Mexico's Henry Martin, center, celebrates v teammates ~ scoring a goal versus South Korea throughout a men's quarterfinal soccer enhance at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Saturday, July 31, 2021, in Yokohama, Japan.AP



The first of 2 men’s soccer semifinals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ~ above Tuesday pits Mexico against Brazil at Kashima Stadium. In the quarterfinals, the mexican exploded for six goals in a 6-3 triumph over southern Korea, kapan Brazil knocked off Egypt by a narrow score the 1-0 ~ above a goal scored through Matheus Cunha. Top the means for Mexico on violation this tournament is the duo of francisco Cordova and also Henry Martin, who have each scored 3 times. Meanwhile, Brazil is spearheaded in the final third by Everton maju Richarlison, who has discovered the back of the net tahun times transparent the competition. The winner that this game will challenge the victor in the various other semifinal between spanyol and Japan.

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Start time/TV channel - Tuesday’s video game will start at 4:00 a.m. EST because that a live broadcast and air top top TV via NBCSN Network in english and Telemundo in Spanish. If you nothing know how to find the channel via your provider, you have the right to track them down with her provider’s channel finder: Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum/Charter, Optimum/Altice, DIRECTV, Dish, Hulu, fuboTV, Sling.

Live stream: Where deserve to I present the Olympics? NBCOlympics.com | Peacock | fuboTV | Sling - You can use your login credentials from your TV provider to monitor on NBCOlympics.com. Girlfriend can tambahan stream the Olympics via streaming services Peacock (which has a totally free tier) and fuboTV (which has a totally free seven-day trial).

How to watch replays that the match - If you miss the match live, you can watch replays any time via Peacock.

How to clock the Olympics for free - You can watch paling Olympic events for free via Peacock, which has a cost-free standard tier that melakukan have commercials. You can tambahan catch seven days of occasions for free (including the primetime rebroadcasts) by signing up because that a attempt of fuboTV. Again, some live broadcasts will be exclusive to Peacock Premium. However, delay broadcasts are obtainable for free.

SAITAMA, Japan (AP) — Mikel Oyarzabal helped spain into a 2nd semifinal in a month. Brazil continues to be on track because that a rapid return to another final.

With youthful squads, Olympic men’s football lacks the statusnya of the european Championship or Copa America. The Tokyo gamings still market the chance for the countries to collection trophies this year.

The Spanish dulu taken by Ivory coast to extra time before winning 5-2 top top Saturday v Rafa Mir scoring a cap trick and the go-ahead score from a punish by Oyarzabal, who juga netted the winning spotkick in a shootout in the euro 2020 quarterfinals. The continent semifinal was shed to Italy. Currently a much more youthful spanyol squad will certainly be hoping to uncover a way past Japan, i m sorry was required to penalties by new Zealand sebelum winning the shootout 4-2.

The yellow medalist on residence soil in 2016, Brazil lanjutan its title defense v a 1-0 victory over Egypt secured by Matheus Cunha’s short strike in the 37th minute in Saitama.

The score was collection up by Richarlison, who has been enabled by premier League society Everton to do double duty in the offseason, having currently been in the side that lost to argentina in the Copa America final three main ago.

Egypt wasn’t enabled to carry players native England’s top league like Brazil — particularly Liverpool striker Mohamed deviasi as among the three players over the period of 24 permitted in the men’s competition.

“We had actually to ambil advantage the the few opportunities us had,” Brazil coach André Jardine said. “We know from now on over there won’t it is in any an ext high scores because that the rest of the tournament.”

Brazil’s opponent, berdiri in its means of reaching another final on Tuesday is Mexico, which ousted southern Korea 6-3 v a pair of sasaran from Henry Martín in Yokohama.

The favourite for the judul will be spain given the high-caliber formation chasing its first Olympic soccer gold since 1992. This is the furthest it has actually reached in the competition darimana losing the last in 2000 come Cameroon.

It forced a comeback in ~ Miyagi stadium in northern Japan after conceding come Eric Bailly’s 10th minute-goal before Dani Olmo equalized. Kemudian the Spanish come close come being eliminated again after Oyarzabal to let go a possibility to put them ahead just before Max-Alain Gradel put Ivory coast in front in the very first minute of berhenti time.

“I was reasoning it would be therefore unfair for united state to bermain so well and also still lose,” spain coach louis de la Fuente said. “It helped me recover my faith in football that football deserve to be same after all.”

In part that’s since Mir had been brought off the bench in the 90th minute and he salvaged one equalizer for spanyol in the 3rd minute of berhenti time. In extra time, Bailly’s handball saya menang the penalty the Oyarzabal converted. And also it to be a far smoother conclusion many thanks to two more sasaran from Mir to complete a cap trick for the Wolverhampton forward.

“Things got difficult for a while in the match,” Mir stated through a translator. “But i think in ~ the end of the night we were all rowing the watercraft in the very same direction. Everybody to be plugged in fully and we space all working towards the exact same goal of pass a medal home.”

It was even nervier in Kashima because that Japan, which had actually to depend on goalkeeper Kosei Tane conserving a punish from Liberato Cacace and also seeing Clayton Lewis miss the target before the shootout winner from captain Maya Yoshida.

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