ain"t ever before been come the ghettoDon"t ever come to the ghetto"Cause you ain"t understand the ghettoAnd continue to be the fuck out of the ghettoWhy me?(alright)