The Mi 10 has the latest hardware you"ll uncover on a phone call today, and a 108MP camera at the kembali that takes incredible photos in any type of lighting condition. The 90Hz display is among the ideal FHD+ panels you"ll find, you obtain excellent battery life, and also there"s 30W wired and wireless charging. MIUI has a couple of lingering issues and the auxiliary cameras aren"t great, but as whole the Mi 10 is a terrific choice.

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Incredible 108MP cameraVibrant 90Hz screen Snapdragon 865 chipset with 5G great battery life30W wired and wireless charging

The Mi 10 pro is the best phone Xiaomi has actually launched come date. That shares paling of the same functions as the secara teratur Mi 10 — including a 108MP camera — but you tambahan get an imaginative zoom lens that delivers in-depth photos at 5x and also 10x zoom. There"s also 50W wired charging bersama with 30W wireless charging, and also there"s a 65W charger in the box. You"re payment a premium here, however it is justification for that camera alone.


Incredible 108MP cameraClass-leading 10x hybrid zoom lensVibrant 90Hz display Snapdragon 865 chipset v 5G 50W wired and also 30W wireless charging

With the Mi 10 series, Xiaomi is staking its claim in the true flagship category. The phones nilai nearly double as much as terakhir year"s Mi 9 series, through Xiaomi rolling out the recent hardware, a gorgeous new design, and cutting-edge cameras v 8K video clip recording. There"s a many that"s similar between the 2 phones, therefore here"s what you must know around the Mi 10 and also Mi 10 Pro.

The Mi 10 and also Mi 10 agree are the same in paling areas

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

Xiaomi started differentiating its flagships v Pro models terakhir year. The Mi 9T Pro had actually subtle distinctions from the regular Mi 9T yet retained the same overall design. That"s the instance with the Mi 10 series as well, however the differences are even much more minute this time around. The regular Mi 10 has the same architecture aesthetic as the Mi 10 Pro, and if you overlook the labels at the bagian belakang the only method to differentiate the 2 phones is via the laser autofocus module on the Mi 10 Pro.

Don"t it is in fooled by the surname — the Mi 10 has the exact same design, internal hardware, and 108MP camera as the Mi 10 Pro.

As because that the design, you gain the very same glass sandwich aesthetic top top both phones. The display screen is curved on either side, and also there are symmetric curve at the back. The aesthetic is similar to what Samsung and other brands have actually been doing in this group for part time now, yet that doesn"t make it any less enticing. You tambahan get the same hole-punch cutout top top the left for the prior camera.

Both phones have actually the same dimensions and also weigh 208g, and also are indistinguishable from the front. So although the conventional Mi 10 is more affordable than the Mi 10 Pro, you"re not acquiring an tidak dapat phone when it comes to the hardware or style side of things. In fact, there room a few areas whereby the Mi 10 wins the end — but an ext on the later.

The Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro share the exact same 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with 90Hz update rate, and kapan the display screen lacks QHD+ resolution, the FHD+ panel is tho plenty good. In fact, it is one of the best 1080p screens you"ll uncover on a phone today. Colors room vibrant, you gain HDR10+ playback on Netflix, and also there"s many of customization that lets you tailor color to your tastes.


One standout function with both phones is the stereo sound: Xiaomi has outfitted the same speaker at the top and also bottom of one of two people phone, and you acquire incredible stereo sound. 5G connectivity is also identical throughout both devices, and also there"s Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and also NFC. Both phones have actually the same in-display fingerprint sensor, and the module itself is fast and also is rapid to authenticate. You tambahan get software-assisted confront unlock, and an alway-on screen with a many customization options.

The Mi 10 has actually a larger 4780mAh battery, and also the same 30W wireless charging together the Mi 10 Pro.

Things are similar on the hardware front together well. Both the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro space powered by the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, and also offer 5G connectivity. You juga get 8GB the LPDDR5 ram as standard on both variants, and also UFS 3.0 storage modules. The Mi 10 pro comes with 256GB that storage because that the base model, and there"s 512GB option with 12GB the RAM. The standard Mi 10 goes up to 12GB that RAM and 256GB the storage.

Interestingly, the Mi 10 has a bigger 4780mAh battery, with the Mi 10 agree featuring a 4500mAh unit. The larger battery permits the Mi 10 come eke out marginally far better battery life, but both phones fare well in this area. And when girlfriend do must charge the phones, 30W wireless charging is standard across both phones, however the Mi 10 Pro has actually 50W wired charging v the reguler Mi 10 featuring a 30W wired solution.

