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Anda sedang menonton: Merk make up artis korea


Want to understand some of the ideal Korean assembly artist and dari mereka stories.

The korean makeup and also beauty industri has changed over the years.

It’s known as K-beauty (Korean Beauty).

Korean assembly artists have been applauded internationally for milik mereka exceptional job-related in the beauty industry. 


10 finest Korean Makeup artist And milik mereka Stories1. Jung Saem Mool2. Kid Dae Sik and also Park Tae Yun4. Park Hye-Min8. Joan Kim10. Saerom Min Top oriental Skin treatment Products

10 finest Korean Makeup artists And their Stories

Keep reading to find out which space the 10 best Korean makeup artists and also hear dari mereka stories.

Do you desire to know makeup secrets from Korea? 

Read on.

The world’s top-rated beauty products come indigenous Korea, developed by assembly artists. 

Its beauty standards are of high quality. 

They have taken the a step lebih-lebih lagi to teach the dunia about skin care products and also how to use them best.

But behind the glossy looks and also the trendiest makeup space seasoned experts who have progressively perfected their skills.

Here room the height 10 talented makeup artists in Korea and their pro beauty, beauty tricks.

1. Jung Saem Mool

Let’s gain started.

One word to describe her? 

Professional masterpiece.

A well known global makeup artist. 

She’s remained in the industry for over 25 years.

Number one most sought after makeup artist in Korea. 

Top celebrities in Korea have dari mereka makeup applications by Jung Mool.

Jungsaemmool is the surname of she beauty line.

All she makeup assets are K-Beauty.

She has produced a wide selection of makeup products.

They room mind-blowing.

Men’s collection included.

She has 38 store shops spread throughout Korea, Singapore, and also Thailand.

You much better run come JungSaeMool stores due to the fact that she already has a summer promotion on she products.

Jung Seam Mool arts & akademi is of global Standards.

It offers pelatihan courses on straightforward makeup, color matching, and brush techniques.

She is the brainchild behind the KEY7 principle—tips and also secrets of how to look attractive. 

Jung advises and tailor-make for she clients, makeup the suits her skin complexion.

Most celebrities favor her base make up.

Client feedback is of pentingnya to Jung.

That is why she boosts her products.

Before launching any kind of of her latest collections, she needs to run it v her networks and wait to hear anda views.

She keeps being saya mengakui and wins awards because of she creativity and also hard work.

Her thirsty for pengetahuan and the have to polish her skills in makeup have been rewarding. 

Throughout her career, she has selalu stressed the need for women’s empowerment sebagai that a woman should be confident and bold to conquer all.

She demonstrates to the students who attend her akademi how to placed makeup well.

They define her together a friendly and very warm person.

Sometimes she permits them come showcase their style by applying makeup five her.

They carry out not require makeup to boost dari mereka confidence or believe in themselves.

Alumni of san San Francisco’s academy of art University.

She studied fine arts.

 Best Seller Products:Mool cream irradiate – Nude mendirikan setSkin setting base set Skin-set ton balancing Artist brush powder and also blush

2. Kid Dae Sik and also Park Tae Yun

The two are a perfect complement when it comes to cosmetic products.

Went come the very same college and pursued well arts.

They’ve been in the industri for over 20 years.

Working with established celebrities in Korea.

Advertising companies technique them to use makeup on dari mereka models.

Their cleansing beauty beauty water and skin toner is their best selling product.

The price is affordable.

Bare cream is Son’s favourite from dari mereka collection.

Park likes the foundation.

It’s every woman’s dream to have actually that dewy, perfect skin.

Son & Park cosmetics are developed with the pikiran of a natural look. 

With milik mereka extensive collection of products, they tambahan read through customer reviews and also act ~ above them.

The young upcoming makeup artist admires lock for difficult work and also creativity.

They menang the 2015 Soko Glam Awards.

SON & PARK is milik mereka unique beauty beauty brand line.

They have been admired because that being promoters the the #2 natural makeup looks.

Gesgep is their newest beauty, beauty brand that follows a 3 step regime of preparing, layering, and also sculpting.

Their ideal selling products are:Beauty WaterGlow Ring FoundationLip CrayonAir color Lip Cube Son & Park makeup TipsStart v Cleansing her faceApply fondasi, endowment evenly approximately your face Shape the eyebrows to improve your appearance when you apply makeup Dust powder easy on your face Use concealer that matches your skin color to hide the dark spots

3. Myungsun Lee

Maeng, as she’s popular known, is Korea’s most in-demand celebrity makeup artist. 

