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This Is my Kingdom Come refers to the pre-chorus component of the 2013 Imagine Dragons track "Demons." In 2021, the part gained famous popularity in mim as a joke around semen, gift paired through videos that various putih liquids gift sprayed or spilled.


On january 28th, 2013, American rock pita Imagine dragons released "Demons,"<1> the fourth single from their studio album Night Visions (music video shown below). In the pre-chorus component of the song, the lyric "this is mine kingdom come" is repeated twice. The term "kingdom come" has Biblical origin and way "forever" or "heaven."<2>

In the late 2000s, advertising agency CHEETHAM BELL developed a series of commercials because that the antacid Gaviscon in i beg your pardon firemen extinguish fires burning in stomachs v a putih liquid (shown below, right).<3>

No matter what we breed, us still are made of greedThis is mine kingdom come, this is mine kingdom come

Prior come December 2020, numerous memes in which the lyric "this is my kingdom come" was used as a joke around semen menjadi posted online. On June 19th, 2020, an iFunny<4> user post a Gemini31292"s Seizure Reaction GIF inscription captioned v the lyric. The post gained over 120 smiles (shown below, left). ~ above September 21st, 2020, YouTuber<5> FXE 6023 posted a Cum Chalice picture that acquired over 9,300 see in one tahun (shown below, center). Top top November 12th, 2020, Instagram<6> user oggren99 posted a picture that obtained over 49,200 views and 9,700 likes in eight month (shown below, right).


Ogreen99"s video received viral spread out online in the following weeks with multiple reposts. For example, on November 13th, Instagram<7> user creamy1s reposted the meme, acquiring over 309,000 views and 43,400 likes.

On December 11th, 2020, TikToker<8> billiejean23 posted a video in which lock filmed the Gaviscon firemen advertisement permainan on their PC screen ketika "Demons" by Imagine Dragons play (shown below). The TikTok received over 1.6 juta views and also 349,000 likes in seven months.


Starting in late january 2021, a cropped version of the TikTok received viral spread out online. On januari 31st, 2021, Instagram<9> user 4chantv2.0 reposted the video, with the reupload gaining over 240,000 views and also 25,500 likes in five months. Top top February 1st, 2021, YouTuber<10> Leôncio_ shitpost reposted a version of the video clip subtitled "this is mine kingdom cum" that got over 5,500 views in five months. Top top February 8th, iFunny<11> user Nubzaup re-renewed again the subtitled video, v the repost acquiring over 20,800 smiles.

Following the viral spread out of the Gaviscon advertisement meme, the component of the song gained viral popular in edits, particularly in those in which the was an unified with videos that various putih liquids. On February 15th, 2021, YouTuber<12> gig post a Gachimuchi version that received over 133,800 views (shown below, left). On in march 16th, YouTuber<13> ObirAles reposted a This Is mine Kingdom Come meme based upon a clip of YouTuber Brandon Farris (shown below, right).

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Additionally, a variation of the track with its lyrics rearranged in a sexually provocative way juga gained popularity.