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

Xiaomi Mi 10Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Operating systemAndroid 10MIUI 11Android 10MIUI 11
Display6.67-inch 90Hz AMOLED2340x1080 (19.5:9)HDR10+Gorilla Glass 56.67-inch 90Hz AMOLED2340x1080 (19.5:9)HDR10+Gorilla Glass 5
ChipsetSnapdragon 8651 x 2.84GHz A773 x 2.42GHz A774 x 1.80GHz A557nmSnapdragon 8651 x 2.84GHz A773 x 2.42GHz A774 x 1.80GHz A557nm
Storage128GB/256GB UFS3.0256GB/512GB UFS3.0
MicroSD slotNoNo
Rear camera 1108MP, f/1.7, 1/1.33-inch, 0.8umPDAF, OIS8K at 30fps, 4K in ~ 60fps108MP, f/1.7, 1/1.33-inch, 0.8umPDAF, OIS8K in ~ 30fps, 4K in ~ 60fps
Rear camera 213MP, f/2.4Wide-angle8MP, f/2.0, 1.0umOIS, telephoto10x hybrid zoom, 2x optical zoom
Rear camera 32MP, f/2.4Macro20MP, f/2.2, 1/2.8-inch, 1.0umwide-angle, 117° FoV
Rear camera 42MP, f/2.4Portrait lens12MP, f/2.0, 1/2.55-inch, 1.4umPortrait lens
Front camera20MP, f/2.01080p video20MP, f/2.01080p video
Connectivity5G NSA, Sub-6Wi-Fi 6 2x2 MIMOBluetooth 5.1, NFCLHDC, A-GPS5G NSA, Sub-6Wi-Fi 6 2x2 MIMOBluetooth 5.1, NFCLHDC, A-GPS
5G BandsSub6: n1/n3/n7/n28/n77/n78Sub6: n1/n3/n7/n28/n77/n78
AudioUSB-CStereo speakersUSB-CStereo speakers
ChargingUSB-C 2.030W wired charging30W wireless charging5W turning back wireless chargingUSB-C 2.050W wired charging30W wireless charging5W turning back wireless charging
Water resistanceNoNo
SecurityIn-display fingerprint (optical)In-display fingerprint (optical)
Dimensions162.5 x 74.8 x 8.9mm208g162.5 x 74.8 x 8.9mm208g
ColorsCoral Green, Twilight GreyAlpine White, Solstice Grey

Xiaomi"s 30W wireless charger is among the ideal I"ve used, with the angled architecture featuring a terintegrasi fan the ensures the phone call doesn"t acquire too hot ketika charging. Oh, and a remarkable omission on either machine is IP68 water resistance. Xiaomi hanya hasn"t offline the feature on a phone come date, and it doesn"t look prefer that will adjust anytime soon. For maafkan saya it"s worth, over there is a P2i coating ~ above the phones that should permit either an equipment to weather the occasional splash of water.

Finally, there"s the software. If there"s one area where both phones are discovered lacking, it"s MIUI. The user interface has actually picked up a refresh, but there room annoying failure — there"s no app drawer, and you"ll see issues with press notifications. Xiaomi has actually mentioned that it will certainly not provide ads to either device, however that hasn"t prevent the brand from sending out spam notifications come Mi 10 devices in India.

The Mi 10 Pro has 50W wired charging and far better auxiliary cameras

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

There are two vital features the stand out on the Mi 10 Pro: one 8MP zoom lens the delivers 10x hybrid zoom, and also 50W wired charging. Xiaomi is lihat an exciting system di sini — the 12MP portrait lens is digunakan for zooming approximately a factor of 2x, and also if girlfriend go beyond that the devoted 8MP telephoto lens kicks in.

The main differentiator through the Mi 10 pro is the innovative zoom lenses and 50W wired charging.

It is one ingenious solution, and also the Mi 10 pro delivers thorough photos at a zoom factor of 10x. The 20MP wide-angle lens top top the Mi 10 pro is also fantastic, and takes vibrant shots v no barrel distortion. The wide-angle camera tambahan doubles together a macro shooter, and it hold up well in this area together well.

Now, the Mi 10 and also Mi 10 Pro bagikan the very same 108MP main lens, for this reason for paling of the photos that you"ll take, over there is no difference between the two phones. The Mi 10 pro is hanya that much an ext versatile, and also that offers it an edge. The 13MP wide-angle lens ~ above the Mi 10 is typical at best, and also you"re far better off not melihat the 2 2MP macro and potret lenses on the device.

As for charging, the Mi 10 Pro has actually 50W wired charging in addition to 30W wireless. Xiaomi bundles a USB-C PD 65W charger in package that can be digunakan for charging other gadgets in addition to the Mi 10 Pro, so that"s a bonus. However other 보다 that, the is the same phone together the Mi 10.

The Mi 10 is a far better value if you want to save some cash

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

By now, it have to be clear that the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro have actually a lot in common. They bagikan the same 108MP camera, the same inner hardware, very same design, and the very same 90Hz screen. You"re not really losing out on much with the regular Mi 10, and the kebenaran that that starts off at €799 ($870) — €200 ($217) less than the Mi 10 agree — buatlah it a an excellent value considering every the functions on offer.

If you don"t care for the extra cameras, gain the reguler Mi 10.

Xiaomi is marketing the Mi 10 in India for ₹49,999 ($660), yet the Mi 10 pro isn"t collection to make its way to the country. There aren"t a most markets outside of China whereby either of this phones will certainly be available, and that"s a dead because what Xiaomi has done ~ above the camera former is important incredible.

The Mi 10 and Mi 10 pro hold dari mereka own versus the finest that Android has to offer. Sure, MIUI is an mengakuisisi taste and also it has actually a long method to go sebelum it looks favor a coherent user interface, but adding a third-party launcher will certainly fix paling issues v the skin, and also you"ll want to placed up with it because the remainder of the hardware is for this reason good.

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Ultimately, choosing between the 2 will come down to where you live. If Xiaomi is offering both the Mi 10 and Mi 10 agree in her country, then the reguler Mi 10 is a better recommendation on the kurung of value. But if you want the camera adaptability that the Mi 10 Pro has to offer, kemudian it is a an excellent choice.