She is a true #3 innovator. 

The an enig weapon behind itu glowing, flawless encounters of K-pop artists and actors is Myungsun Lee.

She is the makeup artist behind the stunning look at of Korean bintang like BLACKPINK, Park Min-Young, and also Seo Yea-Ji, amongst other height celebrities.

Because the her endure of more than 16 years, Maeng handles large projects choose shooting music videos and also assists models in creating dari mereka portfolios.

Maeng thinks that makeup have to not hanya be applied to enhance one’s beauty.

But the should match your outfit and also occasion. 

You must know your skin type sebelum you use that assembly to your face.

Foundation have to be applied to cove the T-zones of your face.

She advises client to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and also practice skincare routines to prevent a dull face.

Exclusive beauty tips that Maeng shares v celebrities. 

To reach out to many people, she has actually her salon where she teaches she staff just how to use makeup.

Her videos are greatly tutorials that bagikan useful tips; one deserve to follow when using makeup.

Being one expert, the superstar in Korea consult she for töre and advice on milik mereka choice of makeup looks. 

4. Park Hye-Min

Not just is she beautiful, but tambahan smart.

They panggilan her Pony.

Stylish and also creatively adventurous.

Pony is not hanya a assembly artist, but juga a blogger, and vlogger.

Her layout of makeup is transformational.

She popped increase in the list of Forbes 30 dibawah 30 in Asia.

Not just is she a assembly artist but juga a writer.

She has tertulis books on makeup tips.

#4 Pony effect is her makeup brand line.

Her commodities are known globally.

Pony syndrome, a youtube channel has around 5.6 juta subscribers.

Posting videos ~ above various masyarakat media accounts have actually attracted an ext clients.

Tv Stations and recording studious have approached she to partner and also shoot vibrant videos. 

She attracts a broad audience due to the fact that of her imagination in many berbeda faces.

From basic looks come bold and scary looks.

The various other thing Pony likes to carry out is come showcase different styles and also how to use her commodities well.

If friend follow her steps, she assures girlfriend of a beautiful, stylish look. 

Best selling products:

To mention a few.

 Sharping Brow Definer (5 Colors)Everlasting cushion foundation Pro fit liquid concealerMini make up brush set Contoured brow colorSmooth dough puffUnlimited cream shadowPowdery to whisper lipstick (8 colors)Enamel glossy lipGrind Sparkling ShadowFavorite fluid LipUnlimited Cream ShadowRadiance light Hydrating Starter

5. Sue Park

Sue park is a charming artistic lady.

Drawing and also acting lugged out she talent in makeup while still in school.

She would use makeup to she classmates during the college festival.

She began with cartoon personalities in she makeup #5 transformations.

Korean male celebrities K-pop room her favorite makeup idols the she likes come draw.

Sue confesses the makeup applications is not basic job as some rakyat see it.

One requires artistic skills and a deep understanding of color perception.

Right indigenous the start of her career journey, she has selalu been i was sure in her work because she learned the skills.

She gone after graphic arts.

A photo speaks louder than words, and that is why she started taking videos.

Her youtube channel is SSIN cosmetics.

It has much more than 1.2 juta subscribers.

Sometimes she does makeup reviews, i m sorry are selalu factual.

Also melakukan makeup shoots because that brands that approach her.

SSIN, her nickname.

The emphasis is now online marketing, i beg your pardon she totally embraces.

She is senang to be a trending influencer in social media, particularly when approached for TV ads and advertising campaigns.

Sue has actually been defined as a friendly orang and an ideas to many.

6. Risabae 

Famous because that the admirable modifications that she uploads on her channel.

She likes to surprise her viewers through #6 stunner styles.

Risabae is gifted.

She creatively transforms herself into looking favor celebrities.

She has a keen attention in the beauty industri and started her job at Ra Cloe assembly shop in the cheongsam area.

The beauty experienced uploads straightforward videos the are basic to follow for someone who melakukan not know around makeup.

Every mainly she will have a video for beginners who want to learn just how to apply makeup.

Her video tutorials room interactive and informative.

She teaches basic steps to follow for your everyday makeup routine.

Sometimes she will have actually subtitles for she videos interpreted to English.

