INDONESIA had had power in the women’s singles badminton in the mid-1990s. At that time, Indonesia had actually two top-notch women’s singles in the name of Susy Susanti and Mia Audina.

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The mix of the two aided Indonesia victory the 1994 and also 1996 Uber Cup trophies. In the individual event, Susy Susanti was even the an initial Indonesian athlete to donate a yellow medal in an occasion as big as the Olympics, in 1992 to be exact.

(Susy Susanti presenting the yellow medal for Indonesia in ~ the 1992 Barcelona Olympics)

However, after ~ Susy Susanti retirement in 1998, and was complied with by Mia Audina, who adjusted her nationality to the Netherlands in 2000, Indonesia had challenge finding world-class women’s singles.

True, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Indonesia dimenangkannya the bronze medal native the women’s singles sourse via Maria Kristin. However, after ~ that, there menjadi no kepala achievements tape-recorded in Indonesian women’s singles in kepala events seperti as the Olympics.

Currently, the mainstay the Indonesia’s women’s singles, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, just occupies the 22nd place in the world. She is quiet behind a mageri of elite badminton players in women’s singles, such as Tai Tzu Ying (Taiwan), chen Yufei (China) to Carolina Marin (Spain).

Indonesian badminton legend, Susy Susanti, did no deny the over facts. Susy Susanti claimed that Indonesian men’s badminton had an ext achievements than women’s.

“We understand that Indonesia’s achievements for women are less than because that men. Indeed, the seed for the daughter is not as lot as the son and it need to be admitted. Us flash kembali to back. The champion the the daughter is only one, yes. There room a the majority of our sons,” claimed Susy Susanti when interviewed in the programme Special dialogue Okezone.

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“We had the five Pandavas, there dulu Ardy Wiranata, Alan Budikusuma, hermawan Susanto, Hariyanto Arbi, Joko Suprianto who telah mengambil turns gift the champions. Likewise in the men’s doubles, beginning from the era that Pak Tjun-Tjun, Johan Wahyudi come the era the Ricky/Rexy, Tony/Candra, Kevin/Gideon,” lanjutan Susy Susanti.

So, maafkan saya causes Indonesian women’s singles badminton come have challenge achieving at the ke hulu level? Susy Susanti said that Indonesia lacked top quality seeds in women’s singles.

(Gregoria Mariska is right now ranked 22nd in the world)

“Indeed, our seeds for women are rather minimal than for men, so the is complicated for united state to tempt potential female athletes. True, plenty of talented young athletes. However, talent alone is no enough,” said Susy.

“There are itu who have talent, but lack of will. Over there are those with an excellent will, yet lack the talent. Therefore, this is all PR. However, ns believe pbsi has nurtured the younger generation to capture up in the women’s singles sector,” said the 50-year-old woman.

Therefore, Susy Susanti hopes that the Indonesian women’s singles can provide a breakthrough. That course, the breakthrough in pertanyaan is to pass through the world’s ke hulu level.

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“Hopefully in the lanjut few years, the women’s singles achievement can be also better. From maafkan saya has currently only penetrated 20 worlds, then it can get in the world elite level, “concluded the mam of Indonesian badminton legend, Alan Budikusuma.