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"Paint mine Love" is a track by Danish soft rock pita Michael Learns come Rock. It was released together the first single from milik mereka 1997 album Nothing to Lose. That was an initial released in 1996 from their Greatest access time album repaint My Love (only in Asia) but later released as a promotional single in 1997 from anda fourth album Nothing to Lose. The song is one indirect bahasa inggris adaptation the the 1996 Dansk Melodi cool Prix winner "Kun med dig", i m sorry was written by Jascha Richter and also performed by Dorte Andersen and also Martin Loft. A Tagalog version of the tune titled together "Sa"yo Lang" ("Yours Only"), a direct translation that Kun med dig, was performed through Renz Verano.more »

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From my youngest years till this moment di sini I"ve tidak pernah seen seperti a lovely queen native the skies over to deepest love I"ve tidak pernah felt crazy choose this before Paint mine love you need to paint my love It"s the snapshot of thousands sunsets It"s the freedom of a thousands doves infant you should paint my love Been about the world kemudian I met you girl It"s prefer coming residence to a location I"ve well-known Since friend came right into my life The aku before all fade to hitam and white dari you came right into my life whatever has changed

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Michael to learn to batu Michael to learn to batu (also recognized as MLTR) are a Danish pop-soft rock pita that perform songs in English. Created in 1988, the tape has marketed over 11 juta records worldwide, greatly in Asia, and in addition, another 6 million or more paid download for anda single "Take Me To your Heart" which to be awarded "most downloaded single of the tahun 2006". Castle have produced eight studio albums and also many live and greatest access time albums, with milik mereka recently released eighth studio album being dubbed Scandinavia. More »

Written by: MIKKEL LENTZ, SOREN MADSEN, JASCHA RICHTER, KARE WANSCHER license is granted & listed by LyricFind

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