She showcases just how to apply makeup and also look like your favorite celebrity or a particular character native a drama series.

Her creativity and originality of content creation, do her victory the Korean consumer Forum’s 2018 Brand that the year Award.

Because of her great tips and simple, easy to follow videos, she has actually 2.1 juta followers on she eponymous channel.

Risabae has leveraged her an abilities and works with advertising agencies and magazine publications.

7. Lamuque

Do you desire to it is in able to use makeup every day and also with ease? 

Lamuque is the assembly artist come follow. 

She is berbeda from the various other makeup artist since her focus is on skincare routine.

If you take care of her skin, the applications of makeup must be effortless.

Her channel mainly features how to apply simple makeup.

She is a champion because that the use of korean beauty products.

Translates her videos to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

Lamuque actively posts top top her sosial media accounts particularly the youtube channel.

Always happy to see brand-new followers.

Research is an essential for her sebelum uploading any content. 

Success melakukan not come easy.

It speak you exactly how she is well-liked. But she also uploads useful content on she video.

Number one makeover assembly artist. 

The youth adore her since her isi resonates well through them.

Hair and also fashion are juga her niches.

8. Joan Kim

Young and really fashionable.

Her style is come innovate products that will portray a organic look.

She doubted if assembly artist was she calling or was it much more of skincare.

It’s due to the fact that of she skin problems, notably acne.

Yes, makeup makes one look attractive, yet it should not replace skincare.

Having stayed in America, joan believes in a organic look that have the right to be achieved if you pay fist to your skincare.

She works through beauty brand to launch friendly, acne makeup products.

People through problematic acne faces, must not just apply assembly products sebelum reading apa its do of.

Joan says, your safe with assets that highlight “acne friendly.”

Through her aku research, paling Korean beauty assets are safe to usage if you have acne.

If your skin dries out since of a particular product, selalu change, especially if you have skin related difficulties like acne.

If she attracted to exactly how well a product is packaged.

Joan will certainly buy it.

That is exactly how her assembly table is filled v a variety of K-beauty products.

When it involves the use of eyeshadow, she is the expert.

You’ve been used makeup well and looks good, however if girlfriend mess with eyeshadow, it is it.

Minimal usage of eyeshadow is maafkan saya she recommends, especially during the day.

Etude residence is her best makeup brand line.

Neogen vita duo cream joan day and joan night are few of the assets she has created.

Must-Have Skin treatment Products 

If you endure from acne, try the complying with recommended products by Joan.

TroAcwell Licorice pH Balancing essence Mist Acsen Oil cut CleansingCosrx One step Clear PadsNeogen Vita Duo Cream joan Day joan NightLaneige Anti-Pollution Two-Tone sun StickAcwell Licorice pH Balancing essence Mist

9. Hong Hyun Jung

Recognized internationally.

She worked in Newyork and now in Korea.

Other than using makeup to peak celebrities, She juga consults because that advertising and also publication companies.

Sometimes she misses Newyork because of the variety of make up, also the people.

Jung is juga a hairstylist.

Her concept is that rambut and makeup styling mix together.

Today countless makeup artists cannot style rambut for a experienced shoot or video.

She’s used makeup come celebrities for red carpet occasions like Newyork and Paris fashion week.

Every woman’s confront should look at chic once stepping out, according to Jung.

Experience is the finest teacher.

Try the end products since there is an extensive collection.

She always aku test brand-new products sebelum trying top top others,

Makeup is affordable in Korea; every you need to mulai you off is great moisturizer and any cream blusher.

Be careful tambahan not to walk for the really cheap makeup.

Its an excellent to be notified so the one have the right to make a way decision.

Her channel is dubbed Hong’s MakeuPlay.

It’s a distinctive channel.

She gives her viewers live sessions with height celebrities together she applies makeup on them.

Not every agree to go live on she channel.

She’s it s okay with dari mereka decision.

Her followers like much more of her live sessions dari they gain to interact with the K-pop top artists.

The best advice she offers to upcoming makeup artists that technique her.

To market heavily and especially top top the sosial media platforms.

Every time her channel go live, she attracts more followers.

10. Saerom Min 

#10 ~ above the optimal 10 perform of itu who cut over the rest.

Trendy and tambahan a writer.

She has tertulis two books and juga lectures about color and also makeup.

She likes to bermain around through colors and selalu brings out the best.

Many agree she is the superstar of color mixing. 

Purple, red, hot, nude, and also yellow are some of the colour she likes to have fun with.

This has earned she awards. 

The industry is worth numerous multi-billions of dollars.

Min, as she likes to call herself, write informative content that she shares with her followers.

Her brand name Romand made the big.

Of all the assembly artists, Min assets are unique, attractive, and her selection of colors take away one’s attention.

Out of the blue, she excites her viewers by choosing nude colors.

Her makeup applications is different.

She goes for bold, stunner styles, but sebagai she melakukan not walk for straightforward techniques.

The special layer applications of assembly is her style.

Best selling ProductsRomand zero Gram Matte LipstickRomand fluid Lipstick DriverRomand Easy attract Eyeliner 2

Top oriental Skin care Products

K-Beauty brands launch brand-new makeup products like every various other day.

You cannot miss out on your an option of product.

From cleansers, toners, creams, foundation, and also eyeshadow.

China and also Japan are the two countries that offer Korean competition as soon as it concerns cosmetic products.

Here’s the list of top korean skincare products, yet we space not minimal to just these:I’m Pure Cica SuncreamDr. G Brightening skin GelDr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Milk PeelAcropass problem CureLaneige Water resting MaskLiz K very first C Pure Vitamin C SerumHarumada Triple Balance One-Step Cleansing Foam PadMamonde Petal Spa Cleansing BalmSeoul Ceuticals maritime Mineral Plump & glow EssenceBanila Co cleansing balmInnisfree The environment-friendly Tea seeds SerumSecret key Starting therapy EssenceNature Republic Aloe Vera GelThe challenge Shop The systems Moisturizing confront MaskVJU green Fantasy facial Moisturizer Day and Night CreamSkin Food hitam Sugar honey Mask to wash OffScinic Peptide AmpouleMizon hitam Snail All-In-One CreamSecret Key snow White CreamKlairs fresh Juiced DropMediheal Tea Tree crucial Blemish control MaskAmorepacific Vintage single Extract EssenceBlithe Pressed serous Crystal IceplantBelif The True Cream Aqua BombSkinRX rap MadeCera CreamSulwhasoo Concentrated ginseng Eye CreamMamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam CleanserThen ns Met You life Cleansing BalmLaneige Cream Skin Toner & MoisturizerOlivarrier liquid Oil 100% SqualaneNeogen Bio-Peel Gauze skin LemonInnisfree environment-friendly Tea SerumGlow cooking recipes Watermelon Glow resting MaskA’PIEU Pure jaw Bud moisture Calming MistMISSHA Time revolusi Night repair Probio AmpouleLaneige Glowy makeup SerumTony Moly Kiss Kiss lover Lip PatcBest korean Cosmetic Brands 

We have actually covered the all.

Makeup artists and products.

Here comes a perform of best cosmetic brands. 

There space more.

InnisfreeCOSRXEtude HouseMisshaThe confront Shop Dr. JartAmorepacificSulwhasooLaneigeNeogenClio3CEPeriperaHolika HolikaSkinfoodTonymolyThe korean 10-Step skin care Routine

Most korean makeup artists have actually championed for skincare routine.

The only solution come skin troubles is to bawa pulang care of you’re skin.

It’s only fair we compose the ten measures and, hopefully, follow them in our everyday routine.

Start through oil-based cleanser in the eveningWash confront with waterExfoliate to cleans pores and remove dead cellsApply Toner to balance skin ph levelsUse significance in hydrating the skin Ampoule for bouncier skin The serous takes care of skin problems such as acne and also dark spots A sheet mask because that the skin to maintain moistureEye cream to cover dark circles and also make the standoutUse a soothing moisturizer

Skincare routine is the top-secret come achieving a natural look. 

Makeup artist through milik mereka youtube channels have education the consumers on how to use makeup and also skincare regimen best.

They journey the industry by coming up with brand-new trends.

It has juga seen a increase in vlogging by assembly artists.

Final Thoughts 

Cosmetics products from Korea space of high-quality standards, this is as a an outcome of innovation and also competition by the brands.

The carriers use organic ingredients to membuat Korean products.

Koreans are patriotic when it comes to milik mereka culture.

They support milik mereka own.

The Korean government has played a vital role through ensuring that only commodities that meet the market set that regulations space sold.

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Celebrities’ influence and Korean culture have added to the climb of K-beauty internationally.